Episode 55 – PDA

Garnett rolled his shoulders, cracking his neck as he got loose. “Hey, you know what the best part about being in medical is?” He asked while setting his skates. “You guys know how to nurse your battle wounds!” He took off on the ice, focusing on keeping himself as low as possible to build momentum. Weaving around the idle skaters they were nothing but background. A few laps later he kept his speed up, but finally had to ask. “Where’d you go, Shrike?” Garnett laughed realizing he couldn’t tell if he was in front or if Shrike had already surpassed him.

Zletka noticed Garnett and Shrike pass, yet found her attention drawn to Que’s rather…interpretative movements. Such a blatant display of sorrow was rare to see in cadets, making it something she appreciated in the context of honesty. Not wanting to impede on Que’s moment she continued to skate along quietly, taking great care to avoid to the large Capellan struggling to maintain balance. After a few more laps, Zletka perched herself up on the wall of the rink to simply relax and watch. The general emotions permeating from the rink were quite positive- save for a select few. As her gaze washed over everyone she settled on a pockets for a few moments before moving on to the next- all the while making no effort towards those she knew. The stray intent of a human male making a beeline towards Que peeked her attention.

When the man felt Que had finished her display he pushed himself to skate over to her. “Sorry to bother you, but that was amazing. Are you a figure skater?”

Rao kept her glide at a crawls pace, her frame poised to create a bubble around Marcus in case an unsuspecting skater came into his ‘wingspan’. “Mhm.” She couldn’t help but giggle at his frustration. “Of course there’s a reason.” With a smirk she pushed herself backwards only to suddenly feel herself lurch forward. How long were this man’s arms!? Er- Capellan. “Ha!” Rao laughed. “Nope and this IS a date spot.” She smiled. “Just look.” Gesturing out to the rink she began pointing out several couples. “…and that o-” Her words suddenly cut short at his whisper. A shiver ran down her spine. “Uh…” A nervous smile played on her features. “Zletka’s holding on to them.” The words were casual. “I told you I didn’t need them. It’s just a small bruise.” Peeking at his expression she quickly pressed her lips against his cheek. “I’ll be fine, my date.”

“Hey! Enough with the PDA. There are children here!” Garnett called at couple as he zipped by.

“Bite me, Garnette!” Rao laughed before turning to Marcus. “If you’re that concerned, how about this…” It took her a moment before it suddenly hit her. “If you can skate ONE lap around the rink with no assistance, then I’ll put them on. BUT if you can’t, then I don’t want to hear about patches again until my bruise heals.” She smirked. “What do you say?”


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