Pixie Hollow #1

#1 : The Dream Fairies

All of Pixie Hollow was lit up with sounds of joy. The great gathering was set to take place within the next few days. Fairies from all over Pixie Hollow would meet to celebrate the union of Queen Clarion and Lord Milori. A certain Tinker Fairy was busy hustling about when she noticed something new. It was a fairy she had never seen before and she was heading towards Queen Clarion! The Tinker Fairy dropped her basket of Lost Things and flew over to her closest friend. 
Iridessa, who is that?
The Light Fairy looked up from her busy work at the fairy Tinkerbell was pointing at. Before she could answer the fast flying fairy Vidia appeared.
That’s a Dream Fairy, Tink.
Tinkerbell looked at Vidia confused. Silvermist stepping forward.
Dream Fairies live on the edge of the Winter Woods and the Autumn Woods. They don’t come out much.
Iridessa shuddered.
It’s a good thing too. All of them are so scary.
Tinkerbell felt even more confused.
What about them is so scary?
Vidia turned to look back at the Dream Fairy.
Dream fairies give children good dreams and nightmares.
Rosetta catching the end of their chat put away her mirror.
They are just plain awful. Just the other day one of them had me seeing an ugly version of myself.
Tinkerbell looked at all of her friends.
Why would they do that?
Silvermist shrugged.
That’s what they do. It’s their talent.
Tinkerbell felt herself growing even more confused.
But why give them nightmares?
Iridessa turned to return to work.
That’s a reason only the Dream Fairies and Queen Clarion know. It’s probably a good thing too. Dealing with nightmares is frightening work.
Tinkerbell turned to see the Dream Fairy chatting with Queen Clarion.
Why would Queen Clarion allow it?
Vidia found herself a nice little perch on a stick.
Because those are the rules. The Dream Fairies have their own leader.
Tinkerbell was starting to get frustrated.
Well who is their leader? And why would they come up with something like that?
Because it is necessary.
Tinkerbell turned around to follow her friends gazes. The Dream Fairy was standing behind her annoyed. Tinkerbell crossed her arms in annoyance.
How do you know it is necessary?
The Dream Fairy rolled her eyes.
You seasonal Fairies should just stay happy and not ask questions. You’re a tinkerer right? There should be some baskets that need to be fixed.
Tinkerbell marched up to her.
Who do you think you are, you-
The Dream Fairy turned away to bow towards Queen Clarion. Queen Clarion smiled.
Isn’t it about time you return to the Dream Woods. You must convince Mistress Elara to come to the celebration.
The Dream Fairy nodded her head.
I will do my best, Queen Clarion.
The Dream Fairy took one last glance at Tinkerbell before flying off. Queen Clarion turning to Tinkerbell.
Tinkerbell, I know you have questions, but you shouldn’t talk to a Dream Fairy like that. They play an important role.
Tinkerbell walked closer to the Queen.
But Queen Clarion, they give children nightmares.
The Queen nodded her head.
And Luna was right. There is a reason for it.
Tinkerbell looked at the ground disappointed. Queen Clarion floating over to put her hand on TInkerbell’s shoulder.
Tinkerbell, everyone has a part to play. The Dream Fairies are important.
When Tinkerbell didn’t answer Queen Clarion floated off to handle the other people who wanted to talk to her. Vidia sighing.
You are going to the Dream Woods.
Tinkerbell looked up at her friends.
I have too!
Iridessa looked at everyone panicked.
Tink, the Dream Woods are banned. 
She shrugged.
So were the Winter Woods and now we can all go there.
Silvermist shook her head.
The Winter Woods are different. The Dream Woods are dangerous.
Tinkerbell reached down for her work bag.
I’ll be fine. Besides, aren’t you curious about what it looks like?
Vidia sighed.
Not really.
Rosetta shook her head no.
The whole area is horribly dark. Why would anyone want to live there.
Tinkerbell grabbed Rosetta’s hands.
You’ve been there!
