Regarding Reincarnated to Slime #1

The slime opened it’s eyes, It seemed to be falling from an unknown hight. The view above it was an all too familiar blue. A hand reached outwards. The slime begun to realize that was it’s own. “Whaaat?” The slime feeling itself vibrate in shock. This was it’s own voice. A slime could talk? The vibrations stopped when a new voice was heard. “Master!” A light went off somewhere in the slime’s stomach. There existed subordinates attached it. Perhaps this why it was able to see, hear and have a hand. “C-o-m-e.” The slime said slowly. The words seemed to barely want to come out of it.

<<Allow Demon Lord &^%$(& to enter your shadow? YES / NO >>

Demon Lord? Shadow?


The slime felt a surge of energy rush into. As the energy transferred to the slime memories began to slowly come back. Everything was becoming clearer and then it hit the ground.



The Slime opened it’s eyes to see a crowd of faces hanging over it. The one who spoke had been a purple haired woman. Besides her was a red haired man. He had horns. The woman besides him also had horns. They were Oni.

<< That is correct>>


<<No thanks needed.>>

Ok. Moving on then. The slime sit up. Fabric fell around its body.

“Where am I?”

The slime watched as everyone made shocked faces.

“Rimuru-sama, what do you last remember?”

The question came from one of the shorter women with horns. She had beautiful pale pink hair. The woman must be very popular. Another lightbulb went off in the slime’s stomach. His hand hitting down on the flat side of the other.

“Uh-huh. I’m Rimuru. I was falling from the sky.”

Everyone looked at each other confused. A demon women chose to speak next.

“Diablo isn’t responding.”

The room turned to look at the large red haired man with horns. He must be the second in command.

“Testarossa have the black numbers assist Souei on finding Diablo’s whereabouts.”

The demon didn’t seem to want to acknowledge the Oni formally. All he got was a nod. What an odd time for a power move? The slime now named Rimuru watched everyone begin their talks on how to move forward. It was an odd thing to watch creatures debate about you right in front of you. It was the strangest and yet quite nostalgic feeling. So the Slime named Rimuru watched them go back and forth for an hour. The conversation had quickly become abut the threat of Angel. Angels were bad in this world too. This world? The slime shook the thoughts away and got out of the bed. Everyone else in the room turning to watched the confused slime walk over to the monitors.

“This doesn’t look to good.”

Rimuru pointed up at the screen.  The executives walked over to the screen to look in interest. Rimuru stood on its tippy toes to point even closer.

“You guys are going to be attacked.”

Everyone looked over at the spot he was pointing at. It was the most inconvenient point for them to come through. It’s why they had such low priority on the area. They watched their master sigh, turn around, sit down in a chair and cross his legs.

“If you guys don’t leave soon, a whole bunch of guys will start storming.”

Rimuru pointed to the screen that held the labyrinth.

“No ones heading towards that anytime soon. It’s too Meta.”

The executives looked at each other confused. A small hobgoblin walking over.

“Meta-tssu. What is Meta-tssu?”

Rimuru sighed. Some of the faces in the room perking up. Wild theories spinning in all of their heads.

” Never mind that. It has too many meanings. Shouldn’t you go prepare?”

The tiny hob goblin looked up at the red haired Oni. The man seemed conflicted. Rimuru hopped out of the chair. As Rimuru stepped towards them something from inside was feeding memories. So that’s what happened.

<<Do you want a better explanation? YES / NO >>

No. Later.  Rimuru was filled with a warm feeling. What a stupid thing. The slime coughed into its hand.

“I’m sure you have many questions. I just recently figured out some of the answers. But now we don’t have time to talk. I will wait here with the Pink…with Shuna and those not necessary for battle. The flock coming in will require at least two of you in the front lines. Decided the action you wish to take.”

Rimuru saw back down at a table. As a slime food shouldn’t have a taste. However, there was a lingering feeling that food and drinks from her would taste wonderful. Rimuru ecstatic at watching the still scene burst into action. Shuna made some tea and Rimuru watched the skills of the subordinates. They moved quite marvelously. No wonder they had not had deaths from battle yet. Ignoring of course that one squad of immortals. What were they called?


Thank you, Odin!

<< It seems they are following through with your suggestions. Shall I offer them assitance? YES/NO >>

Isn’t your voice different then the one they are used too?

<<Rimuru-sama, how would you know that if you don’t have your memories?>>

You’ve gotten quite cheeky for an old man. Go on and help them.

<< I will do my best to help them as Ciel would.>>

I’m counting on it.

And thus, Rimuru changed its focus onto Shuna and the tea.

“This is delicious tea, Shuna.”

The Oni blushed. She was very cute. Too bad Rimuru was not into girls. This one was a heart stealer.

“Thank you, Rimuru-sama. Are you feeling better?”

Rimuru nodded.  It had come to the conclusion that just as the process of regaining memories was initiating the hard fall had halted the upload. No wonder everything had come back so slowly and in pieces. Still, where was their Rimuru?

“Yes. I am. I have quite a story for you guys after this is over.”

