When I was spending way too much of my time investing in trying to create a better relationship between my mom and I a therapist of ours brought up the idea of me opening up to her with some of my writing. Naturally as you should all know by now I would never do that. Instead, I decided to write a series of short Twilight fan fictions for her. It was my Chanukah present. My mother has always been a massive fan of the series. She has threatened to slap me silly over Edward vs. Jacob and almost crushed my Radius and Ulna over Robert Pattinsons’ attractiveness. Mom crushes are weird. Personally, I have never been a huge fan of the series. Mostly due to the fact that I find her vampires more like evil sparkling pixies then lustful blood suckers. A more logistical reason would be because I view Bella Swan as a completely undynamic character. I can’t see how she affected the story other then being Female Lead A. Stephanie Meyer had a book called The Host. The movie didn’t do as well as the Twilight series did, but the book was a million times better. You can really appreciate the talent she has a writer in that one. Wanderer and Melanie were really well developed characters. To this day, I am still waiting for a sequel to fulfill my Wanderer/Ian shipping. Alas, I could not find a reason to write fan fiction for The Host, so I included the first story of Twilight I wrote for my mom. I hope it is some consolation after airing much of our dirty laundry.  It may not be, though, I wrote about random side characters creepy Romanian guy #1 and creepy Romanian guy #2. Who frankly had amazing sass in the movie and stole the entire show. When you read this, I hope you are inspired to never accomplish your bucket list of reading the Twilight series and instead pick up The Host. You can learn a lot more about good writing. Until then, maybe this can entertain you.


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{ Art by Lau }

Possibility – Lykke Li


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