Episode 58 – Publicity

Susie Que looked the man up and down and re-perfected her great smile. She nodded her head sweetly at her words and chuckled a bit to make her own names introduction linger a bit longer. “Susie…” She smiled at the new friend. It was always best to make the men think they were in charge. “Hello. I hear you guys are new to skating.” Susie leaned in to show a more perfected angle. “I guess it’s my job to help you all out.” When she saw Shrike skate past her an easy way to deflate the situation appeared in her mind. After all, Marcus was here. Susie waved at him. The idiot was so exciting about winning that he hadn’t even realized his opponent had already tapped out. “Shrike, why don’t you stop showing off and help me help these people out!” In order to keep the scene flowing organically she smiled at Nessim. “Since I apparently already have someone to teach.” A slight wink smoothing anything and everything over.
Marcus wanted to crack up laughing at her response. He had underestimated her again. She was what he believed to be a willy one. The only thing he could do was at Wells had suggested with these sorts: wait a moment and then strike. So in order to wait it out, he practices ‘skating’ slowly behind her. A soft smile on his face appearing at the sight of her maternal side. It was this contrast of blunt independence and femininity that was such an interesting allure to him. However, these sentiments would not distract him from such a moment. Marcus leaned forward and picked her up and over his shoulder when her back was turned to him. He pushed off a strong glide towards the exit of the rink. Marcus making sure his grip on her was strong. AS he had said…she was a willy one. Without turning around he shouted to the entire general area, “We’ll be back.” Relief appearing on his face as he was off the ice and rushing to one of the private bathrooms. Marcus locking the door behind them and putting her down so she was sitting on (perhaps in) the high placed sink. “There is no escape unless the patches are put on.” An evil smile on his face as he leaned down to kiss her neck. Both his arms leaning to grip a side of the sink. There was literally no escape allowed.
Even for the poor Susie Que, who had the natural ability to notice everything that happened when involving Marcus. Not that it would change how she acted. Susie Que was the master of publicity.

Sunsan stood in the center of campus. His entire days schedule had been ruined both Marcus and Wells. The two were the most irritating of pets. Although, they were nowhere near as awful as Etes. One day he would be in a position to remove the parasite scum and on that day he would do it as brutal as possible. It was another reason why he had trained and cultivated such vicious guard dogs. They would tear into his flesh and make the scum suffer. That was one of the big goals for the future. As for the present… there was absolutely nothing for him to do. Marcus was off being a dog in heat. While, Wells…. according to the tracker he had in their rooms she had entered her room and had not left. Truly, there was nothing for him to do… Groaning, Sunsan headed towards Wells’ room.


Jealousy – Star Trek Jealousy

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