Twilight #7 : A Chance To Get Away

Lorelei stood next to Alec as the visiting stray pled their case to the masters. A sighting of the Children of the Moon. The same creature she killed near the same area. It was shocking information. Still, Lorelei did her best to not show the boredom on her face. It was the first time she has been present in the room as a guard.

Lorelei turned her head. The door to the bathroom had been opened. She was surprised to see it was Alec. Sinking deeper into the water, she smiled at him. “Being interested in a fifteen-year-old girl is quite the fetish.” He ignored her and walked around the bath towards the rim closest to her. “We have a visitor.” Lorelei got out of the bath and put on the clothes Alec was holding. They were mostly a light shade of grey. However, now there was also a pendant he was handing her. She turned around as he went to put the pendant on.

Alec leaning forward, so she could feel his lip just almost against her ear. “Remember, don’t speak unless spoken too.” Lorelei stepped away from him irritated. The feeling melting away from her when she saw his smirk. It was too unfair.

“Lorelei.” She turned slowly to face Aro. “Yes, master.” He smiled sweetly at her. “How would you like the opportunity to help this stray.”  She glanced back briefly at the stray. The man looked like some sort of homeless guy from the Victorian era. Before she could say anything, the man spoke up. “Please, Aro. Send Alec or Jane.” Lorelei felt herself growing with irritation. Not only did he break the basic rule of wait to be spoken to, but he dismissed her. Lorelei was still a member of the guard. An evil temptation blossoming in her head as she relaxed herself. His panic and fear rushing into to her. So he was scared of the Volturi not being enough…What would happen if his fear was for the Volturi.

Lorelei watched him suddenly turn around and try to run. Felix and Dimitri restraining him. “Help. Help. I don’t want to die.” She watched him intently, feeling as if she was somehow learning how to walk again. “I’ll take the werewolves. Let me out of here. Let me go.” She heard Aro’s laughter and Lorelei turned away from him to look up at him. He was smiling at her. “You can return him to normal.” Pieces of a puzzle fitting in to place for her. The way her gift worked was coming better into focus. Lorelei looking at him again. The man collapsing in shock. His head pushed into the ground. “Please. I didn’t mean any of that. I would never disrespect the Volturi.” Cauis glared at him. “Too late.” Felix and Dimitri pulling his head off.

Aro turned back to Lorelei. “You have grown.” Cauis turning his attention towards her. There was less irritation and dislike than before for her. “You can finally start being useful.” She nodded her head, but remained silent. Aro turned to Alec. “Alec.” He nodded his head. Cauis looking over at Felix and Dimitri. The two nodding their heads. “That entire pack needs to be eliminated.” Marcus looking down at them all. “Before more children die…” They all turned to look up at Aro. He was smiling. “Now run along. There are threats to our well being.” The four leaving the room.

Aro turning to look down at Jane. “Don’t worry, Jane. There will be plenty of strays showing up here.” She nodded her head. The doors opening again for a stray with a very similar complaint.


The four find themselves moving through the forest. Lorelei is looking around at the trees. They should be the same as before, but they are completely different. She stops at the sight of Dimitri and Felix stopping up ahead. Dimitri turning around to face Alec and her. “It will be able to smell us soon.” Lorelei turned in the direction he was looking. As always there was a range of different feelings trying to reach out for her. However, four of them were a sort of hunger that made her skin tingle. “There’s more then one.” All three of them turn to look at her. “I think there’s four. And that they are about to eat.”

Dimitri looked down at her annoyed. “Anything else you think.” Lorelei looked back in the direction. The more she tried to see the more pain she felt. It was like someone was trying to crack open her skull. “Fear. I can’t tell how many different people are feeling it.” Felix and Dimitri took off ahead of them, rushing towards the direction. Lorelei went to walk forward when she felt herself growing dizzy. Alec catching her. “What’s wrong.” She slowly separated herself from him. “Nothing. I just felt the pay off is all.” Lorelei ignoring the look he gave her to run after Dimitri and Felix.

The four arriving to see a small impromptu shopping market ripped up and tattered. The majority of the people were already dead. However, the survivors were being corralled into a corner by four wolves. Dimitri and Felix each took off towards the right and left. While, Alec opened his palms causing a shimmering haze to leak out. Lorelei watched the haze creep its way over the destroyed grass and closer to the werewolves that had just noticed Felix and Dimitri. Four on two was not the best odds, but if they could hold out for Alec’s mist the fight would be over.

