The Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 5

One Month Later

The smaller Human Sects stood waiting for the larger Sects to arrive. Each Big Sect was afforded a large individual entrance. It was the custom. Normally, no one would of minded, but the weather was unusually hot in the day. All spectators already covered in sweat. Many began to whisper about rumors to take their mind off of the heat. “I heard all Sacred Sects have ceased trade with each other these last two months…” A large bald cultivator said. A shorter man besides him nodded his head. “En. All started with the Divine Feathers Sect sealed gates.” A woman a row down from the looked up at the pair. Their conversation interesting her. “Heard all Big Sects reorganize. Able to kill off majority of Demon Sect spies.” The crowd of cultivators near by all grew shocked. Everyone of them seemed to have a piece to this giant puzzle. Their attention turning to the four Demon Sect families that sat waiting by the Hidden Cloud Sect’s empty seats. A younger boy choosing to speak up. ” Why are Demon Sect families here then? They have never been invited before.” The same woman from before spoke up. “You do not know? Demon Sect claimed the Big Sects killed merchants and traders unjustly. All Innocents. Told Big Sects they demand compensation. Hidden Cloud Sect invited the families they had close trade relations with as a show of good faith. Swore to all Sect Masters they would be responsible.” The bald man leaned down to continue to educate the younger boy. “Do you not recognize those families?” The young boy looked at them all in confusion. Was he missing something important? “No. Should I?” The shorter man sighed. He felt the boy’s Sect should have done better educating him. How else would the small survive amongst the large? “They are the Blooded Raccoon Demon Beast Clan, Purifying Flame Fox Demon Beast Clan, Darkwing Bird Demon Beast Clan and the Frenzied Blood Wolves Clan.” The younger boy’s mouth dropped open in shock. How did the Hidden Cloud Sect possess close ties with these families. “Eh!” The woman nodded her head in sympathy. She once felt the same. “All powerful clans that regularly trade with the Hidden Cloud Sect. Long time stable business partners.” The young boy turned his attention to the empty stage. None of the Sacred Sects were here yet. “What will happen to us today?” Everyone followed his gaze to the empty area. They all held the same concerns. The Draconic Ruins Realm was in an unprecedented age of transition. The Bald cultivator speaking up. “No one knows. All new Sect Masters appear today. Some from Tiny World. Rumors call them Unparalleled Geniuses.” The young boy looked up at the man shocked. “Tiny World!?!” He had never met someone from there. They were just too few in number. The shorter man went to answer when music started to play. Everyone’s attention turning to the first of the large doors to open. This year the Thousand Flowers Sky Origin Sect seemed to enter first. They were lead by an unknown Tiny World expert. The crowd erupted in cheers to hide their confusion. Suddenly, a woman from the crowd stood up. “That is Du Ze! From Tiny World! He is integrated with the Celestial Qilin!” The crowd looked from the woman to Sect Master Du Ze in shock. He was an unparalleled genius! The younger boy sighing. “The Celestial Qilin…A cultivator can only dream of such a spirit. I wonder how he received it.” Another person in the crowd spoke up. “No one knows. Apparently, he arrived in the Draconic Ruins Realm with the spirit. The two cultivators besides him, names Hua Huo and Cang Ming, are also from the Tiny World. The other two are Chen Changchang from the Heavenly Jade Clan and Lin Bolin from the Summer Wave Clan.” The other cultivators looked at the person who spoke up. “How do you know this?” One