Chapter 1 : In School?

“We have new students joining us today.” Said the familiar voice of the well-known owner of the school. The class of students looked at the trio confused. A voice in the crowd saying stunned. “Three at once.” The man nodded his head. “Yes, three at once. And I expect all of you to be welcoming.” He turned back to the trio. “Introduce yourselves.”

The only boy of the group waved his hand and smiled. “My name is Henrik Mikaelson.” The entire room of supernatural were audibly shocked. More than a few of them turning to look at their classmate Hope in the corner or the room. The woman that stood next to him was also cheerful. “My name is Charity Mikaelson.” She latched on to his arm. “His wife.” The sounds in the room got louder. Many students were making objections. The man simply turned to the remaining girl. “Hildr.”

One of the students stood up in a rage. “Mr. Saltzman how can you allow three Mikaelsons to just enter our school. Don’t you know what they did.” Before he could answer the girl named Hildr spoke up. “Done. It’s plural isn’t it.” She took a step forward. “It’s not like any of you have a choice in the matter. You may as well stay silent.” Henrik took a step forward and put his hand on her shoulder. “Sister…” She only shook it off.

“Alaric. You should offer something more interesting than this.” The young-looking witch heading to walk out of the classroom when Hope stood up. “Hildr, wait.” She stopped walking for a moment. “Yes?” Hope pointed to the empty desk next to her. “Stay for the class.” Hildr looked at everyone in the room and that back at the desk. She could only sigh. Appeasing the child of the family could be a tedious matter. “You get one class. If it is as much child play as I think it is I’m leaving.” Hope smiled, and she couldn’t help, but sigh.

The poor teacher going on about some nonsense root…

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