The Clave’s Law #5 : A Decision has been made. We didn’t tell you?

Ali was sitting next P’or. His hand was on hers and he was discussing the role of Loki in mundane mythology. Christian was sitting next to her, but he was explaining the merits of western horse back riding to English to Augustine. Kazimer was at the bookshelf flipping through pages. The two girls were flirting in the back corner.
The blonde haired boy smiled. “You don’t have to set up a show for us, Demyon. I’m not here about the mundanes from the market.” Demyon looked at him with a smile on his face. “Oh come now, JC. My wards can hold mundanes out of the market.” He turned to Ali and winked. “But can they hold Nephilim at bay.” They boy next to him walked forward and collapsed on the floor. “Just ask him so we can go home. I’m exhausted.” JC smiled and walked into the house. Ignoring Deymons frown. “The institute sent me hear to ask about the demon gatherings that have been going on throughout Texas. See if you guys know anything about it.” Demyon closed his door and sighed. 
“I’ve heard whisperings, nothing in detail. Just gossip on the events.” He said. JC turned to P’or and Kazimer. “And the rest of the Lost Boys?” P’or shrugged. “A Fae girl told me the Seelie Court has been in a stir. From what I haven’t the slightest idea.” Kazimer put down his book. “The Russian Downworlders have all started to retune home. I’ve heard mutterings on Baba Yaga, but that wouldn’t concern the Clave.” JC frowned. The boy on the floor sat up. “That’s a lot of weird completely unrelated events.” JC nodded. 
He walked over to Ali. “And you. What do you know.” She looked at him and smiled. “I know how to fix clocks.” The men in the room chuckled. P’or spoke up. “Her father is a tinkerer. He fixes things.” JC looked at her skeptical. His friend piped up. “And you cowboy? What do you do?” He pointed down to his belt. “I am a horse enthusiast.” Augustine smiled at him. “I am thinking of buying a faerie steed off of this man. However he’s trying to convince me to convert to Western riding. And I much prefer the classics.” 
JC rolled his eyes. “Will, do you believe any of this?” He shook his head. “Nope, but the Night Markets’ business isn’t our business. I enjoy staying as a simple customer.” JC smiled at him. “You are so lazy, Carstairs. Your ancestors would be rolling in their graves.” He smiled. “I doubt they are able to roll.” Demyon coughed, turning their attention back on him. “Are we done here gentlemen?”
JC looked at the girl and bent on one knee in front of her, surprising everyone. “ My Lady, I didn’t quite catch your name.” She looked at him shocked. “Siv.” She replied. He smiled. “Then Lady Siv would you do me the honor of going out to dinner with me tonight.” Christian stood up. “No she will not.” The room let out a collective groan. JC stood up and looked at him. “Why would she not go out with a handsome man like me.” Christian glared at him.  “I will not have her whisked away by a man in all black covered in grime.” Ali looked at Christian. Of course he would be concerned with the guys apparel.
Will laughed. “The rodeo clown has a point. You should shower first.” He smiled. “Or I could wait and shower with her.” Ali stood up. “Listen here. I am not someone who lets other people decide things for them. Or someone who would do something like that with you.” He smiled like he won some victory. “Why would you care about a shower? You are fae aren’t you?” Demyon looked at Kazimer and he waved his hands. The glamour disappeared. JC jumped on top of the living room table, arms wide laughing like a lunatic. “I knew it. I am such a genius.” Will stood up and pulled JC down from the table. “Calm down. This is a serious thing. The Clave will want to know.” JC shook his head. ” This is far too interesting to let the Clave know right now. There’s so much more to learn.” The Carstairs boy just sighed.
The small girl finally spoke. “Jonathan Herondale every time I see you you get madder.”  He looked at her, just realizing she was there. “Grace Ravenscar, still enjoying exile?” She gripped the taller girls hand. “Everyday.” He shrugged. The taller girl stood up and strolled over. “Jonathan she may be Ruth’s daughter.” His joy immediately faded and his body froze. Will walked over right away. He pulled Ali into a hug. “We’ve been missing you my dear cousin.” Ali froze and looked around the room for help. No one moved. Finally, Christian stepped forward and pulled Ali back. “She doesn’t like that.” 
The boy turned around to hit him, but stopped. “Tiberius.” Christian looked at him confused. “Oh my G-d. You’re Isiah’s son.” JC turned to examine the boy. “You’re telling me that runaway produced a rodeo clown.” Will shrugged. “Two lost Blackthorn children. Everyone will freak. We must take them to California.” Ali stepped in front of Christian. “You aren’t taking him anywhere.” Will turned to her. “You don’t understand our family runs that institute.” 
Grace Ravenscar stepped forward. “You aren’t taking her anywhere Carstairs. She has committed herself to the Lost Boys.” He turned to her and frowned. “Why would you do that. Sure we’ve always had Fae in our blood, but the Blackthorn’s are an old family. You have inheritance.” Ali was beginning to think everyone was crazy and needed to just drop dead. There was only so much she could ignore at one time.
