Episode 8 – Let’s Dance

Wells woke up feeling exhausted. By the time Friday rolled around she was utterly done with having a schedule. However, like every day there was a schedule to complete. However, at least only on Fridays there was joy at the sight of Susie Que’s bed being empty. Fridays she ran a study group with fellow cadets in her major and in her own words ‘it was one of the keys of maintaining her elite social life’. The process of waking up was a blissful slow routine of beauty. She even had time to grab a cup of tea and toast to go from the cafeteria before running for her extracurriculars. Of course, she would have had time to sit, but sitting alone and occasionally being stared at was uncomfortable there was no need to. Wells would rather just arrive early to European Swordsmanship.

Wells was adjusting her training gear when Sunsan walked into the gymnasium. It was painfully obvious when he entered, because who ever was in the room tended to get silent. It was questionable whether he was disliked for his poor attitude or for being a Romulan. The only one currently in Starfleet. An objective of the Empire for a show of ‘courgeliaty’. In other words, no one liked him or his people for their obnoxious behavior. However, when it came to her personally it was just his behavior she was not a huge fan of. Wells finishing polishing her sword when Sunsan walked over towards her. “Is there any point in doing such a thing when you will continuously lose?” She could only roll her eyes. “As I recall you have yet to best me with a sword.” He looked at her annoyed. “Such a crude weapon does not count in regards to anything.” Wells only stood up sighing. “And yet such a simple crude weapon should be nothing for the mighty Romulan.” He drew his sword so it was by her neck. “How many times must you continuously throw this pin prick jabs.” Wells could only flick his sword away from her. “Pin Pricks or Jabs? Which one is it really?” And the two were off crossing their swords across the Gymnasium floor. One of the others sighing. “Can’t those two just ever start their match normally.” The girl next to him shook her head. “If those two could do anything normally they would have other people to match with.”

Wells headed to her last activity of the day. She was assigned by their professor to oversee a study group of the younger cadets in the Romulan language. As it had three dialects it could be difficult for beginners to distinguish from Vulcan. However, common ancestry aside, they were in fact different. Of course, even in this matter Sunsan was present. As the only Romulan in Starfleet he was asked to be a ‘quiet’ observer to the group. In fact, he often failed at the quiet part and attempted to usurp her position of authority by correcting the young cadets frequently on their mistakes. As she entered the room the handful of young cadets stood and saluted her. They had no need to, but for some reason starting from the second class they all decided they must. Sunsan was already sitting in the back with a book he was pretending to be reading. The Romulan had no interest in Vulcan semantics. Wells immediately handing out the corrected answers of last week’s home assignment. She stopped briefly in front of the young cadet Jameson. Wells leaning forward to whisper in his ear, “Do not let Sunsan catch you mistaking the current Prod. You will not be able to flee this room.” When he grabbed his paper back he quickly put it into his satchel and nodded his head in understanding. Although the cadets feared instructor Wells, a Romulan to them was the much more looking threat. Wells walking back to the front of class. “Now, Can anyone tell me the revision of legality on Star Fleet’s stance on the Tal Shiar?” Everyone was silent. Sunsan looked up from his book. An annoyed looked on his face. “And what does that have to with semantics?” Wells simply shrugged. “one must be aware of current legalities in order to properly asses the situation and know which course of language they should use. The format of a language is heavily dependent on the intent.” She turned to look at Cadet Jameson. “Your answer, Cadet Jameson?”

Wells was sitting on her bed drying her hair when her roommate ran into the room. “Are you ready!” She looked up at her still regulated uniform dressed roommate. “The bigger question is are you?” Susie Que paused for a moments. “Oh, drat. You are right.” She ran quickly into their bathroom to shower. Wells shrugging. “Am I not always right?” While her roommate was in the bathroom she took the chance to done party attire. She wore a simple short dress that had a turtle neck, long sleeves and pants made of what seemed to be lace. However, it was the sort that although a nod to a peak was hinted at one could not actually clearly see the skin beneath. Wells slipping on a pair of gloves and boots to finish the outfit when Susie Que ran out the bathroom. She flashed her a thumbs up. “Nice. Do you want me to do your hair and makeup.” Wells shook her head no. “There isn’t time.” She pushed past Susie Que and began to style her hair in a messy bun. Her makeup a simple slightly shine gold shadow and a wicked dark purple lip. As if trained to know when to step aside her roommate ran in to get to the mirror. She was in a tight almost neon pink mini. Adorable white booties covered her feet and around her neck were swinging layered necklaces. Her hair rushed into a complex braided style and a bright pink on she was ready to prove to the world why her name was Susie Que. Excited for the party, Wells found herself dragged out by her roommate.

