Episode 65: Still Zoned

Cadet Gotobed had just finished his routine when he spotted HER sitting on a bench. Of course she was with Sunsan and Marcus, but they didn’t mean anything to him. He was sure they were permanently friendzoned which was something they could only blame themselves for. Unsure of the best way to approach he decided to bide his time and wait for her to finally leave the sparring pits and come back into the world of full blown air conditioning. THAT WAY she’d be refreshed and in a better mood after dealing with those two all day. The moment she was out he walked to her. OKAY. IT WAS TIME. JUST RIP IT OFF LIKE A PATCH. “Hey, Wells.” He smiled. KEEP GOING. “No plans for the holidays this year?” He knew very well that she never left campus for the holidays. “There’s a New Years party that’s getting thrown on the other side of town if you wanted something to do. I can send you the detail if you want?”

Zletka walked along the streets, making her way through a series of markets in search of presents. After giving Garnett ideas the prior night she’d reminded herself of her own needs. There were at least three beings she was on the lookout for- two considering Vinaa already made it quite clear what she wanted. A soft flash from her band earned her attention: Rao had finished her work for the night. Raising her wrist to her lips, Zletka recorded a quick message with her location and then she waited.

“Aren’t you all dressed up?!” Rao called, a huge smile on her face. “The monthly date with Vinaa?” She asked before turning her attention to the stall. “Yes. Like clockwork.” Zletka replied, her gaze dropping to her friend’s attire. Rao was still clad in her federation suit; stains and all, but she looked perfectly content with a smile while perusing through the racks. “Did you have any plans tonight with Marcus?” Zletka kept one eye on her friend and the other on a few items of clothing she thought might suit her. “Um…I don’t think so. I haven’t heard from him today or anything, so I’d assume we don’t.” Rao’s words were casual. “I see…Tarique was looking for you this morning.” Zletka informed the young woman. “He was? Did he say why?” Rao asked while holding up a dress for Zletka’s opinion. Zletka looked over the dress and shook her head. “Not specifically. I assume it’s related to your side project.”

Tarique finished another song before glancing over his pad. Ambassador V’lok. He was familiar with the name and his general demeanor. The preference for music was rather new to him, but confirmed his decision to refamiliarize himself with several songs. He typed out a reply: ‘Understood. I will prepare accordingly.’ Raising the Ka’athrya once more he continued to play.

Rao and Zletka arrived on campus talking about their upcoming winter trip. “I think she said she wants to be closer to the lake this time, but I don’t know if she’s picked out the place yet.” Zletka explained, swinging two bags as she walked. “I guess it’ll be a surprise. Like always.” Rao smirked with a song voice as the two made their way across the grounds.

Slumping down on her bed, Rao went over to her pad and typed up a message to Tarique explaining she’d heard he was looking for her this morning and would be at their usual spot in the morning if he was free. With that message sent she quickly looked through her messages before sending one off to Marcus to see if he wanted to get together tonight. “Hey. Let me know if I get any pings. I’m going to head into the shower.” Rao shot a wink at her friend and disappeared.

Once Rao was gone, Zletka pulled a few things out from under her bed and went to work wrapping presents. One for Rao, Garnett, Vinaa…Some for a friends in her courses. She was already aware Rao had wrapped presents and was keeping most of them in one of her side project locations, but still wasn’t in the habit of getting caught. By the time Rao returned, Zletka was perched at her desk typing away. “I’m going to shop around for new materials for the suit this week.” She murmured just as Rao entered the room. “Really? I thought the material was holding up.” Rao stood wrapping her hair in an old t-shirt. “It’s wearing and Vinaa told me about a store which should have what you’ll need.” Zletka explained though her eyes never left the screen. “Alright. Awesome. Let me know which day.” Rao picked up her padd to see Tarique had already confirmed a meeting for tomorrow. She wondered what it was he wanted to talk about.


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