Regarding Reincarnated to Slime #2

Rimuru found herself stuck between two Shion’s. What a mess. Both had become obsessed with the idea of having children. A status change no one was even concerned about wondering if they could. Yes, they both had the right…”parts”, but Benimaru’s Demon Lord Evolution had the requirement that he have a child with Momiji. Sure, Shion hadn’t changed much with her Evolution, but did that mean she already couldn’t have them? The worst part of all of this was how their Shuna was looking at her. Rimuru had the sinking feeling that she had already begun knitting baby clothes in secret. Shuna definitely reminded Rimuru of the Yandere’s in Anime. Sweet and charming on the outside, but I’m going to become a psychopathic murder if you touch my love on the inside. She preferred her Shuna. It was refreshing to have a flower boy around. Although, if she was being honest he probably did the same thing. Rimuru looked over at her Executives. She missed Shuna and the rest. She wanted her versions. Rimuru settled to watch the counterparts sparring. They seemed to enjoy learning from each other while Hakurou and Zegion ran the command center. Those two strangely complimented each other quite well. Since the morning began the majority of them were still in full war mode. Gerudo was in full swing towards refortification. Gabil had taken direct control over all of the forces (except the Wolf Rider’s and the Exectuvie’s subordinates). His arrogance seemed to really inspire the human volunteers. Rigurudo maintained flawless command over the village itself and the merchant groups. Fitz and Myourmiles were excellent and efficient aids in keeping everything moving within Tempest. Rimuru found herself with nothing to do, but deal with the Shions and Shuna. Life was never convenient for a little ‘ol Slime. Rimuru kept insisting they should let her do something, but all of them kept insisting that she shouldn’t interfere with their Rimuru’s hopes for them. Even Odin was busy remodeling and upgrading skills. He saved copies of the changes to be given to Ciel in case the changes wouldn’t be approved. In other words, Rimuru was BORED. At least, Diablo seemed to be in a similar predicament. Without her counterpart there was no one she felt like sparring. No wonder the Demon was insisting on using her as entertainment. Unlike their Rimuru, she actually enjoyed the art of slaughter. It was thrilling. When she awoke as a Demon Lord she had gained the extra skill of [Berserker]. The skill had went and become something else now, but it was once there. Her Diablo seemed to more openly enjoy slaughter as well after she evolved into a Demon Lord. The two were itching for a fight.


Rimuru turned to look at Shuna. She had made her way back over after getting food and drinks for everyone. Shuna was the perfect secretary.

“What’s up, Shuna?”

Shuna blushed. Rimuru instantly regretting her decision to chase Yuuki. She had zero desires to talk about babies. It was like she was still in her old world.

“I was hoping to pick your brain.”

Ugh. Rimuru would have to punish who ever it was who opened their mouths to Shion. There must of been another way to pacify Shion. She was no longer so unreasonable. Still, it was best to try and get all of this over with.

“Go on.”

“If you have similar taste to my Rimuru-sama what would tempt you?”

How bold. Rimuru enjoyed this side of Shuna.

“I do not know if we have similar tastes. Our identities are not perfect copies or split halves. Unlike the rest of you we are two individual beings in the same role.”

Rimuru thought about it. In that moment she realized it was probably the very reason why their skills seemed to be OP in this world of theirs. They were exceptions. Perhaps, all World Travels were? Perhaps, Reincarnations were give even more of that absurdity? Shuna was frowning.

“I see.”

Rimuru sighed. She leaned forward and pat her on the head. Shuna always had very lovely hair. She also reminded her of a sheltered child. It is best to protect those kind of beings from the harsh realities of things.

“It’s better not to rush things, Shuna. There’s a lot going on and I’m not even sure Rimuru has considered that route. He may not even know he’s capable of Children.”

<< He doesn’t. Shall I inform him now? YES/NO >>

Bastard. You have contact.

<< Ciel recently found me. We’ve agreed to trade information, but not to reveal these dealings to Rimuru until he resurfaces. >>

Then, yes, Tell Ciel.

