Episode 68: Themes

Theme? Marcus thought about it for a moment. “I normally just wear Capellan clothes. It may be not be as well received if you wore a female version. Some of the party guests are what you say peacocks.” Marcus holding her hand tightly as he continued to think about it. “I’d like to see you in a dress. How about that?” He tilted his head at her. Marcus was unsure if this is the response she was looking for.

Marcus looked at her confused. “Your place?” What! Was this another Terran dating ritual? Why would she stay at her place? He had his on adequate dwelling for the two of them to reside in. Marcus wanted to sleep with her. Sighing, he leaned down to give her a farewell kiss on the cheek. “I’m available when you are.” He watched her run away. This was such a disappointing night. Looking down at his data pad he typed a message that it was safe to return to the room. Sadly, he trudged back to his quarters.

Sometime in-between washing off her facemask and running out for a snack Sunsan had appeared in her room. Marcus’ nights were getting too frequent for her liking. Not only did she have to put up with Sunsan for longer hours, but she had to put up with Susie Que whinning about him. It was the worst. When she saw a message from Marcus on her data pad a smile appeared on her face. Susie Que turning to look at her. “What are you smiling for?” Wells turned to Sunsan. “Marcus just messaged. It’s safe to return to your room.” He scoffed at her. “If it was safe to return to the room Marcus would message me. I am his roommate.” Sunsan glaring at her. “And last time you told me that I walked in on him!” That had been a great night. She tossed him her data pad. Seeing the message and the irked expression on Sunsan’s face was blissful. He fixed his attire and said goodnight awkwardly. Susie Que flasjign me a thumbs up. “Good job.” Wells looked at her confused. “You really are my friend. Beaking up Marcus and Rao’s night.” That would be too much effort. “No. They aren’t sleeping together tonight.” A stupid smile appeared on her face. “Chance!” Groaning, Wells turned around to go to sleep. Children.

Wells was eating in the cafeteria with a crank Sunsan and a sad looking Marcus when she heard the conversation between Rao and Zletka. If she was meeting Tarique hopefully he could get the information out of her as easily as he played the Ka’athrya. She would give it a few hours before messaging him. After all, she did have the Vulcan event to prepare for. Ambassador V’lok was known to be annoyed if the events didn’t show enough adequate respect for Vulcan culture. His wife T’sitar on the other hand was more pleasant. “Wells?” She looked up at Marcus. “What?” He sighed. “I was asking if you were bringing a date to the Romulan event this year.” She looked at him confused. “When do I ever bring a date?” Sunsan rolled his eyes. “Marcus believes since he is bringing a date that we must all be bringing a date now. The simpleton.” The two starting to bicker. Annoyed, she stood up from the table. “I have to start preparing for the Ambassador Dinner now.” The two looked liked they were being abandoned, but she didn’t care. Wells couldn’t afford to waste more time in her busy schedule for these two.

Running around to each the departments took even longer then she thought. It was completely unfair that they expected her to do everything by herself, with no help from anyone, and still show up looking dressed up. Groaning, she looked down at her dress options. Two of the Vulcan appropriate attire she had recently worn. One of the ones left was blue and could not be worn at this event as blue was for the entertainers. She held up the grey attire. It would have to do. Wells changed into the grey tunic like dress. Her underneath turtle neck, glove combo was a lighter shade of gray. A sort of half shawl/coat mixture in a darker shade of grey was around her upper half. Wearing no make, the only thing she did was fix her hair. As a ‘volunteer’ liaison/coordinator it was her job to not stand out. It was around 3pm so she sent a message to Tarique.
‘Reminder. By 4pm please be at the Federation Ambassadorial Dinning Hall. Your attire should be light or dark blue.’
That was really all she had time for.

Marcus was running around hitting a ball back and forth. The game was apparently based off an old Terran game called squash. Sunsan and him found it enjoyable to hit the ball back and forth. Although, they were often told they had no need to hit the ball so hard.

Wells arrive at 3:30 pm. She was relieved to see that the musicians she hired from that annoying Bajoran were already there and setting up. She nodded at the few she knew. Scanning over the room, she noticed the minimalist floral decorations had been set up. Wells walking over to the table she found reason to be a bit annoyed. It was completely wrongly set up for a Vulcan guest. Wells turned to wave over the dinning staff for the evening. “Where are the gloves? The appropriate forks for vegetable courses?” The staff person looked at her anxiously. “We didn’t know which to use.” The federation couldn’t even make sure their dinning staff knew which silverware to use. This was why her job was so hard. She pointed out the appropriate set up, found the gloves, and moved to wait for the Federation Representative. Wells had not been told who it was. However, it was already 3:50 and if they did not arrive soon they would arrive after the Vulcan Ambassador which was a huge err on the Federation’s part.


Vulcan Table Manners

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