Rimuru watched the girl scoot closer. How bold for a girl of her looks. Her eyes were sparkling curiosity. Shouldn’t she be focused on the war? Shuna’s brother was leading it. Although, it was being lead from inside the room. It seemed there needed to be a reason (and a safe distance) for ones at Benimaru’s level.

“Do you want to know?”

She nodded her head yes. Rimuru laughed. She was very similar to the Shuna Rimuru knew. In the end Rimuru had no resistance against either Shuna.

“Alright. I’ll tell you the highlight. I’m not your Rimuru. I’m a different one.”

The tray she had been hugging to her chest dropped to the floor. Everyone who was spying, except for the capable commander Benimaru, turned around to look at the slime. I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Shuna should be used for interrogation from now on. The Onihime was dangerously effective.

<< Would you like to gift Shuna with the ability [Truth Seeker Amitiel]? YES/NO >>

Will it hurt anything here?


Then go play Odin.

The response from inside the stomach was a large wave of joy. Everyone of Rimuru’s subordinates had been notified that Shuna had gained the skill [Truth Seeker Amitiel]. The abilities left alone for now. Can’t spoil all the fun can we? Besides, Shuna needed a power up. So did Hakurou and Kurobee….

<<Do you want me to give Hakurou [Azrael’s Will] and Kurobee [Creator Lord Azazel]? YES/NO>>

Sure. They don’t seem that harmful.


Rimuru turned to the crowd of expectant faces.

“Hi. My name is Rimuru Tempest. I’m a different one though. But I also have one of all of you. So let’s talk later and go finish keeping this place safe!”

No one moved until Benimaru coughed. Then everyone went back to work. Shuna leaning forward again.

“Where’s our Rimuru?”

Rimuru shrugged. She had no idea. “No idea.” He could be in space. It would be really cool if he was in space. She hadn’t gotten to do that. The look on Shuna’s face made her heart hurt. She hadn’t seeing Shuna teary eyed.  Rimuru leaned forward and pat her head. Her Shuna seemed to like that.

“Now, now Shuna, your Rimuru is alive. I’d know other wise.”

Right, Odin?




So that was a no. Oh well. She doubted their Rimuru would die easily. After all, he was fundamentally the same as her. In theory at least. Everyone stayed silent until the wave of Angels were exterminated. It seemed they sent in a small group of 300, 000 to test the unlikely route. If they were going to go that route they should have brought more. Shion, her group, Kumara, her minions and the Goblin Riders were enough to eradicate the forces. Did they even send out Seraphim? They must be lacking on them these days. Some of the Demons here held Angel Series skills. They must have devoured them. Rimuru waited patiently until all the important people were back in the room. When they were crowded around her they had realized there was no room for all of them. Rimuru followed them to a large meeting hall so some of the smaller executives could come in and sit. Everyone seemed comfortable enough, so Rimuru began.

“As I said. My name is Rimuru Tempest. I’m the Rimuru from another world. One almost identical to this one!”

Rimuru paused to let that sink in. When everyone didn’t respond she kept going. This time she used her hands to help spell things out for them.

“When I originally back in my world I was sent to a world just like this one. There I was born as a slime that would later be named Rimuru Tempest. It seems almost everything else is the same. Ah! I forgot that in my world Souei is married already.”

Rimuru turns to look at the clearly still single Souei. The Oni had a warmer presences after marriage. This one did not have that. The dragonewt by his side seemed to be shivering in nerves. Rimuru smiled at Souei.

“I won’t tell you. You are already a luck enough bastard. Leaving the rest of us singles alone in this cruel world.”

A few giggles appeared in the room as Souei’s face turned away from hers. Oh well. She had to move on.

“Anywhooo, I ended up here after my fight with Yuki and all of his other names. Any questions?”

Almost everyone else in the room raised their hands. This was just never easy. Rimuru pointed at Gobuta. Best get the easy ones out of the way first.

“If you are Rimuru-tssu then why don’t you sound like Rimuru-tssu?”

A few people besides him shook their head. It was funny that this is what bothered them.

“Your Rimuru was orginally a male. I was female.”

Rimuru pulled the pants they had given him down. Some covered their eyes or others. Some leaned forward. Afterwards, Rimuru pulled her pants back up and cracked up laughing.

“How could you fall for that! If Rimuru has no gender now, why would I?”

Out of her shadow came a woman in a suit. She seemed unfazed.

“Rimuru-sama, let’s move on from the pranks.”

The room erupted in noise. People were all saying Diablo’s name. Rimuru clapped his hands.

“This isn’t your Diablo. This is mine. It seems the main distinction seems with gender reversal. Ah! Except from what you guys say it seems like your Rimuru is slightly stronger then me. Oh well, I think I’m a little bit smarter to even it out. Now whose got an important question?”

Souei raised his hand. I hope this wasn’t about his marriage.

“What happened with your fight that made you come here?”

That was a good question. Practical, available for large amounts of information. Both Souei’s were true pragmatics it seemed.