The garden fairy shuddered.
Don’t remind me. Every few years a few garden fairies have to go and help the flowers on the edge grow.
Tinkerbell started to drag Rosetta towards the Autumn woods.
Well then let’s go.
She got a few steps before Rosetta managed to pull herself free and complain. The others catching up. Iridessa shaking her head in fear.
Tink, can’t you leave this one alone.
Silvermist nodded her head.
The Dream Fairies know what they are doing.
Tinkerbell looked at her friends.
I’m going. You guys should come too. You know you are curious.
Vidia sighed.
If we don’t go she may destroy all dreams forever.
Tinkerbell laughed.
Come on, Vidia.I could never destroy all dreams. 
Her friends looked at each other. Fawn stepping forward.
Alright. Let’s go.
The group of fairies heading towards the border of the Autumn Woods and the Winter Woods. At the sounds of Rosetta’s distaste they knew they had almost reached the spot. The fairies shocked by the black scorched earth between the two woods. Mist seeped out from a hole in the wall. Rosetta pointing to it.
There’s the entrance. Can we go now, Tink.
Tinkerbell shook her head no.
Come on.
The fairies started to fly towards the entrance to the cave when the Dream Fairy Luna appeared in front of them.
What are you doing here?
Tinkerbell stepped towards the Dream Fairy.
We came to stop the nightmares.
Luna looked at Tinkerbell shocked.
Are you one clover short?
Tinkerbell crossed her arms again.
Let us through.
The fairies heard Luna’s name being called out from behind by two more voices. Out flew a male fairy and a female one. The male one looking them all up and down.
Luna, why are the seasonal fairies here?
She turned to the boy.
They want us to stop making nightmares.
He started to laugh. The girl flying close to Iridessa.
Are you a light fairy! I’ve always wanted to see one. You know, I’ve always wished I could of been one of you. You get to make rainbows.
The two Dream Fairies turned to their friend sighing. The boy shaking his head in displeasure.
The girl flew back to the guy and pushed the corners of his lips up so he was smiling.
Don’t be so grumpy, Halo. We all know you wanted to be a Fast Flying Fairy.
The boy’s face turned red and he turned his head from her grumbling. Luna just sighing.
You need to head back. Seasonal Fairies can’t enter the Dream Woods.
Rosetta nodded her head.
Well, you heard her Tink. Entry is a no go. Time to return to our own rooms.
Tinkerbell crossed her arms.
Why won’t you let us in?
Halo sighed.
Because those are the rules. 
Twinkle nodded her head.
It would of been nice to have company.
Luna looked at the visiting fairies annoyed.
You are making us fall behind.
Tinker bell walked forward.
How is you falling behind our fault? You’re the ones insisting on standing here.
Just let them in, Luna. They’ll leave once they see the answer.
Luna turned around to see the incoming Fairies. It was a boy with grey hair and a girl with pink.
Nova, you have to be joking.
He shook his head.
It’ll be fine.
Halo flew back towards the girl.
Whatever time I missed does not count towards your score.
The girl nodded.
I don’t need it to win anyways.
Twinkle was jumping up and down.
Isn’t this just Flitterific. We get company!
Luna looked over at Nova. He nodded his head and she walked away. The other Dream Fairies following. Except for Twinkle, who grabbed Iridessa and pulled her along with her. Vidia stopping the others.
Are you sure this is a good idea?
Tinkerbell smiled.
Well, they already have Iridessa. No flying back now.
Rosetta took a few steps back.
I’m sure Iridessa will have some fun and come back. We should wait of her stories back home.
Tinkerbell took Rosetta’s hand and dragged her through the mist and into the cave. The rest of the Fairies following. They walked through the chilly mist for awhile before they popped out in a large clearing. A small group of black winged fairies were flying back and forth doing their jobs. Rosetta smiled.
This place looks better then I thought.
Nova handed them all black jackets.
This place isn’t as cold as the Winter Woods, but it will get chilly for a Seasonal Fairy.
