Tinkerbell & Fairies

For Me Mum :

As this is for my mom, I’m not going to go into the 1904/1911 source material, but briefly explain the 1953 Disney movie adaption. Tinkerbell first appeared in the Peter Pan movie as a side kick to a never aging asshole. Due to her popularity, Tinkerbell and her fairy friends were granted an extended place within Disney cinematicĀ  in the 2000s. There stories, films, tv shows and children books were set on exploring the land of Pixie Hollow – the home of the fairies in Neverland. Tinkerbell, is a fairy born to be a Tinker. Which means her only purpose to is to build things for the other fairies. However, with a large amount of curiosity and an amazing amount of stubbornness she turns out to be the very fairy that causes problems and solves problems for the whole Pixie Hollow. Tinkerbell representing what a little bit of curiosity and fun can do in people’s lives.



Great Divide – McClain Sisters


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Dream Fairy Bios

Pixie Hollow #1

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