The Clave’s Law #9 : Untimely Childish Behavior

Ali walked slowly towards the Institute’s kitchen. It was predictable they would be there. One could say it was obvious immediately that it was the central gathering place of this micro community.

Ali’s steps were heavy as she headed towards the people. If it was up to her she would the predictable and obvious gathering place for her own little corner. Explaining things for people and sharing their emotions was not an activity she enjoyed. If it was up to her she would have nothing to do with it.

However, when it came to Christian she would do anything uncomfortable for him. He was her family and right now it seemed he was the only family she really had. All these people around her she didn’t trust. That connection they expected for her to automatically form was not there.

The large carved wooden doors stood before her. Behind that door was a group of bodies that she somehow could already feel. As she had thought, they all gathered there to hear from her about the situation. Ali’s hand rested on the thick wood. If her father was here he would smile and say something awkward like, “They don’t make doors like this anymore.”

He was not here. The father she knew apparently would never be here. The tweed wearing gentle clock maker never really existed. It was just a figment of her imagination. Ali sighed and pushed the door open. They all looked up at her.

The man that claimed to be her uncle, Anthony, stood waiting behind the island. He seemed to have just started taking out food. Was this man’s solution to everything cooking? JC seemed to be annoyed. “How long are we going to have to wait for him to come out?” Will sighed as if he was used to such disrespectful behavior. “JC…”

Ali narrowed her eyes at him. JC Herondale was the most annoying man she had ever met. He was entitled, arrogant and beyond rude. JC was the sort of person that the English language had yet to find a perfect word to describe his complete absurdity. A shinning asshole of a human being. “There is no need for you to wait for him.”

JC smiled at her. “I’m glad you are planning to wait alone. I have things to do.” Kazimer scoffed. “Admiring yourself in the mirror again.” The young shadow hunter simply smiled. “We all know the others do the admiring, Warlock.”

Ali just turned away from them. People were too much sometimes. “Where are you going?” She looked back to the owner of the gentle voice, Amalia Sternwood. It was a soothing and calm voice. It was a voice she had imagined her mother might of had. “Out.”

She opened the doors again. There was no need to explain anything to such ridiculous people. “Where are we going?” Ali turned to see JC behind her. His hand on her shoulder. When did he get behind me! A cocky smile emerging on his face at the sight of her confusion. “Surely, you didn’t think you could just go out alone.”

Her teeth ground together at the thought of him accompanying her. “I don’t need YOUR supervision.” Will appeared besides him. “We do make okay company.” Grace scoffed. “As if you two could entertain anyone.” Kazimer nodded his head. “Outside of the bedroom they have no abilities what so ever.”
Ali’s hand covered her face. How did these conversations get so derailed. JC and Will were smiling. JC wrapping his arm around Will’s shoulder. “Do you hear that Will. Your bedroom skills have finally become notorious in the Downworlders clubs.” Will pushed him away laughing. “Mine? Don’t you mean yours. It seems they finally remembered you.” The two cracking up laughing.

A grumbly sort of groan interrupting their laughter. “Idiots.” The two turning to look at Ali. “You two are complete idiots. There is no way we are related to either of you.” JC leaned closer to her. “Someone needs to just admit you are embarrassed. I saw how red you got the first time this topic was brought up.” Will took a step back. “JC…”

JC had succeeded. Ali had forgotten her frustration with the previous event and was now completely annoyed at him. She swung to punch him. He dodged it with ease. As well as the follow up kicks, jabs and finger pokes.

Anthony Blackthorn sighing. “Now, now kids. Settle down. There is no need to interact with Downworlders in the first place.” Demyon stood up from where he was sitting. “And that is our cue to leave.” His brother shaking his head. “That may be for the best.” The two girls standing up to follow them out.

Ali on the other hand was completely red in the face and blocking the door. “NO. I am the one leaving this forsaken place.” Everyone in the room froze for a moment before chuckling to themselves. JC being the one to speak. “Shouldn’t you be a little more grown up by now.” Ali reached over for one of the plates on the bar area and threw it at JC. He simply hopped out of the way. Ignoring everyone’s reactions she ran out of the room. “DON’T FOLLOW ME.”

JC turned to look at Will. “We are following her right?” His parabatai nodded his head. “If I lose her again mom will kill me.” Anthony Blackwell turning to the guests. “You can leave now.” Kazimer nodded his head. “It would be my pleasure to abandon you all.” His hand raised as he opened a portal. The others walking through it quite quickly. Demyon stopping for a moment to smirk at JC. The two never got along. “I can’t wait to see you cut up, Sunshine.” The warlock disappearing through the portal.

Will turning back to Anthony. “I don’t know if we’ll need dinner.” The older man smiled. “I’ll leave it in the fridge just in case.” He nodded his head. JC was already drawing a tracking rune. “She better be going somewhere slightly entertaining.” Will could only shake his head. If she was going somewhere that JC found entertaining the night would be a bigger hassle then he wanted it to be.

Ali slipped into her beloved car and screamed. “THOSE IDIOTS.” She took a few deep breaths to try and calm down. Lashing out in Sleipnir was an unforgivable crime. Nothing about the car was to be hit or bruised due to outbursts. After she collected herself she turned on the radio and floored it out of the area.


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