Tinkerbell put on the jacket.
Don’t you guys get cold.
The pink haired girl spoke.
Dream Fairies are fine in the heat and in the cold.
Nova smiled.
Come. You wanted to talk to Mistress Elara.
The group of season fairies followed the Dream Fairies towards a large jeweled rock formation on a wall. They entered the doorway to see a beautiful fairy with shimmering black wings. The Dream Fairies all bowed their heads. Luna speaking up.
Mistress Elara, this group of seasonal fairies has entered the Dream Woods.
Nova adding in.
They want to ask you something and so I let them in.
The fairy smiled at Nova.
Well if Nova let them in I’m sure there was a good reason.
Halo looked over at Luna. He was clearly pointing it out as her fault. Mistress Elara turned to the seasonal fairies.
Coming into the Dream Woods is one of the gravest crimes a seasonal fairy could commit. What sort of question do you have to come here.
Tinkerbell stepped forward.
I want to ask you to stop giving children nightmares.
Mistress Elara laughed.
I’m afraid you came for no good reason then. I can’t stop children from having nightmares.
Tinkerbell walked even closer.
Why not!
Mistress Elara smiled.
Because Children have nightmares and they have good dreams. Dream Fairies don’t choose to only give children some of their talents.
Tinkerbell took another few steps forward.
How is that a good reason to continue giving children nightmares. 
The door to the room opened again and a man who looked similar to the Mistress walked through.
Nova, I heard you brought in some seasonal fairies.
He looked around the room and sighed.
So it’s true.
Nova bowed to the man.
Sorry, Lord Eos.
Mistress Elara laughed.
Don’t be mad. He made a smart decision.
Nova turned to the seasonal fairies.
Why have you come to the Dream Woods?
Tinkerbell turned to glare at him.
To stop you from giving children nightmares.
Lord Eos turned to Luna.
Luna, weren’t you the one who went to see Queen Clarion?
The Dream Fairy nodded her head.
Queen Clarion had requested of me to convince Mistress Elara to come to a celebration party the other Fairies are having. Queen Clarion and Lord Malori have entered a union.
Lord Eos looked at her shocked. Mistress Elara laughing.
Those two finally are happy. 
Lord Eos nodded his head.
Yes, and in order for them to remain so we must remain here during the celebrations.
Luna nodded her head.
Queen Clarion still wishes for you to come.
Mistress Elara turned to the seasonal fairies.
Would you all like to see what we do here?
Luna turned towards Mistress Elara.
Mistress Elara!
Mistress Elara smiled. 
It’s alright, Luna. One or two seasonal fairies knowing what we do won’t break anything.
She turned to Nova.
Why don’t you guys show them around the Dream Woods. 
Nova nodded and turned around. He started to usher all of them out. Lord Eos staying behind. Once they were outside the tent a Dream Fairy in an apron came running towards them. Twinkle flying forward into his arms.
Kale! I missed you.
He hugged her quickly. Halo turning to Astrid.
Wasn’t she just at his workshop?
Astrid nodded her head. Tinkerbell smiling.
There’s a workshop? 
Luna pointed at Kale.
Kale is similar to a Tinker Fairy. He receives all the goods from Tinkerers and changes them to fit the Dream Woods.
Kale nodded his head.
I’m a Molding Fairy. But it’s really not that special. A lot of the time the changes are super small.
He pulled out a black acorn from one of his pouches and handed it to Tinkerbell.
See. Acorns here in Dream Woods are black.
The seasonal fairies all crowded around to look at the acorn except for Rosetta. She seem disgusted.
Everything in the Dream Woods seems to be black.
Kale laughed.
Not everything. But we Dream Fairies do prefer it.
Twinkle flew over to Iridessa again.
But sometimes we’d like a rainbow or two. Can you make one?
Iridessa nodded and attempted to make a rainbow.  She could only manage a small one. However, Twinkle was delighted. She flew straight back into Kale’s arms. 
