Episode 47 – The Game Conclusion

Garnett looked up just in time to catch an all too familiar smirk on Marcus’ face. “Shit.” It didn’t matter that he fired as the Capellan drifted towards him. It didn’t matter that he attempted to fire through painful blasts. It didn’t even matter that he put up as good a fight as he could hope to manage in zero gravity. In the end he was on the floor; his suit’s gravity sensors activated pinning him to the floor.

Zletka barely shaken off the effects of the first blast; her phaser aimed at Marcus, when three more made contact in rapid succession. Rao had moved out of the shadows to bounce herself towards Zletka. Each bounce was accompanied by another shot until she finally reached her friend just as the Betazoid’s suit activated. Once Zletka hit the floor, the winning team’s suits flashed white. Rao was still in the air when the gravity in the room turned on to bring have her land firmly on her feet.

“I want a rematch.” Garnette groaned, sitting up.

“No. You lost and that means you have to pay ice skating.” Rao smirked. “Now let’s go.” Two entry ways on either side of the level opened up. “You can be a sore loser on the ice.” Walking over to one of entrances, she was already taking off the few phasers that were still stuck to her suit.

“I’m getting that rematch!” Garnett called in vain while Zletka helped him stand up. “We have to change our strategy.” He murmured.

“I know.” Zletka entertained him with a soft smile. When the two of them were locked inside the changing room she helped him out of his suit. His body was a map showing signed of bruising everywhere the phasers had made contact with his suit. Her gaze lingered on it for a moment before she focused on slipping back into her day-wear.

“You were awesome! I don’t think I’ve won with two on two teams in…” Rao tried not to roll her eyes not at the memory. “In in LONG time. Garnett’s going to moan about it for the next month.” She laughed while peeling off her suit. The bruise from last night’s shenanigans had turned an angry shade of black and blue. “Hm.” Not wanting to fret over it she quickly pulled on her jeans, her face scrunching when the fabric dragged over tender skin. “Phew.” She perked back up.

When all four of them were back in the lobby, the operator held up a transmitter. “Would the winners prefer to split the funds?” Her expression was plain, her free hand typing away on keyboard that was just out of sight.

“Sure.” Rao shrugged, looking at Marcus. “We’ll split it.” Holding out her wrist the operator scanned it.

Garnett huffed with irritation, holding the door open for everyone to hurry up and get out out of that place. “Alright. Let’s move it along.” His grim expression earned a chuckle from Zletka who remained quite privy to his rather expressive thoughts.

“You’re such a sore loser.” Rao teased. “Aren’t we supposed to have camaraderie? A win for one person in Star Fleet is a win for all; right?” She could barely contain a laugh at her own words. “Just kidding. You lost.” With a wink she skipping out onto the pathway with Zletka at her side.

Garnett watched the girls before looking at Marcus. “Look what you’ve done.”


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