Episode 69: Sights

“What a sight to see you by yourself.” Vinaa smirked, standing over the female Betazoid. Zletka was sitting in the canteen, her eyes focused on carving the omlet before her. “Good morning. I was just thinking of you.” Black hues only glanced at the Orion briefly before returning to her meal. Vinaa studied her closely, “What for? Need more help with that suit?” She assumed while taking a seat. “Not this time although thank you for the store suggestion.” Zletka gave her smile while continuing, “I actually need to find a formal dress for Rao.” The slightly confused expressions maring the Orions features was enough to make Zletka laugh if she hadn’t been eating. “Really?” Vinaa leaned forward on the table to get a better look at her telepathic friend, “Why does she need a formal dress?”

“She’s been invited to a diplomatic Romulan event and doesn’t have anything.” Zletka explained. “Interesting…” Vinaa thought it over, her lips curling into a devious smile as she traced claw like nails down her neck. “Marcus invited her last night and also myself.” The surprise was clear in Zletka’s voice on the last part. Vinaa’s eyes snapped back to Zletka, “What are you going to wear?” The devious smile grew deeper. Zletka took another bite, “I have a dress I brought.” As the words left her mouth Vinaa’s annoyance seemed to grow. “Fine. Let’s go see it. We have to make sure it still fits.” Her annoyance was replaced by a smirk.

Back in Zletka’s room, Vinaa was perched on her bed filing her nails while waiting for the Betazoid to finish getting herself dressed. The dress itself wasn’t to Vinaa’s taste, but it was preferred when it came to Zletka. “You’ll need shoes.” Was the only comment she gave. Zletka nodded, “Yes. And a dress for Rao.”

Tarique had busied himself appropriately with the completion of tasks to fully prepare for the holiday break. While most students were returning home or taking the time to relax, he was doing very little to change his routine. The time normally spent in courses would now be spent continuing his work. The time normally spend working would be spent with few leisure activities. The simple inversion allowed for better maximization of time. By three o’clock in the afternoon he stood in the center of his room finishing a meditation session to center himself for the event. Just as he opened his eyes the pad went off and he read her message. Rising from his stance on the floor he responded with a brief: Understood.

Tarique arrived at the Dining Hall precisely ten minutes before the event. It would take him exactly two minutes and thirty seconds, five minutes were intended for any instruction he may be given and the rest was a precaution. At any other Vuclan event, such a need would be illogical but in this case he found he to be a necessity.

He wore a dark blue loose fitting robes in a lightweight fabric. A chance to wear Vulcan attire was brought a sense of comfort he had anticipated though he was unfamiliar with it in this particular context. Upon seeing Cadet Wells he made a course towards her while on a path to where a group Bajorans were setting up. “Good afternoon, Cadet Wells. Will I take a place with the Bajorans?” The Ka’athrya was held securely in his grasp. The grey color of his attire noted his attention, but not an outward comment. There were several reason she could have a color separate from blue and none of them required an immediate answer.


Vulcan Anthem

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