Episode 54 – Lying Sunsan

Shrike gave him a coy smile. Medical may often lose to tactical, but not on the ice! Not when Nataly and Gra’an dragged him here SO MUCH. He smiled widely at Garnett, forgetting his initial goal of helping out his friend to fall into the trap which was racing on ice. “You ready to lose, tactical boy!”

Susie Que watched them walk away a bit awkwardly. They had already seemed to forget she was there. She sadly skated back onto the ice. Susie Que was by no means as trained and seasoned as Nataly and Gra’an, but she still knew how to skate. She could heard the sullen ballad that played in her head as she slowly slide along to it. Susie Que forgetting there was people around her as she got into the performance. The sadness could be seen in the way she moved her body and glided along the ice. The entire rink stopping for a moment to watch the sudden display of sorrow.

The entire rink besides Marcus. As he stepped onto the ice the only thing he was thinking about was how hard it was. Marcus immediately falling onto his arse. “This is not an effective means of transport.” He grumbled as an excuse. Marcus having no attention on what was happening around him as he struggled to stand up. Only to fall on his knees. “Very uneffective.” He reached up while still on his knees to grab the wall. In this matter his height was effective. “I understand why Wells has not brought Sunsan and I to this place.” He held onto the wall and turned to Rao. “Is there a reason to enjoy this activity. He used his large wingspan to reach one hand out to grab her close into him. Marcus pulling her close to him. His arm resting on the swell of her back. “Maybe it is to shield you from the cold? As this is not what they call a date spot?” Marcus noticing the severe lack of bump feeling that occurred from patches. A look of irritation appearing on his face as he bent down to whisper in her ear. “Where are the patches, my date?”

Wells walked into the back room of the club. There in a mock fashionable office stood one of thew few Bajoran’s who wished to utilize the resources of certain methods of trade. A large smile on his face. “Wells, what brings you to my club this night?” She put on a fake smile. ” Tek Mobar, it is a pleasure to see you as successful as always.” He smiled and gestured for her to sit. Wells sitting in one of the uncomfortable fancy chairs. “What business has brought you here to us?” She smiled at him. “As usual I have been put in charge of an Ambassador event.” Tek nodded his head. “I see. You wish to use our services?” Wells nodded her head. “You are the best and procuring elite musical acts from off world are you not?” Tek cracked up laughing, “Of course, I am. What are Bajoran’s not famous for in music?” She looked away awkwardly. There were quite a few things…Tek was just a music maniac. Wells used her watch to forward him the details. His smile became all business like. “This timeline for a Vulcan event is a bit tight, even for me.” She forced herself to chuckle a bit. “I have faith in you and my generous tips.” Tek nodded his head. “Is there anything else we can do for you?” Wells nodded her head. “I have a feeling in the next month an event with the Romulan ambassador will be occurring.” Tek leaned back into his chair. A contemplative smile on his face. “I see, we will have something arranged.” Wells stood up. “A pleasure, Tek.” He nodded his head. “I’d ask you to stay, but you never seem too.” She flashed him a wink before walking out. Tek sighing as he leaned back into his chair. “That girl always leaves us with such stressful work.”

Sandium walked out from his lunch with the Andorian ambassador to see both Etes and his son waiting for him. The two had clearly been bickering again. It was sad to see such emotional displays from Sunsan. He was already in a position higher than Etes. There was no need to engage in such a course. It was a fault no doubt bred from his raising on Terran. “Sunsan? It is rare for you to visit during the hours of Academy,” He looked up at his father, still clearly annoyed from his bickering with Etes. However, he gestured for them to enter a more private room. As Etes went to enter the room behind him Sunsan closed the door in his face. Sandium sighing. “Must you behave in such a way.” He sat down in front of his father. “A slight retribution for sending you the information I had leaked in the first place.” Sandium looked at his son curiously. Now that was interesting. “It was you who leaked the information on the structural issues?” Sunsan nodded. “Of course, I have always told you my Marcus and Wells are effective tools I keep at my side for a reason.” Sandium could not help but sigh at that. His son’s obsession with those inferior races was another flaw of his. It was worrisome to even think of the two which one was a bigger flaw. Sandium leaning forward. “If it is true that you leaked the information I have to wonder why. It is not your normal style.” Sunsan smiled. “Because I know the issues and who discovered it.” His father looked at his son differently. Now this really was interesting. “Oh? How did you discover such information and why would you leak it to everyone?” Sunsan leaned closer to his father. “The information was easy to discover.as the one who noticed it was a student. I admit it was a student I have mostly overlooked and showed no remarkable talent. However, keeping eyes in the department ahowed its merit. As for the reason to leak it had many simple reasons. First the one in charge of the project is a noteable arrogant idiot who wishes for his ambitions to out shadow his abilities. Second, if there is such a student who has more use in practical application I wish for her to be identified by the select group of people. Thirdly, I have reason to believe there is more that could be possibly hidden at the moment. More pressure means it will be harder for that to avoid the light. Lastly, it seems both interesting and good for the Romulan Empire for us to not be the only ones who are aware of such knowledge.” Sandium clapped his hands. Perhaps his son was growing. “i see. I will accept such reasoning for now. The information please.” Sunsan leaned away from his father. “I will have the full report in a week.” HIs father sighed. This was more like his son. Promises of effective information that always seemed to fall short in the end. OR be delivered first by Etes. “I expect it to be a FULL report, son.”


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