Episode 70: Early On Bad Ambassadors

Wells turned around to see Tarique. He was dressed appropriately which made her life easier. She pointed to the area where the other musicians were talking with each other. “You will be sitting in the center front. The accompaniment has been prepares, so you can discuss with Kyore about how they’ve arranged the evenings entertainment. Excuse me.” Although she wanted to tease him, she did not have the time. NONE OF THE FEDERATION STAFF MEMBERS HAD ARRIVED YET. Wells was alone with the hired help. Every time she turned around something was moved out of place or suddenly wrong. Annoyed she started to walk towards one of the diners who was setting up the pre work for the first appetizer. WHO SAID TO SPREAD A FISH SAUCE ON TOP OF IT!

Marucs and Sunsan were leaving the gymnasium. Everything had been pretty average. A competition between the two of them and Sunsan bickering about something. However, Marcus had to drop the bomb. “I’m taking Rao to the evening event on Wednesday.” Sunsan stopped in his place. “Excuse me?” Marcus sighed. “Wells told me your father suggested for you to bring more people as this is your final year at the academy. I knew you would wait last minute to see if randoms could come, so instead I invited my girlfriend and her betazoid friend.” He looked at Marcus as if he was insane. “You invited a betazoid to a Romulan event and didn’t think to tell me? AND you invited your girlfriend!” Marcus wanted to laugh for a moment. Sometimes, he couldn’t tell what bothered Sunsan more. “Yes.” Sunsan glared at him. “I can’t bring a betazoid to the event! You know what they can do!” Marcus shrugged. “It’s fine. You know it’s just a peaceful night. None of the conspiracies?” Sunsan groaned. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE CAN DO. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO EXPLAIN THIS TO MY FATHER.” Marcus pat his shoulder. “You’ll figure it out. Or you can ask Wells.” Sunsan started to poke his chest with his finger. “And the girlfriend! How am I supposed to explain an unremarkable or undistinguished Terran to any of the party guests?” Marcus wanted to punch Sunsan in the face for calling his mate unremarkable, but he held back. He would just get his revenge later. It was more important to secure her entry ticket. “Isn’t that even easier? Just tell your father she’s my date. He hates me anyways.” Sunsan turned his back on Marcus. “IDIOTS. ALL OF YOU ARE IDIOTS.”

Susie Que came back from her lunch meeting with friends and saw the bland pieces of fabric scattered on Wells bed. She had forgotten that Wells had the Vulcan event tonight. What was she supposed to do when most other people were on break. She didn’t leave till Thursday. An idea popping in her head. She messaged Marcus.
‘Marcus. Wells was supposed to teach me self defense moves today, but now she’s at an event. When I get home my father is taking us on a tour in a rough neighborhood. Can you help?’
Marcus and Sunsan were almost back to the dorm when Marcus got a message. He didn’t even have a comment. He just simply typed a reply. ‘I’m afraid I already have plans tonight with Rao and Sunsan. Wells has no event tomorrow, so she will be able to teach you.’ The idea that the organize freak that was Wells forgot that she had an event the same day she promised to teach combat training to her roommate was ludicrous. Sunsan looked at him annoyed. “That better not be a message from Rao.” He shook his head no. “No. Susie Que wished for me to instruct her in martial arts, so she could touch me physically.” Sunsan made an even more irked expression. “I assume you are not going.” He scoffed. “No, but now that you mention Rao I should message her and see if she is free tonight.” Sunsan grabbed his arm. “Marcus!” Marcus pat his shoulder. “We should confirm her upstanding of attire and etiquette for the even?” He looked at Marcus in the eyes for a moment, before losing the staring context. “Fine. However, it is not a late night AND YOU ARE NOT KICKING ME OUT OF MY ROOM.” Marcus ignored him and sent a message to Rao. ‘Are you free tonight? Sunsan wishes to let you know about what will happen at the event. There is a movie playing with free snacks tonight. If you invite Zletka it will have the bird dead by one stone. I also wish to see you.” Sunsan glared at Marcus. “Your choices remain to be horrible.”