“Good Question, Souei! The best way I can explain it is this. Imagine if you had two round fruits. We can go with an orange and a lemon. Since both are citrus fruits they are similar too each other! Imagine if you cut both in half and put them together so one fruit was part orange and other was part lemon! The result would be similar to the two Yuki’s. Yours is half Yuki half Vega and mine is half Yuki and half Vega. When we were fighting it seemed my Shit Head somehow found a way over here. I followed after him. But not all of my memories are back yet. We can try to this again tomorrow to see if I remember more. Any other questions?”

Of course they had lots of questions, but for now they all seemed silenced by the change in demeanor over one words. The differences between men and women could be extreme. This Rimuru was laughing along with her Diablo happily. Benimaru took a step forward.

“Is it just you two?”

Rimuru looked at him confused.

“Well, I can’t bring a whole town, but I brought a few.”

Nothing happened. Rimuru looked up at Diablo in shock.

“Where is everyone?”

Diablo sighed.

“It seems we were scattered. I was close enough to you to be with you when you fell.”

Rimuru frowned.

“And you still let me hit my head that hard! or not remember.”

Diablo shrugged.

“Didn’t seem necessary to intervene.”

Rimuru sighed and turned back to look at everyone.

“My apologies. I have to be going now. It seems my Executives have been scattered. Don’t want too much havoc now do we!”

Rimuru started to head for the door when it burst open. A bloody Shion was standing in the doorway. Oh, right. She hadn’t been back yet. Rimuru didn’t want to explain things to this idiot. Her face changing to shock when she saw her Benimaru, Souei and Shion behind her.


Rimuru ran past the shouting female Shion to hug hers. “I told you guys don’t wonder off!” The female Souei knelt immediately.

“We tried to keep the others from scattering too far, but it wasn’t able to be done.”

Rimuru pat her head.

“It’s alright. We can all go and pick them up.”

Her Benimaru stepped forward.

“Rimuru-sama, must we be away from the village so long? What if Yuki goes back before us.”

Rimuru waved the thought away.

“Nah, the others can handle it. They still have the Demon Lords and the Labyrinth.”

She looked up at a wide eyes Shion. Not her Shion, their Shion. Rimaru would of thought she wouldn’t of taken this well. Oh well.

“Thanks, Shion!”

Rimuru found herself being picked up and thrown around in excitement. The crowd behind her moving forward. After many complaints, their Shion finally put Rimuru down. She turned to look at everyone.

“Guess what they told me!”

Shuna smiled at Shion. She really was the peace keeper. Rimuru should of started with her as a secretary first. But then everything else accomplished might not of happened. Hmmm….

“Slimes can have babies!”

Rimuru found herself choking back her thoughts as she looked up at her group of tag alongs. What did they tell Shion? She turned around to see everyone looking both excited and confused. Shuna walking towards her.

“Can you have babies!”

That was direct. It was also uncomfortable. Rimuru found herself being picked up into her Shion’s arms. It was funny from her point of view, because although both Rimuru’s looked a like it was the similarity of identical twins. There was a few differences. For instance she could already tell her human form was slightly more masculine then the other. How ironic.

“No one is having babies with Rimuru-sama.”

Rimuru laughing at the defiance from her Shion. What a cutie. Diabloe coughed so everyone turned to look at her. She explained the current predicament.

“Slime are born genderless. However, slimes that have evolved can choose to mimic a gender.”

Shuna turned to look at her. Her eyes were waaaaaay too big bright right now.

“Did you choose to be a girl!”

Rimuru’s face scrunched up. That wasn’t exactly how this works.

<<Would you like me to explain? YES/NO>>

Please do.

Rimuru watched as everyone was filled in by Odin. Although, they had been calling it Ciel. Shuna once again turned to Rimuru.

“Why haven’t you had babies yet!”

Rimuru cracked up laughing.

“I made Zegion and Apito. Doesn’t that count?”

Everyone shook their heads no. Including Zegion and Apito. Shouldn’t they be in the Labyrinth? In fact, hasn’t the crowd gotten bigger all of a sudden? Rimuru pointed to the ground and her Shion put her down.

“Listen everyone. I have no intentions of making or carrying a baby. We have a war to win, you know?”

The second the words left her mouth she regretted them. Men blushed and girls screamed. Shuna grabbed her hands.

“Thank you so much for the information. Please continue to advise me with help towards my Rimuru-sama.”

Huh. I looked up at my Executives. They seemed to be glaring at the crowd annoyed. The only normal ones in the rooms seemed to be Zegion and Apito and I was pretty sure it was because they were in bliss of being considered Rimuru’s children. Rimuru slipped through the crowd and tried to escape, but she found herself being held over everyone by her collar. She looked to the right to see a smiling Diablo. Crap. She was mad.


Diablo smiled and spoke very clearly.

“Everyone. As we will be imposing on you over the next few weeks, Master Rimuru will gladly answer all your questions for compensation.”

Rimuru looked up at her in shock as she felt her subordinate through her into the crowd.


Her Shion glared at the devil before jumping into the fray. Her Benimaru and Souei seemed to move over to their male selves and chat. Momiji in the corner seemed overwhelmed by appreciation for the female Benimaru and hostility towards the female Souei.

The arrival ended in an uproar. It was followed by a banquet. They seemed to have a lot of them too.


Butter-Fly – Koji Wada

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