Did you see that, Kale! 
He nodded his head. The other Dream Fairies sighing. Luna looking over at Nova.
What do you want to show them first?
Tinkerbell stepped forward.
Show us the nightmares.
The Dream Fairies all looked at each other warily. Nova sighing.
It’s not safe to start with the Nightmares. Why don’t I show you our pixie dust tree. The fairies following him to a wall in the cavern. A root was encased in black gemstone as it followed it’s way into a rocky jeweled area. A small channel of gems had led part of the pixie dust into a smaller blue where it was turned blue. The seasonal fairies all looked over excited. Silvermist smiling.
It’s blue.
Tinkerbell turned to Nova.
 Do you guys have a Pixie Dust Alchemist too?
The Dream Fairies looked at each other confused. Luna speaking up.
The pixie dust that is blue looks that way, because it is used in nightmares. 
Nova continuing.
Regular pixie dust can be used for regular dreams. Special dreams good or bad use a different sort of pixie dust.
Astrid turning to look at Tinkerbell.
Nightmares are also special dreams.
The seasonal fairies all looked at each other. Fawn raising her hand.
Where are the animals?
Twinkle smiled.
There are tons. Since it’s Autumn most would be out in the Autumn woods preparing. But I’m sure Leo is around here somewhere.
Nova lead the fairies towards the one of the back walls. There by a group of rabbits was a boy as pale as Luna. When he saw Luna he stood up smiling.
I can’t believe you really did bring seasonal fairies, Luna.
Luna shook her head no.
Nova let them in.
Nova turned towards the seasonal fairies.
This is Leo, Luna’s brother.
The seasonal fairies all gasped. Tinkerbell turned to Luna.
You have a sibling too.
Nova laughed.
It’s actually not that uncommon for Dream Fairies. There’s so few of us we tend to be particular types.
Leo walked over to them.
Says the Fairy with a brother of his own.
They all turned to Nova. He seemed annoyed. Halo cracked up laughing.
What’s the use about talking about that good for nothing hoverer.
Luna glared at Halo. He took a step back and looked away. Astrid sighing.
Leo, here takes care of most of the animals. 
Fawn flew over to him and went to touch the bunny. Leo grabbed her by the wrist.
You can’t touch them.
Fawn smiled at him.
I’m an animal fairy. It’s alright.
Leo shook his head no.
These are nightmare rabbits. Not regular rabbits. You will get hurt.
The seasonal fairies all turned to look at Nova. He seemed confused.
Are seasonal fairies not taught about nightmare rabbits?
They all shook their heads no. Leo smiled. He loved the chance to educates someone.
Nightmare rabbits are rabbits whose turn it is to be in a nightmare or help deliver one. These little guys will soon spend some time away form pixie hollow.
Fawn blinked a few times.
You guys send in actual rabbits.
Leo shook his head.
No. They don’t actual enter a dream. Nightmare rabbits deliver the nightmares.
Astrid nodded her head.
No one can stop a hurried rabbit.
Fawn looked at Leo upset.
Does it hurt the rabbits?
Leo shook his head no.
No. Though they tend to be cranky from having to exercise so long.
He turned to look at Luna.
Luna turned to see Scorpio coming over with a group of fairies. When he got near enough to them he sneered.
So it’s true. Seasonal Fairies in the Dream Woods
Nova sighed.
Mistress Elara has asked us to show them around.
A girl with pale purplish skin stepped forward.
Why so they can talk about it later?
Twinkle flew over to Iridessa and whispered.
That’s Sol. She’s one of Mistress Elara’s children.
Iridessa looked at her shocked.
Luna looked over at Twinkle for saying too much. She turned to Iridessa.
Mistress Elara calls those who work under her children. 
Sol looked her up and down annoyed.
I still don’t understand how you and my sister were chosen.
They all turned to look at Luna. Astrid turning to explain.
Luna, Sol and Selene are the three fairies who work with Mistress Elara. Nova and Scorpio work with Lord Eos.