Wells looked at the time on her wrist band. It was 4:40 and still no Federation staff had appeared. Ambassador V’lok either arrived at 4:50 or 5:00 exactly depending on the seriousness matter. Yet, none of them were here. She looked around the room annoyed. At a glance from her the dinning staff stood up straight against the wall ready. At exactly 4:55 some of the lesser Federation staff trickled in. Wells didn’t care for their comments so she just pointed at where they should stand to wait. 5:00 o’clock hit and Ambassador V’lok and his wide T’sitar arrived. He looked around the room. “Coordinator Wells, I see everyone is standing in order.” She nodded. “Yes, Ambassador. The Federation would not allow anything else for such distinguished guests.” T’sitar looked around the room. “I do not see the Admiral.” Without allowing an expression to cross her face, she nodded her head. “Yes, I was just messaged a moment ago that he will be a few minutes late.” Wells gestured to everything behind her. “Would you like a drink while you wait, or listen to the K’yathra?” T’sitar looked at the young Vulcan sitting the front. “I did not expect to have such a treat prepared.” She lead them towards the musicians. “I had heard that you had been on Terran for awhile. I had assumed you would miss the tastes of home. I hope I did not overstep.” She shook her head. “No. Your ability to correctly assume has gotten you to standing here.” She looked at Tarique. “Can you please play a song?” Wells turned to call over one of the dining staff. She had a glass of there favorite drinks prepared. Four long songs later the Admiral finally arrived. “My apologies, Ambassador.” The two Vulcans turned around. “Your staff was able to keep us entertained.” He smiled. “Good, good. It speaks to the credibility of our joint efforts in the Academy.” The group of three sat. While, Wells stood slightly behind the Admiral and to the right. She waved her hand and the first course was served. Of course, it had no fish sauce on it. Wells gestured to the table. “Ambassador, a pair of gloves have been prepared for you.” The two nodded their heads and put the gloves on. The beginning of the meal was silent with some music in the background. The Admiral breaking the silence to comment on the music. “I hope you are enjoying the music. I was informed by the Cadet you appreciated such slow rythms.” Wells did her best to hide her irritation. This is how it always was. They dumped everything on her, made it her responsibility so they had no problems and acted like such bigshots. They even insulted the other species musical taste. The Ambassador nodded his head. “Yes, the music was enough to fill the void of you being late.” The Admiral turned to look at her. “Did you not inform them?” It’s not like you even sent me a message about it! I had to make up an excuse. “I did, Sir. I informed them of the last-minute Federation issue.” He shook his head. “Why worry them over nothing? It was simply my wife being a bit clingy.” Now he insults his wife and makes me look bad. This is all because he needed to improve his image with cooperation. It was not the best. She bowed her head. “I apologize, Sir. I assumed you would not wish your personal matters to be known.” He waved his hand at her. The Vulcan Ambassador spoke up. “I had assumed it was about all the discussions about the structural errors, but it seems you were late for our discussion over personal matters.” The Admiral looked at him annoyed. “The Vulcan Leadership was informed of the structural issues and the actions to correct them as far as I knew.” The Ambassador looked at Wells. She withdrew a datapad from her robe and handed it over to V’lok. He read over the information. “It seems what was written in the official reports was less detailed then what is on the Federations files.” Wells turned to the Admiral. “Earlier today the engineering department released the specific details to other Federation leaders as the secrecy around the matter has already leaked on the black market. I compiled the data in case it came up.” The Admiral glared at her. “You did not think to tell me you had compiled engineering data for a dinner.” She bowed her head. “The notice was sent to all related personal. I was not aware you did not know. I was instructed by Professor Savok to ensure all data would be ready for reference at tonight’s dinner.” The Admiral looked away annoyed. He was famous to have a bad relationship with the Vulcan Professor. V’lok ignoring the Admiral to turn to Wells. “I see data has changed on the other political matters as well.” She nodded her head. “Yes, Sir. As decided an emissary has been sent to both the Klingon Empire and the Romulan in hopes of achieving new results. A second station has finished completion in the Delta Quadrant and per Admiral’s instructions we have prepared the items of your request for your return trip.” T’sitar looked at the Admiral. “I am pleased to see that you have compiled everything into an organized document instead of a lengthy conversation.” Ambassador V’lok nodded his head. “I agree. Shall we return to silence and enjoy the music.” The rest of the dinner quiet until the dessert came. It was a fruit pudding. T’sitar was known to love it. The Admiral looking up from plate. “I know Vulcans are accustomed to silence, but here at the Federation we aim to have conversations between species.” The Ambassador sighed. “You are asking for us to have unneeded exchanging of words.” The Admiral shook his head. “All words are needed in fostering an understanding relationship between two species.” T’sitar put her fork down. “An interesting thought, but an incorrect one. Some words are simply not necessary.” The table grew silent again. The Admiral looking up at Wells. She nodded and spoke up. “Ambassador, Savok informed me you wished to revisit the mining contracts for the less developed planets in the Delta Quadrant. He informed me you wished for Vulcan to receive more resources for the science academy and diplomat missions. Admiral has recently been appointed to oversee the extra flow of resources. Perhaps, you can negotiate on that.” The Admiral nodded his head. “This is a good place for me to know exactly what you wish.” The Ambassador shook his head. “Vulcan leadership will be meeting with a council of Federation executives to decided that. I did not know however you were in charge of the extra resource. I was informed your specialty was warfare and weaponry.” The Admiral looked irritated. “You know as well as I that the Romulan Empire has been moving in to the Delta Quadrant. Their aim is the resources and potential slave labor cannot be ignored.” The Vulcan Ambassador looked at him visibly annoyed. “You wish to instigate tensions with a neutral species by moving weaponry on the border of their zones, disregarding the fact they have an embassy on Federation planets.” The Admiral hit the table. “A Romulan cannot be trusted!” The two Vulcans stood up. “If this is the direction the Federation is taking we must return to Vulcan early to confer with the others.” The Admiral looke dup at them annoyed. “How can logical beings not understand the danger present by the Romulan Empire!” T’sitar shook her head. “If one can avoid war and the death of millions of lives then that is logically the first course of action.” Wells gestured towards the musicians who had a break. “Ambassador, Lady T’sitar, Admiral These are topics for councils. Let us end the evening on a positive note. The musicians have prepared a traditional farewell song. We must remember all the good that has been arranged these last few weeks between our species.” The Admiral stood up. “A song then.” The tense group listening to the song. The Ambassador leaving with his wife right after. The Admiral turning to glare at Wells. “I cannot understand why Savok recommended you for such a task. He may be an emotionless machine, but at least he can keep his species in check.” She gestured to staff and musicians packing up. “Admiral may we discuss this tomorrow.” He hit her. The Admiral was known for his horrible temper. However, as he was known to take it out on cadets and had massive political backing he was yet to be kicked out of Starfleet. “You imbecile. What does a cadet think they know that an Admiral does not. All of efforts I have made gone to waist. The Ambassadors had been offended, I have not received the proper information and my need to seal the deal as ordered was ruined.” She apologized again. He turned to the musicians. “Hurry up and leave already. Bajorans not related to the Federation should not be here in the first place.” He walked out of the room. Taking a deep breath she walked over to the dinning table and started to help the staff clean up. It was just another event that she was forced to do with that Admiral. Why was she never paired with any of the good ones! Her excellency had always gotten in her way.


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