Wells, Susie Que and Sunsan arrived in front of the club at the same time. Marcus standing by the entrance waving. “You guys are here!” Susie Que ran towards him. “Tell me Garnett really does have something special in store for us.” Marcus nodded his head. “I arrived earlier with some other tactical guys. We were helping get everything ready. It will be quite the night.” Sunsan turning to look at Wells. “I see you are late.” She rolled her eyes. “We arrived at the same time.” Susie Que and Marcus ignoring them as they each chose one to pull into the club. The music getting louder and louder as they went. Women with trays of shot glasses appearing in front of them. Immediately, the three of them looked at it surprised. “Romulan ale!” Susie Que said before quickly covering her mouth. Marcus just winked at her. While, both Sunsan and Wells slightly smiled at the thought. Marcus handing shots to each of them. “Bottoms Down!” Susie Que shook her head. “It’s bottoms up!” The four of them downing their first shot. Sunsan eagerly getting four more shots for them. “To Romulus!” The other three ignored him. “To Starfleet!” The second shot went down. Susie Que reaching for a third round. She raised hers first. “To a crazy night!” Everyone repeating it except Sunsan who was now saying, “To Remus!”. Marcus and Susie Que looked at Wells. Now smiling, she grabbed a fourth round for them. She lifted her shot. “To almost getting out of this place!” All four of them excitedly raised their shot glasses to that. When they were done Susie Que grabbed Wells arm and dragged her onto the dance floor. Marcus clapping Sunsan on the back. “Do more than drink okay?” Sunsan was ignoring him. He was continuously drinking shots for the joy of a piece of him. While, the girls were starting to get to into the rhythm of the dance floor.

The party had been on its way for a bit. Susie Que had been masterfully manipulated Marcus back into her arms. Marcus, being the dense fool that he was, was not aware that Susie Que held interest towards him. He instead was the sort that was young and enjoyed partying. While, Sunsan was eagerly still drinking in a corner booth looking out at the dancefloor. Wells was caught in between two guys dancing. She was smiling and laughing and having a grand old time. One of the men leaned forward towards her glove. A cheesy smile on his face and some line about wanting to feel her touch. When she recoiled her hand. The guy looking at her confused. Wells ignoring it all by attempting to walk away from then when Sunsan appeared. He handed ale to Wells and looked the man up and down. “Your drink.” She the shot happily. The man reaching for her when she side stepped and Sunsan flipped him onto his back. The Romulan leading her towards a booth. He looked at her all smug. “Why engage with such trash.” Wells, smiling from the ale, laughed. “Because in general they are both more chivalrous and better dancer than you.” He looked at her appalled. “I happen to be one of the best dancers.” She waved her hand at him. “Sure, sure. The best at everything I hear.” She leaned towards him. “But you’ve never played with an Augment.” Before Sunsan could respond Susie Que appeared at their table. “Have either of you two seen Marcus?” Wells laughed. “Now why would I be keeping tabs on that idiot.” Sunsan nodded his head in agreement. Susie Que just sat down next Wells and downed a shot. “Tonight was going to be the night!” Sunsan looked at Wells for clarification. She simply passed Susie Que another drink. “Take a sip. Romulan ale can fix almost everything.” She downed the shot. Before Sunsan could say anything Wells gave him a look. For once he shut his mouth.

Marcus had wondered away from the dance floor towards the bar when he caught sight of Rao. She was definitely one of his favorites at a party. He headed towards her with shots in hand. “RAO.” When he caught her attention he handed her a drink. “LET’S DANCE.” He took her hand when she was done with the shot and pulled her towards the dance floor. She was always fun at Garnett’s parties. The two had definitely partied together before because of this. His hands fell to her waist as he leaned in and swayed to the very loud rhythm of the music.


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