Episode 66: Flowers

Wells looked up from her stretching. It was Cadet….Cadet Gotobed. Right. He was one of the cadets who sometimes were caught staring at her. “Hello. I have a few appointments with professors, but nothing really.” A party? That could be nice. “Please.” She turned to her head. Marcus was waving while calling her name. Wells smiling one last time at the cadet. “Have a nice break.” She turned to walk back to them. Sunsan seemed more irked then normal. “Did you lose that bad?” He scoffed at the idea. “Lose. As if that was possible.” It was actually very possible. Having a seven foot five inch frame made games like this pretty easy for Marcus. “I won an unhonorable victory from Marcus getting distracted by news that his…his temporary sidepiece was free from work,” Wells smiled. Temporary sidepiece? The denial ran so deep in their love. Too bad it was her who had sent the memo to Marcus’ wristband. “I see. Marcus?” She turned to look at Marcus. He was looking through data on his band. “Marcus.” Sunsan went to hit him when the Capellan male caught his arm. “Nice try.” He looked up from the data. “I was researching what Terran’s bring with them when they surprise their mates for a date.” Sunsan started to get vocally irritated, but the two ignored him. Wells chuckled. “Flowers aren’t good enough for you?” Marcus shrugged. “Seems a bit over done.” She stood on her tip toes to pat his head. “Girls like overdone at times.” Wells sending him the data for a good floral shop and her last known spotted location. “Have fun.” Marcus nodded his head and ran off. Wells turning to Sunsan. “Bye.” She too walked off. Sunsan standing there not only looking like an idiot, but feeling like one too. This was all Rao’s fault.

Susie Que rolled out of bed. Today she was feeling the effects of everything. It made her want to groan in sadness and pain. Pulling out her datapad she looked at what movies could be rented. Today was going to be a night in with beauty routines and wine.
Marcus had just finished buying flowers when he got her message. He quickly typed back. “I will come and pick you up now!” He sprinted back to campus and arrived at her door. He waited for the door to open before he looked for Rao. On seeing her he held out the flowers. “For you.” A large dumb smile on his face. “I was reading up on etiquette for dating on Terran. I heard it was customary for the boyfriend to bring gifts to the girlfriend.” Marcus reaching downward to give her a kiss on the cheek before continuing to speak. “I also found out there is a performance going on in the Mission District if you would go like to see it. There will be some of those food trucks you like there as well.”
Wells returned to her room to see Susie Que bundled up in her blankets. Her face white from a facemask, a cup of wine by her side and an outdated romantic comedy on their screen. Sighing, she attempted to escape when Susie Que called out for her. “Welllsss.” Resigning herself to the fate of having her for a roommate she turned around to accept the face mask that was being held out for her.

Marcus held her hand as the two walked down the street. The performance had been a music and dance number that was the perfect high tempo tune for his Rao. Now after enjoying her reactions, he was simply accompanying her along the rows of food trucks. For him this was a pleasant Sunday. A nice moment before he would be forced to endure Wednesdays event. WAIT. WAIT WAIT. Marcus suddenly stopped walking. He turned to Rao. “Rao, are you free Wednesday night!” Marcus looking at her with puppy dog eyes. “I have to go to one of the events at the Romulan embassy every break and this year I can bring a plus one!” He looked at her so eager and hopeful. “We can even bring Zletka if you want!” Marcus scooping her up into his arms. “Please, say yes.” He needed her to bring air back into the room.


Star Trek Flowers (A Kiss For Spock)

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