<< Understood. >>

Shuna was looking at her with large eyes. What was she curious about?

“Have you thought about it?”

Rimuru started to choke on her tea. Diablo swiftly taking the cup away from her. She had thought about a few times. As a human she had waanted children. Rimuru wanted a peaceful family life. However, now she thought about other types of families. Families in which she didn’t have to carry a child. Although, making one seemed like a rare chance to  know which one was better or at least which she would prefer. Still. Rimuru doubted she could actual go through with that one.

“I never liked the idea of actually having to carry a child, but as a former female creating one seems off putting. Perhaps if a need arises or I confirmed a way to have someone else carry it. Shuna, why does this bother you so much?”

<< Information on someone else carrying your child has been found. Would you like me to inform everyone? YES/ NO >>

Hell NO. You bastard. Keep your old mouth shut.

<< I am not old. You made me sound old, but my age started when you came to this world. >>

Odin, just don’t give anymore information on this area.

<< Maybe. >>

I hate you.

<< That’s a lie. >>

Go remodel a goblin or something.

<< I have finished remodeling the goblins. I have moved on to the humans under Ramiris. >>

I don’t even want to know anymore. Make sure you send reports to Ciel.

<< Obviously. >>

So much attitude. For the other Rimuru’s sake I hope his Ciel doesn’t have this problem.

“Rimuru-sama’s heir would be a nice sight.”

Rimuru turned to look at the counterparts walking over. Benimaru had seemed to be smiling at the idea and chose to voice his opinions. Perhaps he wanted his child and mine to potentially end up together. A sort of confirmed fates type of thing.

“It would expand the forces and stabilize future endeavors.”

Insert Pragmatic Souei. Of course, it would be followed by the exuberant Shion.

“It would be cute! and strong!”

Rimuru sighed. I think they all took children too lightly.

“Children are important beings. They aren’t meant to be taken lightly.”

Diablo leaned forward smiling. Crap. She had found something to entertain herself with.

“So then, theoretically, who would you choose Rimuru-sama?”

(Bastard. Why are you so sadistic?)
(It’s fun)

Rimuru sighed.

“No clue.”

Diablo’s smile got bigger.

“Why not choose a male and female for the fun of it then.”

(You are asking for punishment.)
(Please do.)

Ugh. There it was. Diablo’s versatility. Everyone looked at her with a large unwanted amount of expectation.

“Off the top of my head….For the males it would be difficult. The choices would be between Shuna, Shion, Hinata and Milim. Shuna would produce a very cute child. Shion a very strong one. Hinata’s child would be interesting. And Milim would try to murder me if I didn’t choose her. She’s quite picky about always being chosen. I guess I’d have to see if they end up with anyone before I decide something like that. For the females…..Out of the Executives there are not many choices? Benimaru and Souei are both married. Although, in different circumstances it may of been one of them. Wouldn’t be right of me to test their partner’s loyalty and devotion. Zegion is my son so that isn’t appropriate. I guess that would leave me with Guy or Diablo.”

Rimuru shot Diablo a glare.
(I refuse.)
(If that is what you wish. You can have splendid red haired children with your enemy.)
(I hate you.)
(So I hear from Odin.)

Everyone seemed to be taking a moment to reflect on her answer. Shuna and Shion glaring at each other. The whole time this was going on her Executives stood by her looking bored. They had already went through this argument with her. Her Shuna and Shion seemed to be in a perpetual state if distrust over each others’ advances. Poor Rimuru would have to deal with that now. Thankfully, just as someone else was going to ask her a question Hakurou entered the room.

“Two male demons and a male Oni seem to be engaging with a group of Angels. The area is being wrecked.”

Rimuru whistles.

“That’s probably Shuna. Time to go.”

The Executives all looked at Shuna. Rimuru smiling at them. Her Executives all looking away to avoid answering.