besides the man asked. The older man just simply sighed. “My Zhang Sect traded with the Thousand Flowers Sky Origin Sect before all trade deals stopped.” The crowd watched the Big Sect make their way to the center stage. The New Sect Master Du Ze seemed bored. The next Big Sect to enter was the Skyblaze Sect. No one surprised to see Holy Son Yan Yang as the New Sect Master. Sect Master Yan Yang simply nodded at Sect Master Du Ze. The crowd watching the Phaseless Sect enter next. Everyone soon learning that it was lead by a Tiny World cultivator named Zhu Xiangjun. His allies consisted of the Tiny World cultivator Wei Nan and the Big 3 Clans: Void Clan, Darkened Sun Clan and Endless Seal Clan. Each family led by the leaders: Guo Meirong, Ma Longwei, Bai Peng. The Sect Master waved at Sect Master Du Ze. The crowd shocked by the comfortable environment on the stage. Were the Sacred Sects not distrusting each other? No, this was probably just an act. After all, they had Demon Sect families in attendance.  Sect Master Yan Yang not acknowledging Zhu Xiangjun at all. The next to enter was a Sacred Sect led by the Tiny World cultivator Zhang Ming. At this point the crowd did not feel so surprised. The sight of him warmly greeted by the two other Big Sects’ New Sect Masters very natural to them. The sight of the New Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect and her fellow Gemini Twin threw the crowd into a frenzy. The two beauties known as Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er transcended the descriptions rumors told of them. Envy appearing in everyone’s hearts as the two greeted the other Sect Masters. Sect Master Yan Yang casually conversing with the Gemini Twin Xiao Ning’er. All their thoughts thrown into disarray. The next Sect that entered was the Hidden Cloud Sect. In the last eight years they had climbed their way into the ranks of the Sacred Sects. The crowd shocked at their entrance. The New Sect Master was not the expected Liu Jin Hai, but the well known Meihua Xiannu of the Hidden Cloud Sect! A beauty comparable to that of Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er. Her followers not only consisted of commoners, but had the absolute loyalty of the Sky Seal Clan’s Wu Xiaoqing and the Soft Sun Clan’s Liu Jin Hai. The beauties of the Heavenly Plum League enchanting the stage. All other Sect Masters’ greeted her warmly. The last to enter was the new Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect. The crowd silent as they watched them enter. Indeed, the Divine Feathers Sect had defied all their expectations. Not only was the entire representative group exceedingly stronger then those around them, but held menacing auras. The New Sect Master was not Long Tianming like the rumors said, but the Tiny World cultivator Nie Li! The very man who was suspected of being the leader of the Tiny World group! Rumors had spread before the Sect’s sealing that he commanded absolute loyalty from the leaders of the Dragon Seal Clan, Gu Clan and the Ashen Flames Family. They now understand how much of the rumors were true! When the other Sect Masters started to greet him the entire crowd of smaller Sects felt like they were looking at the Divine Light. Sect Master Ziyun and Gemini Twin Ning’er hugging Sect Master Nie Li. The crowd disheartened by the idea that both beauties were already his. They turned their attention toward the Sect Master of the Hidden Cloud Sect. Surely, no one had yet to claim her heart? The Clan leader of the Purifying Flame Fox Demon Beast Clan stood up. She was also an unparalleled beauty. Her long white hair striking flames in every man’s heart. “As agreed, we Demon Beast Clans shall take an organizational role. Each human Sacred Sect introduce your new Sect Master to the outside Clans.” They introduced themselves in order:

