Episode 64: New Character

Susie Que heard the two girls leave the room. She felt her body slump wearily. It was all Shrike’s fault for her even being here. There wasn’t even a point for him to study so hard. The odds of him ever being there in the birth room or any time near birthing for a Bajoran female was slim to none. That was a tough time for the mothers and so they often returned to the expertise on Bajor for it. To center his assignment on it was…dull. Sighing, she did her best to change the topic. “Any plans for the break?” Shrike looked up from the data on the screen seemingly upset. “Normally, I go on break with Nataly and Gra’an, but the two refuse to let me come on our yearly group trip.” She looked at him confused? “What?” He sighed loudly. “There was this group discount for a yearly trip to this spa resort in the mountains. We normally go during our breaks. They do their love thing and I do pretty much anything else I want.” His fingers clenched and an annoyed look appeared on his face. “BUT THIS YEAR, EVEN THOUGH I PAID….I’m not allowed to go.” Susie Que couldn’t help but blink a few times. “Why not?” Shrike completely turned around so he was facing her. “Because Gra’an’s brothers in town and ‘deserves’ the reward.” She turned away from him. Shrike was a stupid idiot. Just like she thought.

Marcus, Wells and Sunsan stood by Garnett and Lowell as if there was nothing wrong. It was as if everyone somehow knew how to position themselves so everyone who saw them wouldnt see thee fact that three of them despised one of the other. At the mention of Lowell joining Sunsan made an irked face. Wells just smiling slightly and nodding her head at Garnett. “Going home? That’s nice. If you need help finding presents I can send you the names of a few shops.” She waved goodbye as he left. Her eyes turning to watch Lowell slink away. In a voice that he may be able to hear or may not be she smirked. “Coward.” Tuning away from Lowell she looked up at her children. “Now then, are we doing a free for all?” Marcus shook his head no. “Not in the mood anymore.” Sunsan nodded his head. “He’s right. The atmosphere was really bad for a moment.” Wells sighed. Her children always did too much. She looked around for the moment before coming to an idea. “Let’s just do sparring matches.” Sunsan groaned. “Again?” She shook her finger no. “No, not normal ones. Let’s do ones with weapons on the different environmental floors. See how many times Marcus can come in last climbing up the floors.” Marcus looked at her annoyed, but Sunsan had eagerly already run off to the weapons area.Wells giving him a look. “So will it be knives? Or will it be knives?” Grumbling, Marcus went to grab knives.
The human guard could not believe how focused the ferengi was on that human cadet. She was moving up and down the bay with no notice at all of the giant ears glued on her, or the creepy smile.. He was stuck listening to the animal whimpers of a ferengi dreaming of profit. It was making him shudder. When the girl was packing up to leave he noticed the ferengi’s wristband light up for a moment. He could see some sort of report was being quickly written in a language he could not understand and sent off. All the guard could do was sigh. This is why he needed to avoid going to the bar on his nights off. If only he had a girlfriend.

Wells was sitting on a bench drinking aloe water from a bottle, her two children were continuing to fight, when she heard a beep from her wristband. She was surprised to see a message from Tarique. How long?
‘The arranged performance is an hour. However, requests may be made during the dinner if the ambassador wishes for it. Ambassador V’lok is known to prefer the accompaniment of music over that of dinnertime conversation. His wife T’sitar is even more fond of the Ka’athyra then him.’ She sent the message off and returned to wiping the sweat from her body. Unlike Marcus and Sunsan, she was not expected to present themselves as favorable via swear sheen on the body. Wells getting up to stretch a bit. She was more sore then she thought.

Etes walked into the shop as if he was the king of the world. A trait that while present in most Romulans seemed to stand out as something uniquely his own. “Grip.” From another door out scurried a well dressed Ferengi. “Etes. What can I do for you today?” With a snarl on his face Etes approached the creature. “You know what I want, ferengi.” Grip shrugged his shoulders. “It isn’t profitable for a merchant to assume he knows everything his customer could want.” Etes glared at him. “The information.” Grip shook his head no. “It’s been 1-2 days. I don’t have what you are looking for yet.” Etes moved closer to him. A scowl on his face. “How many bars?” Grip smiled at him. “I can only set a price for information, but not when. As I D-O N-O-T H-A-V-E the information yet.” Etes seemed to get even angrier. “How many bars to be the first to know?” Grip’s eyes sparkled a bit. He began to mull it over. “Let’s see, I have a deadline for the information from the seller by Friday. They are normally reliable so I estimate information wednesday, thursday latests. And if I was going to release it on Friday for a starting bid of 30 bars then…. 40 bars. Take it or leave it.” Etes looked at ferengi like he was insane. 40 bars! “Now isn’t the time for jokes, Grip.” Grip looked at him with a smile. “The first non-federation member to find out the structural issue on federation ships. One they are desperately trying to fix now by pushing back the date on the new ships isn’t cheap information, dear customer. I already have a few interested Klingon buyers.” Etes wanted to smack Sunsan in the face. He wouldn’t have to be spending this money if Sunsan wasn’t such a… SUNSAN! “35 bars.” Grip shook his head. “Don’t think you can get me to go lower then 39 for you.” Etes was so mad. He nodded his head. “Fine, 39 bars.” The two proceeded to finish the details. When Etes left his shop the ferengi snapped his fingers. Two orion males came from the back. He looked at them. “One of you follow Etes when he’s off the embassy grounds. The other keep tabs on the important officers who enjoy our shops.” The two nodded their heads. They were paid more when things were going on.

The air was a bit chilly for the season. Something Tristen was not a fan of on Terran. He walked through the crowded streets and did his best to avoid the pleasantries. He had a mission to accomplish.. A mission that by all means should not include complaints about the weather. or complaints about the lack of complaints about the weather.


Stone Knives And Bearskins

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