Episode 48 – What Do I Do Now?

Marcus, while exhausted, managed to lift his head to enjoy the view of the final confrontation. His opinion of Zletka was that she was more dangerous than Garnett. He smiled at Rao’s assertiveness. “Yes, there is no need to hang around sore losers who have had their asses whipped.” Marcus following her out. He was in the middle of undressing when he heard her comment on his skill level. “I am in Tactical, who frequently spars against him…” A smirk on his face appearing. “And a Capellan male.” The thought of Garnett’s anguish was delightful. “We should milk the utter as long as we can.” Marcus eyes settling on her bruised area of skin. ” We need to get you a patch on the way.”

Marcus had picked up on the fact that within this group he was relatively silent. There was not a need for him to be as vocal as when he was with Sunsan and Wells. He had yet to figure out whether or not he enjoyed this shift of role. Marcus was a protector and care taker… He held out his hand to receive his winning credits. Silently, following them out of the building. Marcus smiling at the banter. “Come, come. Let the loser whine about his whipped ass.” He took her hand in his and started to pull her towards one of the stores that sold patches.

Wells went to split off to return towards her own dorm when Sunsan coughed. She turned towards him wearily. “Yes?” He seemed to look away awkwardly. “I hear you are involved in the arrangements for the Vulcan Ambassador Monday.” Wells looked at him confused. “I am? Savok almost always assigns me to the task.” Sunsan continued to look away and not answer. An annoyed expression on her face. “Out with it, Sunsan.” He turned around. “I would like to be informed of the dealings at the table.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Why on Terran would I share that information.” Sunsan sighed. “You already shared the structural issues. Can you not also share this.” Wells waved her hand. “One is a common gossip I acquired a bit early for your parents. The other is a direct violation against Star Fleet and the Vulcan Ambassador.” He sighed. “Does that mean there is a high price tag this time.” She nodded her head. “I’ll let you know when I figure out what I need.” Wells turning to walk away from him. “Goodbye, Sunsan.” He looked at her walking away conflicted. “What do I do now?” Sunsan sighing and walking off towards his parents home.  


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