“Sect Master Du Ze greets other Sects.”

“Sect Master Yan Yang greets all Sects.”

“Sect Master Zhu Xiangjun greets outside Sects.”

“Sect Master Zhang Ming greets newly known Sects.”

“Sect Master Ye Ziyun greets all other Sects.”

“Sect Master Meihua Xiannu greets fellow brother and sister Sects.”

“Sect Master Nie Li greets all Sects.”

The white haired woman nodded her head in approval. “Each Sect return to assigned areas. We will soon begin to select one versus one matches.” All the Sacred Sects headed towards their seating. The Heavenly Note Sect, Divine Feathers Sect and Thousand Flowers Sky Origin Sect casually heading towards their seats together. Sect Master Zhang Ming’s Sect heading to their own seats. Lastly, the Phaseless Sect, Hidden Cloud Sect and Skyblaze Sect slowly made their way to their seats. All the outside Sects noticing that the Hidden Cloud Sect’s Chilled Plum Tea was being passed around to all the Sacred Sects. The unusual heat bearing down on their minds. Before they could be envious though, they all saw Heavenly Plum League members and Heavenly Note Sect members pass out chilled plum tea to the outside Sects as well. Everyone turning to the Hidden Cloud Sect. Their Sect Master was chatting away with two Tiny World cultivators. Completely engrossed in the conversation. A member of the Blackwing Bird Clan stood up. “The first one versus one match shall be between Pan Xiaotong of the Pan Clan and Xu Biyu of the Heavenly Note Sect.” A tall and moderately attractive man stood up from the crowd and made his way down to the stage. He was an 8 fate Dao of Dragon Realm. It was quite a feat for someone from the outside Clans. Xiao Ning’er waved Xu Biyu off, as she headed for the stage. When she arrived Xiaotong pointed at her. “Biyu, if I win this match I would like to marry you.” The crowd burst into cheers. What a brave man. Biyu simply shook her head. “No.” All the girls in the crowd cracking up laughing. Xiaotong scrunching his face up in determination. “I will make you change your mind!” Biyu merged with her Divine Jade Blizzard Scorpion. The crowd screaming in praise. Xiaotong merging with his Divine Shadows Storm Wolf. It was only a slightly inferior spirit. It seemed Pan Xiaotong had received some blessings for the level he was able to reach on his own. Sadly, it was not a strong enough light. Pan Xiaotong lost to Biyu. The woman coldly walking away from him on stage. He returned to his seat dejected from his loss. The next one versus one match was Hua Huo of the Thousand Flowers Sky Origin Sect and Sect Master Meihua Xiannu. The two beauties made their way to the stage. Hua Huo glaring at the Sect Master defiantly. “Sect Master Du Ze is mine.” Dongmei looked at her confused. The whole crowd leaning in to see if that was a match. Nie Li flashing a thumbs up at the shrinking in his seat Du Ze.  In the end Dongmei just laughed. “Huo Hua, I already have a man of my own. Won’t take him from Sister Hua.” Huo Hua rolled her eyes in disbelief, rushing towards Dongmei. The match started as a test of martial technique. However, the crowd thoroughly expected Dongmei to win. The Hidden Cloud Sect was known for their cultivators martial prowess and she was the New Sect Master! All amazed by how skilled Dongmei was. Huo Hua embarrassing herself in a struggle. When she integrated with her Heavenly Golden Flame Crow Spirit Dongmei merged with her Celestial Frozen Feathered Phoenix Heart. The crowd shouting in shock. The two contestants fought, but in the end the Frozen Feathered Phoenix Heart had too much of an advantage with its fire resistance. It was one of the only dual fire and ice type spirits in the Draconic Ruins Realm! When the fight ended Duan Jian rushed forward to escort her back to her seat. The crowd saw the other Sect Masters sighing. They themselves realizing all unearthly beauties already had their divine matches. The match that followed was Jin Chenguang and Zhu Xiangjun. Following that was Wei Nan versus Huang Jianjun. The match after pairing the beauties Long Yuyin and Wu Xiaoqing against each other. The intensity kept increasing when Lu Piao challenged Sect Master Du Ze. The Outside Sects’ challenges seemed to disappear somewhere between each of these large matches. Finally, they came to the last match of the day. Hidden Cloud Sect’s Demon Lord was challenged by Sect Master Nie Li. The fight lasted for three hours. Neither side backing down. The entire fight forever carved in the mind of those who watched. Two unparalleled geniuses risked it all to end their long time blood feud with the other. No one could intervene at a challenge of that level. Only watch the murderous intent, gore and madness they gathered in those three hours. When it was over the entire area was silent. Sect Master Nie Li standing broken, but victorious. Everyone breaking the silence to cheer his name. All other Sect Masters’ clapping in ovation. Only the Hidden Cloud Sect did not clap. All knelt and praised their brother Demon Lord. Except Duan Jian who stood silent watching his master Nie Li. Dongmei floated towards the stage and helped Demon Lord up. The crowd enchanted by her smile. Demon Lord threw his arm around her and looked at Nie Li with determination and a new found sense of respect. “Round Two.” To the surprise of everyone Sect Master Nie Li burst out laughing. All the other Tiny World Sect Masters still regarding Demon Lord with distaste. That must of been a very deep blood debt between the two sides. They watched Dongmei carry Demon Lord to his seat. She took a bowl of water from her Sect members hands and started to help the Demon Lord heal and clean up. The entire crowd moved by her commitment to her Sect. The Demon Beast Clans looking between Sect Master Meihua and Sect Master Nie Li with a look of concern. What they couldn’t hear was her whispered conversation with Demon Lord.

“Xiao Hua.”
“Sssh, Ba.”
“Xiao Hua, you didn’t prepare for your father for such a fight.”
“Would you have taken my advice?”
“Probably not.”
“Ba, I told you. Even if you beat Nie Li it will ruin your future.”
“En. But some things must be gambled for the pride of a man.”
“I have told you about Sage Emperor. Now, you know Nie Li can help us. Only you two are successors. Is that not pride enough.”
“Xiao Hua, even if I die I cannot allow Glory City to exist.”
“But since when does a name remaining mean the same thing if the city behind the walls has changed. Ba, you are letting the past ruin your future.”
“So be it.”
“I cannot force you to choose to follow him. I myself do not want too, but I can ask you to settle one big matter first. Glory City is an issue of pride. The other is an issue of survival. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Sage Emperor has no friends.”
“Eh. When did daughter surpass father.”
“When daughter lived longer and came back to warn her father.”
“Alright. I will work towards the death of Sage Emperor. Glory City settled after.”
“Ba, thank you. If after Sage Emperor you request me to help you end Nie Li I will not hesitate.”
“Even if Duan Jian would die too?”
“En. Even then I do not question.”
“My Xiao Hua. Everyday I’m glad I found you.”