Lorelei watched the two hold out as the haze creeped around them and towards the werewolves. One, the smallest of the lot, seemed to feel it coming and started to run away. Sadly, it was running towards Alec and her. Lorelei ran forward and slid underneath the wolf when it pounced. Appearing behind the wolf she wrapped her arms around his back and chest. Lorelei squeezing as hard as she could. She could feel how strong even a runt was. Still, she was a newborn. The strongest she would ever be.

She waited until she felt his life almost slipping away before letting go. Lorelei moving to hold the wolf down on the ground. Alec, Dimitri and Felix heading over. Alec looking at her. “Why is it still alive?” Lorelei looked up at them. “There’s more then these four.” She looked down at the wolf. “Your warning isn’t getting to the rest of them.” Felix looked at her. “How many more?” Lorelei shrugged. “I have no idea. But from the way this mutt’s feeling I bet he knows more than he should have.” She squeezed one of his arms tighter, so bones could be heard crunching against each other.

Lorelei leaned down over the wolf. “Let’s play a guessing game. You tell me what I want and I’ll let you go.” The wolf struggled underneath her. She shook her head. “We both know you aren’t brave enough to kill yourself. So were they heading north?” She could feel the anxiety increasing within him. It wasn’t north. She broke the rest of the bones in that leg. “South?” No. Less anxiety. He was being overcome by his physical pain. Lorelei moved her hands, so they were on his neck. She choked him slightly to regain his attention. “That’s right doggy. Focus on me. The person you want to get relief from.” She felt the attention on physical pain receding. His focus was back on her. All of that migraine memory recall. Lorelei squeezed his heck again, harder this time. “West.” Lorelei suddenly let go. The wolf at first feeling relief he could finally die and that fear as Lorelei felt images of memories squirm their way into her head.  She got off of him and sat down. “Kill it.”

Lorelei holding her head and closing her eyes. She could feel Alec standing close to her. He really was like a numbing effect. She sat there for a moment. All she did was concentrate on that blanket of his. The singular oppressing self-assurance. When she felt some of the pain recede and herself calm down she stood up. All three of them looking at her. “West. Most likely, North West. The mutt kept picturing lots of different wolves. Like different packs meeting up occasionally on the way somewhere.”

Felix looked at her closely. “Anything else?” She looked down at the wolf for a moment. “He was uncertain of where they were heading. Like it was someone else’s territory.” Lorelei looked up at the three of them who were smiling. “Why are you three suddenly so happy?” Alec smiling at her. “Cullens.” She looked at him confused. “Who?” Felix turned to look at her, but said nothing when Alec looked at him. “They’re a fun game.” She nodded her head and went to step forward. However, she felt herself falling. Alec catching her arm. “What’s wrong.” Lorelei shook her head. “Nothing. My bodies, just not used to it is all.” The three looked at her in confusion. She began to walk forward. “It’s fine. Alec is like a numbing agent. The pain will go away soon.” Felix and Dimitri both look at him with a slight smile.

Alec ignoring them and walking towards her. Without his face changing at all, he dropped a sweet line. “Just walk close to me.”

By the time they got to Washington Lorelei was feeling completely fine, but Alec had still stayed next to her. In the distance she could see a modern house, like from a magazine, appearing in front of them. Outside of the house was a group of eight vampires. All of them with weird golden eyes and a sickly-sweet smell. The older blonde one stepped forward. “Alec.” Lorelei looked at them. She didn’t even have to try and relax to feel their anxiety. Apprehension. Dislike. Almost all of the classic ingredients in a negative emotion roll cake. Her eyes locking on to the one who couldn’t seem to stop staring at her. He must be Edward. The telepath. You okay? At the sight of his slight reaction she smiled.

Alec talking a step forward. “Werewolves have been going on killing sprees again.” The blonde from before, Car… something, looked at Edward. He nodded his head. He was definitely the telepath. Edward turned towards her again. “Why don’t you introduce yourself.” Lorelei looked at him confused, but took a step closer to Alec. He looked down at her a moment before turning back to the blonde. “This is one of the newborns that were made as a result.” The big one, Emmet, looked over at her. “Why is she alive then.” She felt Felix’s irritation spike. “The girl was pardoned for killing a mutt.” They all turned to look at her. She looked at the blonde one. He seemed to be the one in charge. “I’ve seen it. Packs of them. They are heading here. For the other wolves.” The short girl with the spiky hair walked forward. “You’ve seen it.” She must be Alice. The one Aro wants. Lorelei nodded her head. “I saw part of the memory. They want the land your wolves are on.”

