Episode 6 – Thursdays

Wells wanted to grown when she heard her alarm clock go off. While, her roommate enjoyed sleeping in those few extra hours on Thursdays she somehow got herself into a morning run commitment with Sunsan and Marcus. Slowly rolling out of bed she got dressed into athletic clothes. Waiting eagerly outside for her was a very awake Marcus and a cranky looking Sunsan. In the mornings he always seemed like the gaunt Romulan skeleton her roommate once ‘invited’ her to observe her practice. Marcus waving wildly in excitement. “Ready to run today? The weather is great and my condition is excellent!” Sunsan rolled his eyes. “Did you ever consider anyone elses condition?” Marcus clapped his back hard. “Of course I did. You can improve it when you run regularly!” Wells shook her head. There was no point with arguing with him, so she just turned away from them and started. Sunsan started to yell. “CAN YOU ONLY WIN WHEN YOU CHEAT!” Marcus smiling for a moment before he ran to catch up with his friends. “Friends, wait for me!”

Wells quickly showered and got dressed. Her first and longest class of the day was Linguacode. It was a scientific approach to the syntax of language while not actually centering around the concept of syntax. Essentially it was the universal structure to first contact with foreign communication. The only way to approach the unknown and make it known and understandable. Her roommate looked at her up and down still in pajamas. “Well, well. Out for a run again, I see.” She could only roll her eyes at Susie Que. “Well, well. Not dressed I see.” Susie Que groaned and flopped back down onto her pillow. “It’s just so early.” Wells reached for her own pillow to throw it at her. “Get up. You have an appointment with the Admiral of the Exobiology Research Division. OR have you forgotten?” She shot right up in her bed. “Oh crap. WHY DIDN’T YOU REMIND ME.” Wells shook her head and sighed as her friend dashed into their bathroom. She waved at the closed door. “Bye.”

Wells walked out of her last class tired. Thursdays were such a long day. Morning run, four classes, another spar with Marcus and now she had to run to meet up with the Brunali representative to discuss the list of Starfleet Academy Xenolinguistics majors that would benefit from a cultural exchange. It had fallen onto her because Sunsan had made the excuse that a Romulan would not be able to judge the value of those below them, as a giant does not know the difference between ants. Wells sighing as she walked through the outside trees. It was such a nice evening and yet she would be stuck inside. The sound of jazz seemed to be fading away.
By the end of the day she was flopped exhausted on her bed when Susie Que ran excitedly into their room. “Wells, we are going out!” She begrudgingly removed her arm that was covering her face and looked at her roommate. “We are what now?” Susie Que sat down on the edge of her bead excited. “Garnett is throwing a huge bash tomorrow night.” Garnett? Which one was Garnett again? Oh yea, he was the one Marcus talked about. Marcus may as well have been his best buddy by how often he went to that man’s parties. “And why am I going?” She started to shake her. “BECAUSE, everyone is going this time! Even Sunsan is going. There won’t be anyone for you to mope with. You will be more of a loser than him!” Wells felt herself getting irked. She went out way more than that narcissistic Romulan. “Do I have too?” Susie Que pulled her so she was now sitting up. “Everyone says Garnett planned a special surprise. I’m not letting you miss it!” There was no point in fighting it. Once Susie Que set her mind on something there was no stopping her. Plus, the risk of a secret night dissection was an always present threat. Wells fell back into her bed and turned away from her. “Fine. Fine. Now go away.” Susie Que got off her bed and smiled. “Time for everyone to see your crazy side!” Wells ignored it as she heard her walk into the bathroom. A part of her worried that if she drank too much she might really make a bad decision.


Party In The U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus

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