After the conclusion of the one versus one matches the representative of the Blooded Raccon Demon Beast Clan called for a break and then the start of three versus three matches. The first standout match was Sect Master Nie Li, Sect Master Meihua and Sect Master Du Ze versus Sect Master Zhu Xiangjun, Sect Master Zhang Ming and Sect Master Yang. The match went to Sect Master Nie Li’s grouping. The next big match was Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, Long Yuyin versus Sect Master Ziyun, Gemini Twin Ning’er and Xu Biyu. The Heavenly Note Sect took the match. Barely overcoming the strength of Long Yuyin. The last big match of the round was Huo Hua, Sect Master Du Ze and Lin Bolin versus Lu Piao, Situ Beiyan and Gu Lan. The match went to Sect Master Du Ze as the result came down to him versus Lu Piao by the end. After the matches everyone was given a break. Food and chilled tea past out around the crowd again. Sect Master Meihua, Duan Jian, Sect Master Nie Li disappearing into a room with the Demon Sect’s representatives. Only other Sect Master’s noticing….. “Sect Master Nie Li greets prestigious guests.” The white haired woman of the Purifying Flame Fox Clan bowed. ” Si Liqiu greets Sect Master.” Dongmei chuckled into her sleeve. “All seems to be going well. All outside Sects enamored by sudden growth.” Wu Yaqi of the Blooded Raccoon Clan snorted. “Who wouldn’t be. Even after hearing about it before hand it is still shocking to watch.” Nie Li nodded his head. “Shocking enough for you to agree to our plans.” Yao Xing of the Blackwing Bird Clan nodded his head. “Most in Demon Sect do not care about Demon Beast Law War. We do hear rumors every few years of Sage Emperor existence. If we can not cap our powers and remove him then both sides are better off.” Gui Rang of the Frenzied Blood Wolves Clan nodded his head. “Most of us in Demon Sect are aware we need to restructure. It has reached a point none of us can contain. Your proposed plan works well for us.” Dongmei smiled and hugged Si Liqiu. The white haired fox pretending she wasn’t blushing. “Sister Liqiu!” Yao Xing quietly laughed to himself. Gui Rong laughing loudly. Wu Yaqi seemingly annoyed. Nie Li put his hand forward. “To creating an unrivaled era.” Wu Yaqi shook his hand. What could he say to these two monsters other then yes? Only they knew the future and it was a dark one for all races, clans and Sects. They slowly left the room one by one. Returning to their seats so Si Liqiu could announce that it was now time for small outside clans to challenge in any amount or way any of the Sacred Sects. There was only a few challenges. All crushed completely. Afterwards, Gui Rong stood up and announced in a display of faith representatives of each Demon Beast Clan would challenge Sacred Sect representatives. The entire crowd whipped into a frenzy. This was a real treat. The match ups went as followed:

Si Liqiu and her brother Si Li versus  Sect Master Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er

Wu Yaqi and clan member Wu Yachen versus Sect Master Nie Li and Long Yuyin

Yao Xing and cousin Yao Yan versus Sect Master Meihua and Duan Jian

Gui Rong and twin Gui Fa versus Sect Master Du Ze and Huo Hua

The first match was won by Ziyun’s type advantage and Ning’er’s raw power. The second match was won by Yuyin’s unshakeable strength and Nie Li’s coordinate assaults. The third was won by Dongmei’s flower spirits poison abilities and Duan Jian’s domineering force. The fourth match one by the flawless teamwork of Du Ze and Huo Hua. All the Outer Sects tearing up at the sight of the Sacred Sects winning against the Demon Sect members. Even the Sacred Sect members who weren’t fighting felt vindicated. After the challenges all Sect Masters and Representatives shook hands. Si Liqiu announcing that Sect Master Nie Li’s Divine Feathers Sect was the winner of the tournament and now was the number one ranked Sacred Sect. The entire crowd cheering in support. In his winning speech Sect Master Nie Li shocked the crowd as he announced knowledge of a war between Demon Beasts and Humans. A Deity by the name of Yu Yan appeared. She explained how she had been imprisoned by Demon Beasts. Sect Master Nie Li went on to say he wished everyone here to form an alliance to guard the two realms from the expected outcome, but that in order to suceed everything they do must be an agreed secret. In return the Sacred Sects would guarantee ever Outside Sect a huge rise in cultivation and resources. The Demon Clan representatives announced they had sided with the Sacred Sect Masters and would be acting as neutral observers. The crowd in shock and disbelief chanted the Sacred Sect Masters’ names. Even chanting the Demon Sect representative names. This was a new era for the Draconic Ruins Realm. An era of change!


Love Before The Century (愛在西元前)- Jay Chou

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