“What do you mean they want the land the wolves are on.” Said a different voice. Lorelei turned to look. A boy who smelt like wet dog and a girl with a weird heartbeat was standing in the trees. She took a step back even closer to Alec. There were so many feelings coming from the boy all at once. The three looking down at her. Lorelei looked up at him. “They think you are like them. But that y’all don’t deserve your land. For breaking bread with some vampires and failing to kill others.” She turned to look at the Cullens. “And they just want to kill you.” The emotions coming from the wet dog starting to overwhelm her.

Lorelei turned to Carlisle. “I need to eat.” He nods his head turning to Jacob. “Tell the rest of them we will make sure they aren’t on your land.” Dimitri walking forward. “We need to plan.”  Felix walking forward as well. Alec taking Lorelei’s hand and pulling her away from the house. “We can’t have you eating the Miracle Child.” Her eyes shifted back to the girl by the wet dog. Lorelei clenching her teeth. She watched him step in front of her. The other voices being swallowed by his own overprotective nature. Alec squeezed her hand harder. Lorelei glancing one more time at Edward before turning around.

Dimitri shaking his head. “Young love.” The Cullens turning to look at him. The two walking into the house. Jasper looking at Edward. “What is it?” He shook his head no. “Nothing. For now.”

Lorelei was walking trough the woods with Alec when she smelt them. Lorelei turning to see a line of wolves standing on the same forest ridge. A smile appearing on her face. When they were all together like this all feeling the same feeling nothing about it hurt. In fact, it was better than anything else. They disseminated each other’s feelings. Alec’s voice in her ear. “You shouldn’t be causing trouble.” She shook her head. “I can at least imagine it, can’t I?” He leaned towards her. “How childish.” Lorelei smiled. “I have said I am a child.” The two leaning closer towards each other. Lorelei had no idea what he felt for her, but she felt something for him. Alec was like comfort and temptation rolled into one.

She was leaning closer to him when she smelt a group of hikers. Lorelei cast one smug glance at the line of wolves and took off. Lorelei almost done by the time Alec got there to have his meal.

The pair walking past the same line of wolves on their way back. Lorelei giving Alec a look before walking close to the line. She stayed silent as they growled louder. “I’m not going to cross your line. I’ve been brought here to help.” Her eyes turned to look at the wolf who stepped forward. The larger black one turning to snap at him. She smiled at him. “Oh, I know y’all don’t like me. Even if every living thing needs something to eat. But I just wanted to give y’all a friendly heads up. The things coming are worse than both of us put together. Working with us isn’t so bad.” She turned away from the line and started to walk back towards Alec, but stopped for a second to turn back around. “My grandmother was of Waxhaws descent. I grew up on the stories. I became like this to survive. What will happen to your land with more werewolves than just one. Take the friendly advice.” She looked at the black wolf. He was no longer growling. She could feel all their emotions starting to fight against each other. Lorelei turned to Alec who was now by her side. “Come. The Cullens need to be managed.”

When they were farther away he stopped and glared at her. It was one of the first times she had seen him showing an honest face. Although, it was just about his frustration. “Don’t cause problems.” Lorelei took a step closer. He was the perfect painkiller from the lingering stabs of their hive mind. “I won’t. I just figured Aro would have interest in them is all.” He looks at her now smiling. “You want to train the mutts.” Lorelei shrugged. “Who knows how long we’ll be here.”

Lorelei walked back into the house with Alec. Mostly everyone was scattered about the house doing separate activities. Emmet turning to look at the two of them. “Dating an older woman are you, Alec.” She could feel the entire room’s emotional state shift. Lorelei was just starting to feel better. “I think you didn’t read the signals right. He’s here to make sure I don’t rip people’s heads off.” Emmet chuckled nervously and nodded his head. “That’s all…” Her eyes meeting Alice’s. The girl smiling. “That’s all.”

