Episode 61 : That Will Be A Problem

Zletka entered the medical center some time later to find herself in little company. With Rao’s proto-suit in hand she found an empty lab and spread it out on the observation table before delicately extracting a number of chips. After uploading them the data she engaged a scan of the suit to analyze side by side; one hand typing away on a data pad while the other controlled the screens. It was a nice break from her usual course of study and proved to be a stimulating challenge. Once finished with the skeletal system she switched to muscular. From the corner of her eye she noticed a green flash as well as rather vivacious personality. “Hello Vinaa.” Her tone was pleasant and calm.

“Hi.” Vinaa smiled, her gaze flickering to the screen. “What are you doing?” Leaning over the Betazoids shoulder she peered at the screen. “One of Rao’s little project?” Her question was answered with a nod. “This looks like a bioengineers worst nightmare.” The corner of her mouth curved into a wry smile.

“Yes. It requires physiological, bioenergetics, stress factors, and several other things.” Zletka provided just the basics.

“And all of this is post data?” Vinaa inquired to once again receive the nod. “When will you start to receive live data?” The female moved closer to the screen, long sharp nails dragging the image to make it larger.

“Either during the break or shortly after.” Zletka figured.

“Sounds fun. Let me know when and I’ll come along.” Vinaa offered before turning her attention to her colleague’s notes. “How much longer until you’re done with this?”

‘I’ve finished the skeletal system and am on the muscular, but there are a few smaller things after that.” Zletka answered. “You’re welcome to stay and share what’s on your mind.” She offered her a soft smile before returning to her work.

Vinaa smirked. “Well I guess I can keep you company.” Perching herself on the counter beside the computer. “Where to begin…” The next two hours were spent regaling all the drama she had gathered since their last chat. If the details were a bit too much for the possibility of eavesdroppers she’d merely think it clearly, her eyes focused on the Betazoids expression for a reaction. As always, Vinaa saved the most relevant gossip for last; “…and then Lowell and a couple of his lackeys ended up getting tossed around by Sunsan and Marcus. It was classic. Marcus threw Lowell into a wall and Sunsan broke one of the boy’s legs.” Zletka’s fingers stopped earning a deeper smirk from Vinaa. “I always save the best for last, don’t I?”

Zletka merely stared at her friend for a moment. “His one comment earned such a visceral response?”

Vinaa nodded. “Well, yeah. It’s all tied in to Capellan society. Once they get angry they simply react which usually means attacking whoever disturbed them in the first place.” A long manicured nail tapped against her chin in amusement until Zletka’s expression fully connected. “…You mean the nature of the comment itself.” Her expression grew noticeably dull. “Personal preference and the honor aspect, I guess. He didn’t say anything outright, but it was clearly enough to trigger him.” Sliding off the counter she moved to take a gander at Zletka’s notes again.

“That will be a problem.” Zletka commented.

“I know!” Vinaa exclaimed. “It’s going to be great.”


Tarique was walking along when a familiar voice caught his attention soon to be replaced by said Human-Trill deliberately hybrid blocking his path. He was compelled to inform her of the fallacy in describing this as an accident, but she carried on about Sunsan. The prospect of standing there was illogical considering she has already walked away from the Romulan. However, considering his initial plans for this morning had been delayed… “I will appease you.” He began to contemplate the implications of his colleague being called to the shipyard and had already narrowed down the three most plausible explanations before she spoke again. He offered no response nor did he falter in posture when she leaned forward. “A pity.” He commented. The sparkle in her eyes earned his attention though the endless references to copulation on this planet were something of fading novelty. Waiting until there were exactly 12 second left he spoke unprompted. “Cadet Rao left Academy grounds for the day two hours ago. It is unlikely she is the cause for your colleague’s delay.” The last word was uttered just as the time ran out. He acknowledged her wave once before stepping to continue on his way.


Lowell and Garnett were in the middle of a water break when Lowell broke the silence. “So I heard about Roa and Marcus.”

Garnett paused, taking an extra long swig of water. “Did you now?” His was remark was casual as he went over to the punching bag where Lowell stood waiting.

“I never thought she’s actually get in another relationship. Especially after her usual spiel about them.” Lowell steadied the bad while Garnett started taking his shots.

“Yeah.” Garnett spoke briefly, his focus locked on the bag.

“I ran into her last night.” Lowell added.


“I get the feeling it’s more of a friends with benefits thing. Someone to fuck regularly to get out the pent us tension and just hang out with sometimes.” Lowell clearly.

Garnett heaved a breath, glancing from Lowell to the bag. “Like a relationship?”

Lowell refrained from rolling his eyes. “You know what I mean. There are levels to it.”

“Sure.” Garnett agreed. “What’s your point though? It just started a day ago.”

“I’m just concerned for Marcus. We both know how Rao can get.”

Garnett landed one last blow. “Yeah, when her boyfriend cheats on her.” He corrected, shooting Lowell a look before grabbing some water.

Lowell sighed. “I know, I know. I fucked up.” He admitted. “But, we managed to stay friends and I’m going to look after her. At least until we graduate.”

Garnett laughed. “You gotta look after yourself first. You’re the who’s all stiff and wonky today” Walking over he gave him a heft pat on the back. “Rao can look after herself and Marcus is a good guy, so leave it.” His fingers gripped Lowell’s shoulder a bit harder.

When Rao arrived at the Ship Yards she was a buzzing ball of raw nerves. Countless nights had been spent looking over the Ship Yards as a way to clear her head. A sizeable portion of the Engineering track considered it the most boring aspect of engineering- putting together and designing the ships. To Rao is was the glue that held everything together. After all, there wouldn’t be a star in Star Fleet without a way to safely maneuver through space.

Doing her best to stay out of the way of beings and machines she finally caught sight of Chief D’aunchel. “Chief Daunchel.” She greeted him as professionally as possibly though she was sure her excitement was hard to miss.

D’aunchel was standing in the company of several engineers- some of whom Rao recognized as guest speakers. “Cadet Rao.” His gaze cut through like a blade. “Meet Kra’as, Anton, Tivra, Gal, and Natra.” He watched as Rao stepped forward to greet them. “This is Cadet Rao. I will explain her purpose after the meeting.” He led them all into a room where a blueprint of the ship took up most of the of the center table. By the time he spoke again everyone stood around the table in silence. “In light of new information we will need to implement a plan in order to execute the new design without compromising the deadline.” He pointed to the engineering room and began to explain the main changes that would need to be made. When questioned on his decision he relayed a perfectly flat answer. Rao listened quietly, offering no opinion as the group went back and forth over the redesign that would now be required in several portions of the ship. D’aunchel held firm before gesturing to Rao. “That is why you will have Cadet Rao on hand during this process.” Rao looked up to find several pairs of eyes fixated on her. “One cadet between the five of us? It’s insufficient.” Anton spoke, his deep comment earning nods from the others. “Cadet Rao is regarded as one of the top; if not the top, in terms application by her professors. She has been given the privilege to assist and provide the minimal potential insight she has in the matter. Feel free to use her as you see fit and if there are any complications- inform me.” His gaze steadied on the cadet in silent warning to her.


Either Choke Me Or Cut My Throat- Star Trek

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