Episode 56 – Fostering Rivalry

Shrike smirked a bit at Garnett’s smug arrogant quips. It was typical of many of the tactical track students to have such attitudes about them. Garnett was someone who was considered talented within that herd of wild animals. Of course, his attitude would be up there with the worst of them. This stimulated the little ego within him. Before the Academy he had absolutely no athletic talent. While attending the academy he had not suddenly gained any. However, months of brutal pain and agony from having to be tortured at this ice rink had made him a pro on this one rink at this one activity. A special party trick of his. Shrike comfortably pushing off his skate to lean low and follow after Garnett. He would crush the arrogant pretty boy’s spirit! Avoiding Garnett’s line of sight he hung just behind him like a shadow. Always there and yet never being seen. Waiting…lurking…

Susie Que looked up from the ice to see a man looking at her. She immediately entered her on mode. “Me? There’s no way.” She twirled her blonde hair in her fingers. “My friends over there are the real pros. You just pick up a few things being around them.” Susie Que moving her eyes to Nataly and Gra’an. The two were spinning holding hands laughing. It was waaaay too much like a romantic comedy. She waved at them anyways. “Guys, are you done yet?” Susie Que turning back to the man, a shy smile on her face. “I appreciate the comment.” She reached her hand out for him. “I’m sure you have moves of your own.” Susie Que ignoring the dark whirlpool of emotions within her to hold that smile on her face.

Marcus couldn’t help but smirk. For such a defiant little creature she lacked the necessary skills of dealing with on the spot situations. He turned to look at Garnett. A large smile on his face as he watched Shrike move from his shadow right past him the moment he commented. “Maybe you should focus on your own thing! You are losing.” Marcus smiling as he watched Shrike pick up more and more speed. The distance between them growing. Maybe it was because he was shorter, but the midget really did hug the ground…ice. His attention returned to Rao when he heard her proposal. Marcus immediately nodded his head and let go of her. Of course, he could think of a million different ways to use her words against her and go about this in a somewhat cheap manner. However, he was not Sunsan and Wells. Marcus actually had natural athletic ability. He had also picked up more than he was willing to show to his date since he had been enjoying her company. Marcus gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Accepted.” He used his inhuman strength to push off the wall, a bit of a distance, and glide. After that he started to use his strength to stumble his way as full of glides as possible to get back to the spot. Marcus having to put his hands out a few times to stop himself from falling and may have almost cursed at a child in his way, but he got back to her. An evil and proud smile on his face. He lifted one of his arms for her to grab. “Shall we go put on those patches now, my dear?”

Wells walked back into the academy dorm and dived into bed. She was glad to see Susie Que had decided to not be patient and go out instead. Wells put her alarm on and happily went off to nap.

Sunsan had walked out of his father’s office in quite a proud manner. It didn’t take any time at all for Etes to appear to inquire what the cause of such joy was. “Ambassador.” Sandium stood up wearily. “My son has announced he is aware of the both the structural issues and who it was who spotted the flaws in the first place.” He could see the irritation cross the well prepared mask that was Etes’ face. “I am surprised. For him to be aware of such information before us.” Sandium wanted to laugh. Etes had inherited the stronger trait in Romulan word play than his son. Perhaps, it may be better to say he had crafted it better. “Yes, well, he won’t be able to hand over the information until a week from today.” A smile grew on Etes face. Ah. The rivalry between the two really did foster such a wonderful period of development. Etes bowed his head. “I shall have it delivered before the week is up.” Sandium nodded his head in approval.


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