“Shuna’s scary when she’s angry, you know? Take this lesson to heart.”

They all nodded at each other. Their Shuna smiling as brightly as she always has. Yep. She was definitely a Yandere.

Rimuru decided to leave the room before everyone. They could figure out who to send after her without her. She needed to end this baby conversation. Rimuru found herself standing on the edge of a clearing. In front of her was Shuna in Berserk mode. The two male demons washed her rampage bored. It was two small of a number for them to interfere. They had decided to split the souls into what they’d eat and what they’d give to Rimuru. Not that she personally cared. She enjoyed giving the souls to her subordinates. It made them stronger. The stronger they were the less likely they were to die. They were monsters after all. Still, sending a pitiful force of 200,000 grunts was not even enough to be considered a scouting party. Yuuki must be randomly picking up people turning them into an existance lower then a grunt and throwing them at people. He was sloppy. When they were all gone, Rimuru walked out from the tree line. Her Shuna turning around to see her. He was covered in blood.


Rimuru loved that childlike smile he had. She watched him run over and hug her. Rimuru patting his head.

“Now, now Shuna. Calm down.” Shuna nodded and wiped away his tears. What a worry wort.

“The thought of you getting injured was too much.”

Testorossa and Ultima sighed behind her. They seemed really bored.

“Rimuru-sama is too powerful to be injured by this trash.”

“We’ve already told you.”

By this time the both Executives had caught up. Rimuru could tell some of them were wondering how strong their Rimuru was if he was the stronger of the two. Shuna shook his head in disagreement.

“Still. Just the thought alone.”

He turned to her Shion.

“How’d you get to Rimuru-sama before me!”


Rimuru nodding along with Souei. Shion had an abundance of that one. Shuna on the other hand was pouting. His sister Benimaru laughing.

“Have you seen the others?”

Shuna shook his head no. Souei sighing.

“Pity. I hope they don’t over do it.”

Rimuru and Testerossa saying at the same exact time:

“Doubt it.”

The two smiling at each other when they realized they had said it at the same time. Rimuru grabbing Shuna’s hand.

“Let’s just head back.”

Shuna smiled.

“Oh, good. Odin reminded me to share baby notes.”

I thought you had to listen to me.

<< I did. >>

Really, now?

<< I didn’t share any information about different methods of carrying a child or conceiving one. >>

Who made you such a sneaky bastard.

<< You did. >>

That wasn’t an actual question.

<< I have reminded you to be more clear. >>

Ever since he got emotions all he did was give her attitude.

Still Rimuru had begun to be a little curious. What trait should she seek in a partner? Should a Reverse Harem even be considered like the mangas she enjoyed? To form a one time harem seemed a little weird. Best to truly put this aside for now. Her subordinates were probably making plans for her anyways.

Rimuru sat on a tree. He was extremely bored. There wasn’t much he could do at the moment since he was supposed to be dead. Everything was in Milim’s hands till the action started. Diablo was busy doing Diablo things.

<< It seems someone has entered Tempest. >>

Is it a friend or a foe?

<< Friend. >>

Do I know them?

<< Yes. >>

Then why are you informing me and being so cryptic?

<< The parties manas had contacted me. They have requested a lock on information until you resurface. >>

Do you believe it is a good idea?

<< Yes. Do you wish for me to accept it. YES/ NO >>

I trust you.

<< I shall inform the mana. >>

For curiosity sake, how strong is this new ally?

<< Not as strong as you Rimuru-sama. >>

Strong as my Executives?

<< Stronger. Based on the information from their manas >>

And you are sure it won’t be a problem?

<< It is better for Tempest’s security. >>

Alright. Best to keep everyone safe.

“Rimuru-sama. Why don’t we head to one of the Demon Lord’s territories for now.”

Rimuru sighed.

<< I suggest going to Demon Lord $%^&*(*&^% Place. >>

Why not.

“Sure. Let’s go to $%^&*(*&^% Place.”

Diablo nods and the two depart.


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