The Originals :

The Originals is a tv show focusing as an off shoot from the Vampire Diaries that focuses on the life of the original vampires: The Mikaelsons. Personally, I liked the show better then the original series, because I felt that show got to you are dragging on too long point and are starting to not make sense. Plus, the show is in New Orleans and I fucking love that city. I think the original family is also in a way more interesting then a lot of the Vampire Diaries cast. Especially when somehow a vampire produces a witch/werewolf/vampire hybrid daughter successfully. It’s a great show and it deserves a large audience. It is sad to see that show end, but it is understandable why. The cast has played vampires so long it is hard not to show age and keep up interest in it. So regretfully I do understand why. However, I am still going to advertise it and make you watch it.



A Poison Tree – The Originals (William Blake)


The Twins Rise :

Chapter 1 /

Part of Legacies :

Chapter 1 /




*** All OG artwork for this series is done by DorkMasterXtreme ***

*** This is an old rushed piece so expect things to change ***

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