Halo rolled his eyes.
It’s not that great.
Scorpio took a step forward.
Don’t be jealous tamer.
Astrid turned to explain before they could even ask.
Tamers are those who work with nightmares. They are difficult to control. Halo and I are both tamers.
Iridessa turned to look at Twinkle. The fairy smiled at her.
I work with dust.
The seasonal fairies nodded. Vidia turning to Scorpio.
What’s their problem?
Sol turned to glare at Vidia.
The problem is having seasonal fairies in Dream Woods. All the good dreams are wavering.
The Dream Fairies looked at each other shocked. Luna turning when she heard her name. Another pale purple girl was running towards them. Luna looking shocked.
The girl looked at them in fear.
The nightmares are starting to flicker. 
Luna and Nova looked at each other in fear. Twinkle flew towards the seasonal fairies. 
Come, come. We need to let them get everything under control. 
Kale came forward to help usher the seasonal fairies to the side as a cart of different colored water balls were pulled forward. They were all wriggling with excitement trying to break out of their containers. Luna turned to Nova.
I was right.
He rolled his eyes and opened the container. The water balls flew around like crazy. The Dream Fairies all flying around to catch them and try to sooth them. Tinkerbell asking Twilight what’s wrong.
What’s going on?
Twinkle sighed.
Dreams are very sensitive to feelings. Those in charge of good dreams have to calm them down so they don’t become nightmares. Those in charge of nightmares have to try and make sure they don’t get too bad. Halo and Astrid are the best two tamers in the Dream Woods.
Fawn turned to Twinkle.
But I thought you guys give the children nightmares.
Twinkle and Kale looked at each other and laughed for a second. Twinkle answering.
We don’t give children nightmares. They already have them. Dream Fairies guide the course a dream will take depending on what they need during that time. Too much good and they may not wake up. Too much bad and they might not also wake up. 
Tinkerbell looked back at the Dream Fairies.
Why are some of them using blue pixie dust and the other’s using regular pixie dust.
Twinkle smiled.
Nightmares can only be managed by blue pixie dust. Nightmares are so powerful not many fairies can handle them. 
Tinkerbell leaned forward.
Is that why so few Dream Fairies are using blue pixie dust.
Kale nodded his head.
To work with nightmares is a rare talent. Even for Dream Fairies. The majority of those out there are Tamers. They are the only ones who can contain a nightmare until a weaver can come and subdue the dream.
Tinkerbell looked at Twinkle. She pointed to Luna.
There are three types of weaving fairies. The first weave good dreams. The majority of Dream Fairies are these type of weaving fairies. The second is a weaver of bad dreams, like Selene. The third type are still called weavers, but they work on both good and bad dreams. That’s Luna and Nova.
The seasonal fairies all looked at each other in shock. Kale nodded his head.
Those two are always saving the day for everyone. Especially, with all the nightmares lately.
Tinkerbell looked at them confused.
You mean there’s been more then normal lately?
Twinkle nodded her head.
That’s why Luna went to Queen Clarion. The number of nightmares keep increasing.
Tinkerbell looked at them shocked.
Well. What did she say? Are we going to help?
Twinkle looked at her confused.
You? You can’t help? You would be injured by just touching a nightmare.
Kale turned to look at the seasonal fairies.
Nightmares can hurt a Dream Fairy, but to a seasonal fairy one touch can be fatal.
Iridessa scooted farther away from the dreams.
What do you mean fatal…
Twinkle sighed.
Dreams are like tiny balls of feelings. When you touch one it affects you with that feeling. And Dream Fairies are built to be around bad feelings. 
Tinkerbell looked at them worried.
But not seasonal fairies.
Twinkle shook her head no.
Nope. Seasonal Fairies are all warm, happy and cuddly. 
Kale nodded his head.
Dream Fairies are affected by nightmares. Some even have to be kept away after being around them for so long.
The seasonal fairies all looked at each other sad. Tinkerbell looking at Twinkle.
