Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 2

Dongmei lead Nie Li’s party into the Hidden Cloud Sect. As they walked through the town, many of them could not understand why the sight of a sudden group of cloaked visitors did not shock the sect members. All of them greeted Dongmei as if it was an ordinary day. She lead them through the markets to a large traditional building. Outside of the building, on the walls, was a jade plaque that read Heavenly Plums. This was her league. Dongmei quickly lead them through the front gardens and into the building. Li Xingyun shocked by the many beautiful women and men he passed along the way. All bowing to Dongmei. The party excited when they reached a large private tea room. Their private conversations could begin. Dongmei immediately began to make Li Xingyun and Gu Lan tea. The rest of their party had been escorted out by beautiful women. They had been lead by the promise of food, but captured by the promise of more. Dongmei gestured at them to sit. The two of them comfortably taking a seat at the smaller tea tables. They remained silent until Dongmei came to join them. Amazed at the grace she had in pouring tea. “I hope you enjoy Plum tea. We are famous for it.” Gu Lan took a sip first. Her expression brightening. “This is delicious.” Li Xingyun was distracted by Gu Lan. He had grown accustomed to her as the sick girl in a chair and then the strong imposing swordsman sworn to his brother Nie Li. Now, Gu Lan showed him another side. A beautiful woman sat next to him. Her level matched that of Long Yuyin. A part of him stirring. Xingyun took a sip of the tea. He felt warmth spread in his body. It had a medicinal soothing effect. “Xiao Mei, this is special tea indeed.” She covered her face with her sleeve and laughed. “Brother Xingyun, compliments me too much. My skill compared to Sect Mast Nie Li is sub par.” Gu Lan’s anxiousness around the girl had already been defeated. Dongmei had the natural ability to worm her way into people’s hearts. “Xiao Mei, at least amongst us call him Nie Li.” Dongmei poured herself her own cup of tea. “If that is what Sister Lan requests.” The three laughed to themselves. As their conversation about the structure of the Hidden Cloud sect a knock happened at the door. Dongmei calling the people in. There stood Duan Jian and a very attractive man. The two strolled into the room. The stranger kneeling in front of Dongmei. “Meihua Xiannu, Master Duan Jian has arrived.” Dongmei nodded and the man stood up. She turned to Xingyun and Xiao Lan. “This is Huang Jianjun, my right hand.” The two at the table were still taking in him addressing her as plum blossom fairy. Duan Jian and him sat down at their table. Dongmei slid tea over to them. They noticed how warm her smile was towards Duan Jian. “Duan Jian these are friends of your Master Nie Li.” The two of them instantly felt like Lu Piao’s description of him was correct. The boy was tall and imposing. His demeanor was that of stone. No emotion crossed his face as she mentioned the word master or friend. Instead, he turned to them and nodded. “Duan Jian greets Master’s friends.” Xingyun sighed uneasily. “Greets, Duan Jian.” Xiao Lan greeting him with more warmth. Another knock at the door shifted the parties attention. Dongmei once again calling the strangers in. In the doorway stood a menacing boy and a gorgeous woman. The two of them could tell that by Duan Jian’s change in demeanor this was the Demon Lord they had heard about. The two casually strolled in and sat down. Huang Jianjun glaring at the girl. “Xiaoqing, how many times must I remind you to kneel in front of our Master.” She rolled her eyes and accepted a cup of tea from Dongmei. “Da Jun, how many times must I tell you to think about your place in the garden and not mine.” Dongmei cracked up laughing, covering her face with her sleeve again. “Brother Xingyun, Sister Lan, this is Wu Xiaoqing. She is my left hand. The man besides her is the Demon Lord from the Tiny World.” The two nodded their heads. Choosing to not speak up. The Demon Lord snapped his fingers. Four beautiful women and two beautiful men coming in to serve them all food before retreating. Xingyun and Xiao Lan turned to Dongmei in shock. She only sighed. “Those of us who come from the Tiny World must forge our own path. Since I had no home I built this place to be both my home and the base of operations for the Heavenly Plum League. When Duan Jian and the Demon Lord arrived it was natural I opened up the house for