Episode 9 – Dance Floor

Zletka and Rao swayed to the rhythm of the music; the two females feeding off one another while men came and went around them. Another tray made it’s way past with everyone taking another shot. “One! Two! Three!” The girls’ chanted with their growing pocket clubgoers before knocking their heads back. Zletka waited until Rao finished hers to swap their glasses; watching her roommate take the shot without question. “Woo!” Rao laughed before perking up as the song switched over. “This is my song!” Looking over at the DJ she flashed him a thumbs up before shimmying her way out into the center of the dance where a familiar cadet smirked upon seeing her.

“Are you ready for this rematch?!” He asked pointing a finger at her.

“Let’s see…” Rao pretended to think about it before falling into the beat of the music. “No partners!”

“Where’d she go?” The man who’d been Rao’s partner for the past few songs asked, looking around a bit confused.

Zletka smiled, “Where ever the music takes her tonight.” Plucking the empty glass from his handed it off to a hostess before seeing a hand held out for her take. Flicking her gaze upwards she saw Garnett. “Excuse me.”

Rao and her dance rival soon ended up dancing with one another, the flaps of her dress spinning in tune to the tempo. As she was spun out her eyes went wide at an almost out of place Vulcan. “Tarique!” Giving him a wave she quickly made her way over to him. “You made it! I didn’t think you’d come!” Wrapping her arms around him she gave him a tight squeeze before taking a sudden step back. “My bad. No touching.’ She corrected, holding her hands up in defeat only to laugh at his lack of expression.

“You’re heavily inebriated.” Tarique observed. Given the level of inebriation he was surprised she could maneuver so easily.

“A bit. Yes.” Rao nodded, trying to hold back laughter when he handed her a glass of water. “Thank you. Noble Vulcan.” She took a sip, still swaying to the music while he stood statuesque at her side. “Are you going to join in the fun?”

“I will politely decline.” The music was already far too loud for his hearing and given where Rao was surely to drag him in the event he agreed- it would only exacerbate the problem.

“Oh come on. Just dance with me for like- two seconds.” She wagged her brows, nudging a bit into him to the beat of the music. The sudden sound of her name grabbed her attention to find Marcus heading over with two shots. “Thanks!” The water was discarded for the shot and within moments she was being pulled away. “Bye!” She waved to Tarique.

Once back on the dance floor she slid her hands over Marcus’ shoulders. A throwback came over the loudspeakers earning a small squeal of excitement from her. Giving into the music she swayed down his body before working her way back up. Across the way she could see Zletka enjoying her time with Garnett and shot her a wink before focusing her attentions on Marcus. Her movements became slowy and sensual against him, her leg sliding up his side to bring him closer until she could barely tell where where she ended and anything else began.


Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

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