Episode 49 – Fifteen

Rao tilted her head a bit questioningly as his use of…well…everything? “Of course.” She smiled. “We’ll milk that utter…long and hard.” Biting her lip so as not to laugh she dug her heels in when she saw where he was leading. “No need.” She gave his hand a tug. “It’s just a regular old bruise. Besides, I am in Engineering and getting banged up is kind of in my job description…and I’m a human female.” A smirk formed as she copied his tone from earlier.

Garnett chuckled, “Good luck with that.” He didn’t stop as he walked past, stretching his arms above his head. “Which one were you talking to?” Zletka asked quietly. “I don’t even. They’re both equally pains in the ass.” Garnett muttered earning a smile from Zletka. “Is that because your ass has been whipped?”

When they arrived at the ice skating ring Garnett and Zletka queued up to get their skates while Rao led Marcus to the edge of the ice. “Have you ever ice skated before?” Rao asked, realizing it’d completely slipped her mind.

“MARCUS! Size…what!? Fourteen!? Fifteen!?” Garnett called over to Marcus while Zletka collected the other skates. Zletka had received the third pair of skates when a familiar link of emotions caught her attention.


Star Trek Penis Joke

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