fellow Tiny World residents. This glutton took too much from that invitation.” Huang Jianjun nodded his head smiling. The way he looked at Dongmei was similar to how a sunflower peeked at the sun. “Dongmei is the best example of beauty, tact and compassionate foresight.” Xiaoqing threw a bun at him. The boy turning to look at her miserable. Duan Jian began to start eating. It became obvious to everyone that he had chosen to just ignore the other existence in the room. Dongmei, still smiling, began to eat as well. Casually asking if Duan Jian enjoyed the food. The Demon Lord constantly making remarks about he was betrayed by his own daughter. The meal slowly transgressed into a calm environment. After the meal, the food was replaced by a darker plum tea and dessert. A rejuvenating effect coming from the tea. Everyone forgetting how much food they had just eaten. When the servants left the room the Demon Lord turned to Dongmei. “Xiao Hua, when will you make your move. My Demonic Path League is growing anxious.” She put down her tea. “Da Ge, I intend to crush Liu Jinhai’s Cloud Wave Path during the fight tomorrow.” He sighed. “You think the New Sky Origin Clan experts you acquired will be enough.” Dongmei shook her head no. “I have no need of them. Although, they make a pretty picture.” The Demon Lord laughed. “Xiao Hua, when did I raise you to be so callous.” Dongmei shrugged and turned to Duan Jian. “Duan Jian, your Heavenly Wings will be there for support?” He looked at her and for a second the table thought they could see a smirk appear. “Yes.” Dongmei clapped her hands together smiling. “Too good. Now, there is no worry.” Li Xingyun could not keep it in anymore. “Xiao Mei, you make no sense. Everyone at this table is sworn enemies. You ask no questions, take no guarantee and accept what they say. You will loose the Sect Master Seat.” The atmosphere around the table changed instantly. Huang Jianjun was now standing up. The force of a four fate Ancestor Martial pressing down on them. Wu Xiaoqing standing up as well. She was a five fate Ancestor Martial. Dongmei was only a one fate Ancestor Martial. How did she have their undying support? Wu Xiaoqing was the next in line patriarch for the Hidden Rain Clan. A family comparable to Long Yuyin’s Dragonseal family. To make the situation worse the Demon Lord, a six fate Ancestor Martial, was glaring at them with murderous intent. Even Nie Li’s sworn servant, Duan Jian, was implying their impending deaths. Only, Dongmei remained smiling. “Now, now, hot heads sit down. Those of the Divine Feathers Sect do not understand the complications of the Hidden Cloud Sect.” Jianjun and Xiaoqing both sat down. However, Duan Jian and Demon Lord remained agitated. Dongmei gave Duan Jian a look and put a hand on Demon Lord’s shoulder. “Outsiders can not understand blood debts. Demon Lord is not seen as my father. Duan Jian is not seen as my sworn friend. They can only understand your past feud.” The two returned to their seats calm…calmer. Xiao Lan chuckled in her seat. “I see now why Nie Li places interest in you. Their is intent behind your smile.” Dongmei covered her blushed face. “Sister Lan praises me too much.” Duan Jian stood up. “Dongmei, I believe it is wise to test the strength of those Nie Lie sent to us. I do not know them personally.” She stood up. “If that is what you suggest.” Demon Lord looked at the floor laughing. “My Xiao Hua has been tamed so young.” Dongmei ignored him and smiled at Xingyun. “Brother Xingyun, would you do me the honor of a challenge.” Xingyun stood up smiling. This was a chance granted from the heavens. “Xiao Mei, if I win what do I get.” She shyly looked over at Duan Jian. “A first taste.” Xingyun’s face went completely red. Xiao Lan and Demon Lord laughing out loud hysterically. When Jianjun went to speak Duan Jian put his hand out in front. Everyone recognizing his anger. There was proof of some emotion in his stone essence. It caused Dongmei to cover her face in happiness. Xingyun stepped away from the table and merged with his demon spirit. Jianjun and Xiaoqing moved the table back. Dongmei was expecting such a strong imposing demon spirit from Xingyun. However, he had not expected hers. Dongmei’s chosen spirit was a Celestial Frost Feathered Phoenix Heart. It was a top ranked spirit with ties to the primordial bloodline. He had never seen any cultivator posses one. If only he knew she currently had three other spirits as well. Dongmei practiced a cultivation technique similar to Nie