Cousins : Chapter 2

Sabrina, Harvey, Susie and Rosalind were standing in front of the school building. Susie turning to Sabrina.

“And you’re sure this witch will tell us what’s causing the disturbances in town if we hang out with her today?”

Sabrina nodded her head.

“She has too. We signed a contract.”

Harvey making a dumb face in response.

“Huh, to think witches also have to honor contracts.”

Rosalind looked at Harvey annoyed.

“Be serious about this Harvey. There’s a dangerous witch spending the day with us.”

“Oh, I don’t think I’m that dangerous.”

The group turned around to see not only Cat, but Nick and Prudence walking towards them. To Harvey’s annoyance, Sabrina walked over to Nick.

“Why are you two here?”

Nick smiled.

“I thought you could use back up in case Vat decides to play a trick on one of them.”

Sabrina looked at Prudence. She shook her head no.

“Honestly, Sabrina, do you really think I’m here to help?”

Harvey took a step towards her.

“Then why are you here?”

Prudence smiled wickedly.

“As if I would miss the fun.”

Sabrina stepping between the two of them.

“Knock it off, Prudence.”

Cat interrupting the atmosphere by letting out a huge yawn.

“Is this what mortals do for fun. Stand around and bicker?”

Harvey looked at her confused for a moment, but finally smiled.

“Shouldn’t Sabrina’s cousin know what fun is.”

Cat looked at Sabrina horrified.

“You told them I was your cousin.”

Sabrina looked taken aback, but Harvey answered.

“No. I just assumed you were, because she is.”

Cat looked at Prudence and cracked up laughing. Harvey looking even more confused.

“You’re right. Those two are the best of ‘cousins’.”

Prudence glared at Sabrina.

“See what you’ve done half breed.”

Susie took a step forward.

“Hey! You can’t talk to our friend like that.”

Prudence glared at her.

“I can do whatever I want.”

Nick coughed for a moment to get everyone’s attention.

“The point of today was to have fun.”

Rosalind glared at him.

“No, the point of today was fulfilling a contract.”

Nick smiled.

“Which was about fun, so… Are you going to show us what you consider fun, or should I let Prudence and Cat do what they do for fun?”

Cat smiled and walked over to Harvey. She placed a hand on his chest.

“That could be fun too. I’ve never had a mortal before.”

Harvey looked over at Sabrina for help.

“Enough. We are going to Persephone’s Pizza as planned.”

Cat looked at her completely disappointed.

“You’re joking right?”

Nick walked over and put his hand on Cat’s shoulder.

“Just give it a try. You may enjoy it.”

Cat looked at the mortals in frustration.

“You’re telling me the best thing you’ve got is a pizza parlor.”

Prudence smiled at her sarcastically.

“What an amazing deal you’ve mad, Cat.”

Cat looked at her annoyed.

“No thanks. I’d rather see what that school of yours is like.”

Cat winked at them before running into the school building. Nick groaned and headed towards the building.

“Once a child always a child.”

Prudence following after him.

“There better at least be a boy I can torment.”

Sabrina looked at her friends.

“We only need ot keep her entertained for 24 hours.”

She stuck her fist out. The three mortals looked at each other hesitantly, but stuck there fist out as well.

“24 hours.”

“We’ve handled worse.”

“She doesn’t see that bad.”

Harvey earning himself a glare from Sabrina. The four of them chasing after the others.

Behind a tree in the distance a handsome young man stepped out from behind a tree.

“Yes. They do seem to be completely unaware.”

The sight of a snake appearing from within a man’s closes to whisper in his ear would surprise any mortal if they happened to see him. Luckily, they did not. The boy chuckling as he watched the school.

“At least we shall have some fun before it all goes away.”


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