Episode 51 – Space Toilets

“Sure thing.” Garnette cracked a smile before turning to Rao. “You don’t find it funny?” He asked, handing off her ice skates. “I’ve been around it for three years and even I still crack up.” He chuckled as he thought of using the term ‘toilet room’. In a perfect world he’d have Marcus talk for him in every social situation until his untimely death at which point Marcus would be the main announcer at his funeral….It’d a beautiful ceremony…Zletka would need to be the one to pronounce him dead though and Rao already knew the surprise he wanted.

Rao settled on bench, unaware of her friend’s daydreaming while she laced up. “Um, I mean. Yeah- I find it cute, but so long as I understand him I’m happy.” She replied easily while moving her shoes for Zletka to join her. “Okay, but you never find it funny or laugh?” Garnett pressed further. Rao smirked. “It’d have to be pretty funny.” She tapped him so he put a foot up for her to lace. “Toilet room wasn’t funny?” He narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously. “Ah…no. Sorry buddy.”

Zletka could sense Garnett’s expression, but merely gave them both an amused look. Tilting her head she saw a familiar cadet coming their way intent on Garnett. Garnett was at first confused before realization dawned a bit. “They are?” He looked over the rink, unable to spot the couple. “Psh. It’s impossible to be a third wheel with these two. We’re practically melded.” He chuckled, ignoring Rao rolling her eyes while she started on his other skate. Zletka watched Que approach them- the woman’s mood quite palpable. Garnett seemed to pick up on it as well, his smile growing warmer. “Hey, Que. Doing alright after last night’s shenanigans?”

Once Rao finished with Garnett’s skates, Zletka collected their shoes. “Let’s grab a locker.” She left Rao to collect her own. “We’ll be right back.” Linking arms with her human she began to lead her away before Marcus arrived. “Hey, let me take your shoes. Zletka and I are going to grab a locker real quick.” Rao peeped into the conversation quickly. From the corner of her eye she clocked the patches in his hand, but simply chose to ignore it.

“It’s not like we’re going to crash their date. Leave ’em be.” Garnett shrugged, patting Rao’s head for good measure. Technically another date was happening as well, but after last time he wasn’t about to get involved- no sir. With Rao and Zletka off at the lockers he was finally able to spot the infamous couple. “It’s like something out of movie.” He muttered.


Trip Explains Space Toilets

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