Episode 52 – New People

Wells walked into the building. Down the beautiful dark stone hallway was a room full of booths and tables. A singer stood singing a calm ballad as very wealthy men and women enjoyed their ‘light’ gambling. The bar tender catching Wells’ It was eye. She walked towards a curtain in the back. it was time for her to meet the man she was looking for.
Susie Que nodded her head. “Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t bounce back the next day.” She laughed a bit awkwardly. Susie watching the whole exchange go down. A part of her felt like she could finally breathe
and then Marcus opened his mouth. Marcus running to catch up with Zletka and Rao,. He stood in front of them with his arms out wide, which for his wingspan meant almost the entire hallway. ” Marcus handed the patches over to Zletka. “Make sure she puts this on. Her back is bruised.” He smiled widely. “I will check.” Marcus patting her head before running back. When he got back, Susie Que felt her heart drop to the floor. Shrike felt awful. He had been trying to help her ad now he made it worse. Marcus’s soft side came out. He turned to look at Nataly and Gra’an with a tense smile. “Isn’t it? Every weekend they force me to watch…” Shrike put his arm around Garnett. “Shall we show them the combined power of tactical and medical!” He started to pull him towards the ice rink. Shrike calling for Susie Que. “Come on! If you join us we can certainly put them all to shame.” She sighed and followed after. At least if she skated with Garnett she could enjoy the view.
Sunsan walked into the waiting room for his father. Sadly, Etes was also in the room. A scowl appeared on his face. “Etes. don’t you have anything to do besides wait for my father like a dog?” Etes scowled back. “Don’t you have anything better to do than be a dog for the slums?” Sunsan moved towards him angrily, which prompted Etes to laugh. “Uncontrollable like the rest of Terran I see.” Sunsan stopped moving. “You’re right. I should have patience. As I am about to deliver some news that will prove to my father your uselessness.” Etes smile grew. “Surely, you do not mean the rep ort of structural issues with the new Starfleet ships.” Sunsan wanted to hit him. How does he always know first! This rat was the bane of his existence. Heo smiled at Etes. “Surely, if that is all I had I would be no better than you and the rest of the lower ranks in our system.” Etes finally looked at him annoyed. “To think it would be possible that you could know more before me, a homeless reject of the empire. An outcast.” Sunsan hated Etes. Him and the whore of a mother he rode in on. He was about to say more when the door opened.


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