What do you guys need Queen Clarion for then?
Twinkle and Kale looked at each other. Twinkle deciding to tell them.
Luna was sent to ask if Queen Clarion can have more fairies be born. There’s no way to have more Dream Fairies other then more fairies being born.
Kale sighed.
There’s just so few of us.
The group turning to look at the last of the dreams being put back into their containers. Luna and Nova walking back over. Luna seemed even more annoyed then when they first got there.
I think it is time for you guys to return.
Nova nodded his head.
Let’s take them back.
Tinkerbell stood up.
Luna shook her head no.
You have already been here too long.
Halo, Astrid, Leo, Selene, Scorpio and Sol walking over. Scorpio seemed happy.
They are finally leaving. 
Sol nodded her head in happiness.
My little good dreams can finally get some rest.
Leo smiled.
At least the problem was taken care of rather quickly this time.
All of them turned to look at him like he needed to shut up. Luna lead the seasonal fairies out of the cave. The Dream Fairies flying them to the border where Queen Clarion, Fairy Mary and a few others stood. The Dream Fairies bowed their heads.
Mistress Elara has requested the seasonal fairies stay free from punishment.
Luna said. Nova smiling at the Queen.
Lord Eos and her have also agreed to come to the celebration party.
The Dream Fairies looked at him in shock. Queen Clarion smiled.
Such wonderful news. Go on and get some rest Dream Fairies. I’m sure you have earned it. 
The Dream Fairies nodded their heads and flew off. Tinkerbell walking over to Queen Clarion.
Queen Clarion did you know there are more nightmares then normal lately. 
Queen Clarion smiled.
The Tinker Fairy looked up at her. Queen Clarion sighing.
None of us can help the Dream Fairies. I’m sure you saw it for yourself. If we get involved it will only make things harder for them.
Fairy Mary shuddered.
We can’t have that one happening again.
Tinkerbell took a step forward.
But, Queen Clarion.
Queen Clarion shook her head no.
Enough. No Fairy is to go anywhere near the Dream Woods.  And if anyone tries to sneak off I will tell them to not come to the celebratory party.
The fairies present all gasped. Tinkerbell looked down at the ground as Queen Clarion floated away. Silvermist put her hand on Tink’s shoulder.
Cheer up Tink. You can see them at the party and ask them all the questions you want.
Iridessa shuddered.
I don’t know why you’d want to though. Their black wings are creepy.
Rosetta and Vidia nodded. Tinkerbell looked sad.
It doesn’t feel right not to help them. Aren’t they helping us?
Vidia sighed.
They aren’t helping us, Tink.
Tinkerbell looked at all of them confused.
If they give good dreams and good dreams help those believe in fairies. Don’t we need them?
All of them looked at each other. That’s true. They hadn’t thought of that.
— Luna’s room 
Luna and Nova sat in her room. All around the room were different flower petals and parts. Nova was drinking tea as Luna scribbled away. Finally, he pulled the pencil out of her hand. 
You need to relax.
She shook her head no.
Nova, that’s three times more then last time. At this rate the entire Dream Woods could hold down a dream and we couldn’t calm them down in time.
Nova nodded his head.
I’m sure Mistress Elara has a plan.
She looked at him annoyed.
Queen Clarion won’t help. She’s afraid of the nightmares.
Nova sighed.
She has a good reason to be, Luna.
She reached forward and pulled out a book and flipped open its pages. She pointed down at the page. Nova’s eyes got wide.
You can’t be serious.
Luna nodded her head.
Why not? 
Nova slammed the book closed.
Because forcing Dream Fairies to be born is dangerous. For you and for the fairies born.
She looked at Nova angrily.
We don’t have time to play it safe. Something is causing the nightmares to grow and no one knows what it is.
Nova took her hands.
Luna, just wait a little bit longer before you go and do something crazy.
She put her head down on the desk.
I’ll wait till after this party.
… To Be Continued …
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