Episode 60 : Acknowledge? Please?

Ignoring his two idiots, Marcus walked quickly back into his building. At the sight of Rao in front of his door, he couldn’t help but sigh his irritation out of him. He got to watch her squirm around in nervousness. A soft smile appearing on his face. When she went to turn away he swiftly appeared behind her so she would turn right into his chest. A soft chuckle escaping his lips. He wrapped his arm around her and listened to her adorable excuse. Marcus taking the jacket and draping it over his shoulder. A large grin on his face when she asked if Sunsan was home. He was thankful now that they saw that little spat. Sunsan had ran away. Marcus shook his head. “No, he’s off bothering Wells.” He opened the door to the room. Delighted by the sensation of her tongue intertwined with his. A low groan escaping his lips. “If you say so.” Marcus picking her up to put her down on his bed. Quickly shimming out of his clothes, he started to kiss her all over. Low mumbles that weren’t necessarily meant to be heard were repeated over and over. “mine. mine. mine. mine….”

Wells opened the door to her room. Relieved to see that Susie Que was still not home. If she was lucky Susie Que would be out all night and she’d only have one child on her hands. When Sunsan walked into her room with no permission she couldn’t help, but sigh. Wells looking at him annoyed. “Can’t you wait anywhere else?” He looked at her even more annoyed. “I cannot find reason to just arrive at the embassy without a sufficient reason.” She wanted to scream and punch him in the face. There were more options than the Romulan embassy and her bed room. Groaning, she headed towards the bathroom. “Just find yourself a corner and don’t get Susie Que started.” The door slamming shut behind her. Sunsan walked over to her bed and pulled off her comforter and one of her pillows. He sat against the bed frame and the wall at the end of her bed on the floor. Sunsan wrapping himself like he was in a fluffy cocoon. It was only right to him that since he gave her the bed he received the blanket. As usual… His eyes fluttering as he fell asleep. Wells came out from the bathroom in nothing but skanty nightwear. A large smile on her face when she saw he was already asleep. She was saved! Pulling out a spare blanket from the dresser she too quickly fell asleep. Ignoring Susie was the next miracle she was trying for.

Wells found herself waking up with a pillow in her face. She opened her eyes to find an irritated Susie Que. “HOW COULD YOU LET THAT JERK IN HERE AGAIN!” Groaning, she covered her face with her arms to avoid the rain of pillow fire. This was obviously about the dog in the room. “THIS IS MY ROOM TOO.” Annoyed, Wells grabbed the pillow out of her hand and threw it across the room. Looking like a demon from hell she glared at Susie Que. “Never wake me up before my alarm…” Backing away for a moment looking scared the two’s atmosphere was broken by the large cough from the should be sleeping Sunsan. “You two done yet?” Wells grabbed her own pillow and threw it at Sunsan. The bastard caught it and glared at her. “Terrans even wake up like barbarians I see.” Susie Que stamped her feet in irritation. “Weeelllsss.” Sighing, Wells stood up slowly from her bed and tiredly looked at Sunsan. “Shouldn’t you go back now? We have the last sunday tactical session before break?” Sunsan stood up. He had forgotten but would not admit it. “The point you make is admirable. Perhaps, Terrans have some civility in the morning.” He turned and left the room. Wells turning to look at Susie Que. “Happy now?” She started to get teary eyed. Wells made a tsk noise and quickly escaped to the bathroom. Showers were the best before tactical exercises.

Wells and Sunsan made their way from her dorm towards the cafeteria. Marcus was annoying to wake on Sundays. Especially if it was after he had fun the night before. That is why they had decided to meet at a later time at food serving location. Not thatWells really minded. The only thing on her mind was how to get Sunsan to shut up this early in the morning. As the two entered the premises she noticed Tarique. With the immediate idea on how to annoy Sunsan away from her a bit, she turned to smile at him. “Can you go inside first? I need to greet someone.” Sunsan looked at her confused. For her to smile was….unusual? He turned to see who she was looking at. The Vulcan! He was about to say something when Wells shook her finger in his face. “Now, now. Someone needs to lecture Marcus on his bad choices last night.” Putting aside the obnoxious finger in his phase, Sunsan nodded at the matter. It was true that Marcus needed a lecture. He looked at her grim, but nodded his head. With a sneer in Tarique’s direction he accepted the suggestion. “Hurry.” Sunsan walking off. Smiling, Wells walked over to Tarique. “To think I would run into you on accident. What a morning.” She stepped in front of him so he had to stop walking. Wells pointing at the moving figure of Sunsan. “It’s fortunate to have run into you. Please stand here for three minutes at least, so I can have a mental reprieve from babysitting a cranky Romulan every morning.” She tilted her head at him. “I assume if you stay you would wish to observe the time in silence. It is a pity.” She leaned even closer to him. “I wish to have an interesting person to talk with as I wait for my other baby to arrive.” She sighed a bit. “Honestly, part of the reason I am in this mess is his attachment with Rao.” Her eyes sparkled a bit, revealing her inner demon within, “The two are probably still together now. Making all of us wait.” Wells returning to silence as she blocked his path till the three minutes were up. When it was time she waved her hand silently and moved past him towards the cafeteria.

Wells entering to see Marcus entering from the other side. The two nodded at each other and walked to the table Sunsan was sitting at. As usual when they were not around he was a silent statue that created an awkward.hole in space. Both of them sighing as they sat down beside him. Of course, the eager boy had their preferred breakfast ready. Marcus immediately chowing down into his large hearty Sunday breakfast. Wells smiling as she took a sip of her spinach juice. Sunsan looking at the two annoyed. It seems they were to be the ones lectured. “You…idiot! To force me out of my room all night to copulate with that inferior female.” He then turned to Wells. “And you. To make us wait to talk to that inferior Vulcan.” Us? Wells and Marcus looked at each other for a moment and then continue eating. Ignoring Sunsan’s protests, the two casually converesed about their afternoon plans to try sparring on the terrain changing environment. Marcus seemed to have extra adrenaline in him. For reasons, Wells did not care to acknowledge.

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