She walked over to the chair by Alice. “Is it true. Can you really see the future?” Alice nodded her head yes. “Prove it. Tell me mine.” Lorelei turning to look at Edward before he even spoke. Irritation appearing on both of their faces. “No one has taught you manners yet. It’s rude to ask.” Lorelei forced a smile on her face. “If asking a famous musician to play, because you are in the same room and that is their gift than sure.” Her eyes immediately turning to look at Jasper. “I know its your job to make people happy about their future, but I ain’t a part of that pairing.” She stood up from the chair and started heading for the door. Edward turning to Alice. “Don’t.” She ignored him and turned to Lorelei. “I see you on Quileute land. You’re talking to something I can’t see.” Lorelei stopped moving. Her eyes moving to the wet dog boy and the girl he was carrying in.

Lorelei bent down when the girl was put down and waved. The girl waving back to her. “What’s your name?” The girl walked forward towards her. Lorelei watching her put her hand on her cheek. Renesmee. What an interesting story she had. Lorelei smiled at her and stood up. “What an interesting little peach. I’m glad you are alright.” Lorelei looking back to glance at Alec. “I’m going to town.” She turned to look at Alice. “It will be alright won’t it?” Alice nodded her head. Alec moved to follow her out.

Lorelei and Alec walked down the road and into a little diner. She could tell he was annoyed even if it wasn’t showing on his face. The two of them sliding onto bar stools. “I may not have to worry about the proposition if you continue to behave like this.” She reached for one of the menus on the counter and started to read through it. A smiled on her face. “Ain’t that a good thing then.” Alec took the menu from her hands and put it down on the table. “Not even one word about why the hassle.” Lorelei reached over for the menu again and shrugged. “Ain’t it obvious.” He looked her up and down. “One can guess wrong.” She put down the menu and smiled at the waitress who noticed them. “Aro doesn’t like them. They are soft. Lucky enough to fair fortune. There is no harm in ruffling their feathers to see what I could do to them.” Alec turned his attention to the waitress. She didn’t even look appetizing as a meal. “Charming I see.” Lorelei smiled at him. “People say it’s the accent.”

The waitress arriving at their table with a big smile on her face. “New comers. To this small town of ours? Now what you two kids doing here?” Lorelei smiled at her. Her thicker accent rolling out. “Our parents heard about some nice spot to take pictures, you see. They take photos for a magazine.” The waitress nodded her head in approval. Lorelei feeling someone dumped a bucket of sugar all over her. The woman was feeling sickeningly sweet. “That’s nice. We don’t get to see some new faces very much. You two know what you’d like?” She looked at Alec. He seemed to be agitated about having to control himself, and about the glasses on his face. Alec didn’t seem to want to comment, so she just turned back to the waitress. “My brother and I will take some coffee.” The waitress nodding and walking off to get a pot.

Alec finally speaking up. “There’s no need for us to be sitting here.” She smiled at him. “Can’t a new experience be reason enough?” He didn’t seem all that impressed. “The proposition will go south with behavior like this.” Lorelei couldn’t help, but chuckle. “That’s alright, I’m used to the south.” She could see the small little hint of a smile on his face. Lorelei had done it. She cracked the marble. Leaning in closer she softly whispered. “Now, is that a smile I see on your face.” Alec waited until she leaned away to answer. “Never.”

The two turning to look at the waitress. She put the two cups of coffee down in front of them before turning to see who walked in. It was some uptight emotionally repressed guy and his wife. The waitress leaning down towards them. “If you kids find any trouble, or need help go to him. He’s the town’s Chief of Police.” Lorelei turned around again only to catch the woman’s eyes. She seemed very apprehensive around them. Wary and on edge. The woman knew what they were.

Alec turned to glance over at the table when he realized Lorelei was still looking. He leaned closer to her. “Is this going to be another hassle?” She turned away from them and back to the counter. “Doubt it. I won’t cause trouble for Aro.” He smirked at her. “At least you can figure out one thing correctly. I was beginning to think the wolf mauled your brains and they did not recover.” Lorelei pulled some money out of her pocket that Alice had handed her on their way out and stood up. “We should go.” Alec stood up quickly. “Finally.” The two leaving the diner. Lorelei smiling at the woman on the way out. Alec watching the whole thing with a bored expression.

The two walking back towards the edge of town. Moving at this slow pace wasn’t easy for Lorelei yet, and it certainly bored Alec.  Lorelei looking up to see Edward in the distance. “What an anxious one.” He nodded his head. “You did get under his skin.” She couldn’t help, but smile. “Perhaps, this will be exciting.” Alec looked at him lazily. “Is it.”


lorelei worried alec

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