Episode 62 : Debts

Susie Que sighed. She had received a message from Shrike about heading into the labs today. He seemed to need her opinion on one of his biology assignments. The poor boy always seemed to mix up the specifics on Bajoran anatomy. They were too easy of humanoid species to confuse him so much. Especially, to take one of her days off to help him. Tiredly, she entered the labs. She wasn’t surprised to see Zletka here working on some project. The overeager honor student was someone to both be admired and annoyed by. However, it was her friendship with that Vinaa that was one of the most annoying parts. To think an Orion from the perverted slave race wished to learn at the Academy. And to think that she was in their program no less. Vinaa should of just been relocated to Tactical if she was going to be admitted. “Morning.” Susie Que almost jumped from shock. She turned to see Shrike smiling with two cup of coffee behind her. He held one of the sups out for her. “All the cream and sugar you can ask for.” At least he remembered her coffee order. Shrike walking over to his station on the other side of the room. “It’s about their gestation periods and childbirth.” Susie Que sighed. It was a simple matter that involved a whole bunch of complexities. If she was a Bajoran she would probably elect to not go through such a painful experience. Instead, she would use a cloning process to have children.

Sunsan, Wells and Marcus were heading to the training area. Her thoughts couldn’t help but wonder towards a particular Vulcan. Even for a Vulcan he irritated her in the wrong way. He would simply just not cooperate with her games. Even if other Vulcans didn’t at first she had always found ways around it. This one was holding such a strong front. She looked down at her data pad and sent him a reminder message.

‘Running in to you I remembered to pass on the notes for the musical assembly. Entertainers will arrive between 4pm and 5pm. They will have an area to relax and set up. The guests will arrive at 6pm. The attire is dark blue Vulcan wear.’

Wells left it at that. There was no point to say more at this point. Marcus looked down at her curious. “Shouldn’t you be cutting in with a remark about Sunsan right now?” Wells sighed. “I have work to do before the dinner with Ambassador tomorrow. There isn’t a need to repeat something we all know every second. I say it enough in hopes he will finally understand his place.” Sunsan narrowed his eyes at her. “While, you are someone aware of their place?” Marcus had to hold back his laughter. When it came to Wells Sunsan’s pride always seemed to take a backseat to banter.

Nip looked up at the two security guards that were stationed around the Ship Yards. The first an ugly blonde human male who looked at Nip annoyed. “As promised your brother will forgive our gambling debts.” Nip waved the thought away. “Yes, yes. Forgiven.” The even uglier brunette male by his side seemed even more annoyed. “If you don’t hold up to your agreement ferengi-” Nip interrupted him. “Enough with this nonsense. Let me inside already.” The two guards looked at each other and opened one of the back doors. A third equally annoyed person stood waiting there. The three humans sharing a look for a moment as Nip was lead to a corner, small high rise platform right by the area were the designers and main engineers worked. Nip’s ears locked on to his favorite female’s voice. A love struck smile on his face. The human male beside him shuddered. Hesitant, he mumbled, “What is Grip’s interest in this cadet anyways?” The ferengi turned to him all excited. “On the honor of my love I shall be kind enough to tell you free information should of already known! This cadet is the one who discovered the design flaws and the suggestion to fix it!” The guard looked at him stunned. “I thought Director D’aunchel was the one who reported it?” Nip shook his head no. “There is no value in that ugly male. No value whatsoever!” The male human then realized the look of love from his voice wasn’t for the girl, but probably the future money she could bring. Ferengi…

Marcus, Wells and Sunsan walked in into the training zone when they heard Sunsan make an annoying sound. The two followed his eyes to see Lowell and Garnett standing there casually talking. Wells looked up to see M<arcus’ irked expression. She gave him a warning look. “Marcus…” He started to walk forward when Sunsan spoke. “Although the idea of lowering yourself for such a female repulses me the idea of you being stupid enough to get kicked out of the academy trying to honor such a female is even more repulsive. You are a member I have chosen.” Translation, now isn’t the time to make a scene. Wells can only do so much for us. Wells, herself, looked away awkwardly. What was there to say to that? Marcus seemed to take a breath before continuing to walk forward. The two on guard. Surprised to find him suddenly shift to a casually atmosphere with a wide smile on his face. He clapped Garnett’s back. “Garnett, I just saw you yesterday. You can’t keep hanging around me like this. I have Rao. And I don’t have interest in males.” He hit his back a few more times. “Besides, this isn’t sneaky one bit.” Marcus gesturing for Sunsan and Wells to come join the conversation. They both walked over annoyed. Wells ignoring Lowell to compliment Garnett. “Your performance last class was complementary. It’s a great site to see someone put Marcus in his place.” Marcus shook his head. “Garnett MAY have done better then me in class, BUT yesterday I whipped his ass.” Wells looked at Garnett for a moment with a silly look and a sly smile. “I see.” Sunsan on the other hand took a step back and looked at him wearily. “Terrans are repulsive.” The three of them completely ignoring Lowell’s existence. Wells continuing the joke. “And where did this ass whipping occur?” Marcus smiled widely. “In the air, in the water and in zero gravity of course.” Wells smiled wider. “My, my. What tenacity.” Sunsan looked at Garnett even more disgusted. Marcus smiled widely. “Yes, he such tenacity. In fact, I assume he would be glad to try and recover a win right here. We can even try something new like a desert floor.” Wells smiled widely. “And risk getting his ass whipped in a desert as well?” At this point Sunsan had almost reached the exit door. Marcus without turning around called out Sunsan. “Stay, you need to partner with Garnett so it isn’t three against one.” He looked at Garnett with an exasperated face. “Can’t Wells…”

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The Magnificent Ferengi – DS9

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