“Look. I’m not leaving Dallas. I have a father to take care of and a Christian to babysit.” JC smiled at her. He was watching her as shifted her weight and fidgeted between speaking and listening. “Then at least do this. Come with us to the institute. We will say you have the sight, but we don’t know background and you can get your runes.” Grace stepped forward, but the tall girl held her back. JC looked at her.  “Good choice Amalia Sternwood.” She glared at him.
P’or  interrupted before anything else could happen between them. “The last time I checked Silent Brothers administered the basic runes.” JC turned to him. “I know one who would do us a solid.” They all looked around the room at each other. Will stepped forward. “I will do anything to keep my family safe. She is family.” Kazimer laughed. ” And yet you want to bring her into the Shadow Hunter world.” His eyes narrowed. “It’s were she belongs.” Kazimer looked like he wanted to punch him. “That’s why her father took her away from it all.” The boys mouth clamped shut. 
The sound of Jack White filled the room. Ali pulled out her cellphone and saw her Dad’s name. She quickly picked it up. “Hey dad. What’s wrong.” His voice sounded muffled on the phone. “I need you to come to the shop now.” She looked around the room. “I’m at least twenty minutes away.” A loud crash went on in the background. She heard her Dad curse. “You have ten minutes.” He said and then hung up the phone. Ali stashed her phone away and grabbed Christian’s hand. “We need to go.” 
She started pulling them towards the door. JC somehow managed to effortlessly beat them to it. “You can’t go until we come to a decision.” Ali glared at him. “Move aside. I don’t have time for this.” Demyon touched his nose for a second before saying, ” She’s a fiesty one. Let her go. They aren’t going anywhere.” JC shook his head. “Can’t Will will kill me.” Ali never had the easiest temperament. Not that it ever resulted in what happened next.
As she said let us go a second time her hands glowed gold and light crashed out from her, throwing everyone back. Before they could react she was out the door, out the alley and into her car with a shocked Christian. Not that they said anything about it. Ali was too busy flooring it at 100 towards her father’s shop. Miraculously no cop pulled her aside.
When she got to the shop it was completely dark. No one was in the street and mist covered air. It reminded her of a children’s mystery cartoon. She quickly entered the shop. Distraught to see all the smashed and torn up clocks. All the wonderful ticks were out of order. There on the floor was her father bleeding out. What looked like a designer farmer’s hoe on the floor besides him. She ran to him, almost slipping in black goo. 
“Dad. What’s wrong.” He pulled her down with more force then she remembered him being capable of. “Listen to me. People from your Mom’s past are looking for you. Many people are going to approach you and you’re not going to know who to trust. So don’t trust anyone, but Christian.” Tears were coming to her eyes, but she nodded. He began to cough up blood.  “Byström, you were always an ineloquent speaker.” Ali turned around to see one of the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. She was almost captured by his two colored eyes and bright blue hair. Her father’s choking brought her back to him. “I must go with him now. Do not look for me. I will let you know when it’s safe.” She looked at her father, the old clock maker she has trusted all her life seemed far away. “Promise me.” He said. She looked at Christian who was leaning against a counter shocked. She turned back and nodded.
Askan turned to look at Christian. “I’ve always regarded you as a son, so I will tell you this. Where they are going to take you two is somewhere you belong too as well. Don’t blame your father for running away. For how he treated you or for what they’ll demand of you. You were born to be my daughter’s ally. You two have shared fates as Blackthorns.” The blue haired man bent down and picked up her father. He snapped his fingers and a horse appeared in the middle of the store. 
Ali was reaching her threshold point of handling things well. The man put her father on the horse and then hopped on. He turned to the kids. “May the winds be with you, young Blackthorns.” He left as quickly as he came. Ali broke down, crying. Christian ran forward. When he saw her like this he knew it was bad. The cap had loosened. To make matters worse as he was patting her a knock on the door alerted him to the group they just left. They were staring at all the smashed clocks.
“By the Gods.” Exhaled P’or. JC walked forward and looked around. “Where’s the old man?” Ali, wiped away her tears and turned to look at him. No one disrespected her father. “Because of you people he was carried off by some blue haired freak on a magical flying horse.” They all looked at each other. Augustine spoke up. “That sounds like Drago Eirwen of the Hunt.” Kazimer scanned the shop. “What would the Wild Hunt want with a clockmaker.” 
Demyon walked into the shop. The red light glowing around everything. His eyes began to reflect memories playing at super fast speed. When it was done he feel on his knees and stared at the girl. “Askan Byström was not a watchmaker.” They all looked at him. He looked at P’or and Kazimer. “He was the watched man.” A large collective gasp went around the room. 
JC grabbed Ali and started dragging her from the shop. Christian running after them. She saw a row of cars waiting outside. JC stopped and turned around. Everyone was now outside the shop. The car doors started opening and men in sunglasses and overcoats got out of the car. Who wore sunglasses at night?
JC yelled. “Demyon, portal now.” A large red whirlpool appeared below them. She felt herself falling down. Ali couldn’t it help it. She closed her eyes and waited to vomit.

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