Li’s. Thus, she had the ability to have multiple spirits. Everyone watched as pale lavender white wings sprung from her back. A gown of feathers spreading from her heart to cover her center body. Long feathers sprouting up to form a thigh high covering. Red tinge from the center fading to white and then to pale purple at the edges colors circulated her feathers. Xingyun looked at the girl floating silently above the ground. She was even more beautiful. He stepped forward, but found himself frozen instantly. His hand clutching his chest. Dongmei smiled. “Brother Xingyun, I suggest you forfeit. I already have control over your heart.” Xiao Lan was woken up from her trance as she looked over at Dongmei in shock. “Xiao Mei, what have you taken control over.” Jianjun stepped forward smiling. “The Celestial Frost Feathered Phoenix Heart posses a rare ability called Silent Frost Sleep. It allows the demon spiritualist to hold another heart in their cold hands. The only way to stop it is to know what is coming before hand. Xingyun has no chance. It is over.” Xingyun shrank down to normal. Even afterwords he felt a chill in his chest. This is what she meant by stone heart. Zhao Dongmei’s heart was literally frozen. As her feet touched the ground they watched her return to normal. Duan Jian walking over to take her hand and steady her. “As expected.” He said. They saw her smile up at him. Maybe Lu Piao was wrong. Maybe only stone could love stone. Another knock on the door turned their attention away from the scene. The door opened to reveal Liu Jinhai and his few trusted allies at the door. He stormed into the room. “Xiao Chou Hua! What have you done to my last Deity Lakes.” She turned to look at him. Annoyance on her face. How could he ruin her moment with Duan Jian. All over some minor Deity Lakes. Jianjun stepped forward. “Jin Hai! You have no right to enter this sanctuary. Do you wish to die for insulting our Sect’s Meihua Xiannu!” He stormed over and pulled his sword up. Too the surprise of everyone it was Dongmei who had walked forward to stop it. She held his blade between her fingertips. Xingyun and Xiao Lan taken aback by the amount of killing intent they felt. It was so similar to Nie Li’s. Dongmei’s free hand reached for Jin Hai’s face. In fear, he pulled his sword back and took a few steps back. However, Dongmei followed him. They watched her suck in a little bit of air and breath some of it out. Pale green mist heading towards him. One of his followers used wind to blow it back. Duan Jian’s wings snapping out to reverse the flow again. Two of Jin Hai’s followers began choking to death. They watched blood pour out from the strangers. Jin Hai backed a few more steps back. “You are from Tiny World. You have no claim to the Sect Master seat! Stop…stop these games.” Dongmei glided over to him, pulling him into a hug. Xingyun and Xiao Lan grew worried about those around them’s serious expressions. Jin Hai was shaking in her embrace. “Xiao Hai, how many times must I remind you that a wave of clouds cannot overcome a single flower.” He tried to pull himself free, but he was stuck in her hug. “Shall, I end our fight now. Would you like a frozen heart or a poisoned one?” Jin Hai screamed and pushed her. Dongmei still did not budge. They could her back begin to change. Her skin turned a pale pink, as well as her hair. The scent of flowers hung in the air of the room. Jin Hai’s screaming got even louder. “Chou Hua! Chou Hua!” The men behind him ran out of the room screaming. A few moments later, Dongmei dropped him on the floor. He was passed out. She turned around and smiled. All of them taking in her second spirit, a pair of twin Divine spirits called Dreameater Sakura Blossom and Dreamseeker Plum Blossom. A pair of sister flowers that cured the most injuries and harmed the body in just as many ways. Dongmei was a lot like Nie Li. Both full of tricks and unimaginable power. They watched Duan Jian walk forward and cover her new form with a cloak. Something about her seemed off. Demon Lord clapped his hands. “I think it is best for us to return to our separate areas. Dongmei needs to rest.” He walked out of the room. Jianjun and Xiaoqqing leading Xingyun and Xiao Lan to their own rooms. Duan Jian walked her through a side door. He sat her down on her bed. Her face appearance retuned to normal, but she seemed riddled with pain. Dongmei clutched Duan Jian’s shirt. His wings spread out from his back and he leaned down.


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