Episode 53 – Feeling Bad?

Garnett felt bad about leaving Zletka with Rao and Marcus to be the third wheel, but he figured she’d probably find it amusing to watch…could it even be called a honey moon phase? They clearly weren’t like Nataly and Gra’an- yet. Just the thought was enough to make him chuckle a bit. “That’s right. Tactical and medical!” He laughed, pumping himself up. “Come on, Que!” He flashed her a warm smile. “Let’s go! We didn’t rent these skates for nothing!” He then turned back to Shrike. “So are we racing or are we racing?”

Zletka held up the patches for Rao to see, a smile gracing her features as her friend’s expression grew dull. “Your boyfriend would like you to-” “I heard,” Rao cut Zletka off immediately, “and the answer is no.” Weaving through the mass of bodies, Rao knelt down to begin sliding their shoes into a bottom locker. “He said he will check.” Zletka noted. Rao merely chuckeld. “Um…I’m wearing high-waist skinny jeans, so unless he’s going to slide his hand down my pants or pull them down in broad daylight…I’m not that worried.” Rao explained casually. A older woman standing near them scrunched her face at Rao’s language. “…You are conflicted that he shows so much care.” The words were a statement as Zletka helped her friend stand upright. “Oh my gosh, how’d you know?” Rao feigned shock before rolling her eyes. “I’ve got this though, so no worries.” Rao assured Zletka as they made their way back to the now thinned group. Garnett was already on the ice leaving the two females with Marcus. “Do you need help lacing up or do you have it?” Rao asked, attempting to to position herself in a way to block Zletka who had a mischievous smile on her face.

“I will see you two on the ice.” Zletka pipped up quietly before gliding onto the ice. Lacing her fingers behind her back she began to leisurely weave along the path of the outer ring, simply enjoying the cool air. She elected to stay several meters behind Garnett, Que, and Shrike and silently listened to those around her. On her rounds she passed a girl who was clearly struggling to stay upright. When the girl began to lose balance, Zletka gave her a gentle push in the correct direction. The girl was clearly surprised to see her, but the Betazoid merely offered a small smile and went on her way.


Betazoids – Lore Reloaded

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