Twilight #9 : Wolfsbane

Lorelei sat bored on the log. She had no idea why she agreed to go ‘hunting’ with Alice in Jasper. It wasn’t fair that Felix, Dimitri and Alec occupied their time with work. Alice was not that interesting. Especially, when she refused to tell her anything and Lorelei couldn’t force her. All she could do is watch them hunt forest animals that were basically pitiful deer to them. The pains of being a newborn and having poor impulse control. Still, she was fine at the diner. They should of trusted her more. Her only entertainment from causing an emotional fuss when she said she’d go hunting with the two of them. Especially within Edward. His emotions pinged back and forth between extremes when he wasn’t around his mate. The annoying woman who was like a filter on her abilities. Only some of them properly working. Mostly, the parts she didn’t want to work so well.

Lorelei sighing, or her new version of it. “I don’t know how y’all do it.” The two of them turning to look at her. Alice seemingly her usual annoyingly chipper self. “It’s not that hard when you get used to it.” She kicked up the dirt beneath her feet in boredom. “How many decades are y’all trying to recruit me for?” Jasper smiling from amusement for once around her. “Who said we are trying to recruit you.” Lorelei smiling back at him. She enjoyed him. Jasper had the pleasure of a less painful version of her gift and he never thought prideful about it, or pity for her. He’s feelings were almost always about Alice. Plus, he was a generally comforting person and the Cullen who desired a good meal the most. “Why you just did.” Alice looking at her confused. “Why did you want to come with us?” Lorelei standing up from the dull log. “Boredom and curiosity.” Jasper’s usual grimace of pain returning. “And?” Lorelei walked towards them emphasizing her boredom to the most she was capable of. “Curiosity about multiple things.”

Almost all of Alice’s emotions being swallowed by her growing confusion. Lorelei didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing at this point. Less pain for her, but more troublesome opinions about her. The trade-off was such a pain at times. “You want to know about happiness? About relationships?” Lorelei glanced at her annoyed. “You may be nosier than Edward. How many different decisions did you even have to see before I said that out loud.” Jasper relaxing again. A smile appearing on his face. She was surprised a comment like that relaxed him. Alice’s curiosity fading into a hint of mischief…Okay, more than a hint. “I could tell you. If you promised not to cause problems while you’re here.” Jasper’s gift making its way into her emotional box. “Wouldn’t be the worst deal to take.” Lorelei rolling her eyes at the two of them. “Why would I take that. I can’t cause y’all problems anyways. Felix or Dimitri would just kill me.”

Lorelei feeling an overwhelming about of anxious acknowledgement and pity. This is why Lorelei hated kind people. They could be so unnerving. “You two didn’t think a newborn could know.” Jasper’s anxiety rising. “To be fair-” Lorelei cutting him off. “It ain’t fair. Assumptions have nothing to do with fairness. But I do know and there ain’t anything anyone can do about it. It’s nothing that matters.” Alice shaking her head at her. The most irritating thread of hoping trying to be spun in front of her. “You could have a life away from them.” Lorelei shook her head no. “Don’t want it.” Jasper squeezing his mate slightly. An increase of both pity and understanding. Lorelei could feel the migraine building. “You’re new. You can’t know exactly what you want.”

She shook her head at them. “This may break the fragile friendly mood we’ve all made up, but I ain’t leaving the Volturi until they decide to kill me. If there is one thing I will have in this life it will be loyalty.” Lorelei turning to see Alice zoning out for a moment. She seemed to do that at times with her gift. There must be a lot to sort through. When she was done she turned her head. “This is about Alec. You want him.” Lorelei couldn’t help it. She burst out laughing. A conclusion she should of seen coming if she went down this route. “No. It ain’t about Alec. It’s about Aro. It’s about being given a life. Y’all should at least be able to understand that sentiment.”

Jasper’s confliction seeping out of him. It was like an annoying buzzing around her. “Even if that means going against your morality.” Lorelei turned to smile at Alice. “Your mate should be able to see I don’t have much of that.” Alice and Jasper looking at each other. The hope they begun to spin was put on a halt of production. Lorelei thankful.

Her head turning to see a wild cat jumping from a ridge. Lorelei on a moment of impulse tackled the cat down and bit into it. Almost immediately letting it go and making a sour face. She turned back to the two of them. “This tastes like horse shit.” Jasper’s sympathy washing her like a cold shower she didn’t ask for. “It does in the beginning.” Alice shaking her head, as the sadness reached her like waves of regret and loneliness. Something like an image described in a mournful poem from a dead poet. “It’s not a beginning.” Lorelei couldn’t help, but smile at her. “No, it is not.”

Lorelei sitting on a cliff edge looking out at the woods. Alec walks up behind her. So you saw I was there. L-of course. Alec- and you said it anyways. L- you don’t have to agree with everything to follow orders. Al- you aren’t smart about your survival. L shrugs- why would you care. I am loyal to master. If need be you can be free of a proposition. Al sits down- you do have potential. L- potential can always be a liability. Al-that is true. Both look out. L-the girl confirmed this morning they are coming. Al nods. She did. L turns- and your decision. Al- it isn’t numbers that would concern aro. L- isuppose seeing the cullens decisions don’t hurt either. Al= you do talk a lot. L looks down. You can see quillote land. A wolf looking at them in distance. Al-if you jump down from the cliff I will let you die. L smiles- she did say she saw me talking to them. Al- go on then. L-perhaps if you ask me nicely. Al- I can always make you. See bubble like haze seep out. L-now that would be an interesting horror. Al looks at her. Mist still seeping out. She turns back to cliff. Smilings. -let’s see. Edward, bella and Carlisle run out from woods. Edward-stop. Haze its l. causing her to fall forward with her reaction. Alec makes no move. Bella- she’s going to die. Alec shrugs. Sometimes newborns are resilient. Edward steps forward but felix Dimitri and Santiago step out. Carlisle puts hands up. We will get her. Bella immediately jumps off of cliff. Edward and Carlisle after her. Felix and Dimitri and Santiago walk up to alec. Felix. Was it your decision or hers. Alec- mine. Dimitri- you really don’t seem to be interested in her life. Alec-not in the slightest. Santiago- poor girl.

Lorelei found herself following forward. Thankful, Alec’s gift seemed to last her most of the fall. She still had moments of anxiety that appeared from some of these ‘expected’ physical events. Still, Alec’s gift wasn’t fast enough to catch up with her when she hit the ground. Lorelei surprised she could feel pain to that extent physically. She had yet to experience pain only from Jane, really. Everything else came from her gift or Felix’s ‘training sessions’.

She immediately stood up and looked around. “Wow. What a pain.” Lorelei clutching her head. “And a headache.” The sound of a growl making her turn around. No wonder Alec was so willingly to let her fall forward. He was an even bigger child than her at times. When she looked at the wolf though she knew something was wrong. Unwanted. Because she could feel everything about him change. Aggression, anger, resentment, distrust, loathing, warning, all fading out as if they never existed. No, it was like he was suddenly hardwired completely different without some fast-acting drug or electrical current. The wolf completely looked at her with confusion, bewilderment, joy, uncertainty, happiness, excitement and hopefulness. Images of the wet dog and the girl popping out from him to her. Thoughts of how it felt for the wet dog to imprint splitting her head open, like he suddenly hit her with a hammer. Even worse was immediate desire to be best friends with her. A completely innocent, kind and naive child just became as dependent on her as the Earth was to the sun. She needed to get out of here.

Lorelei smiled at him “Your part of the wet dogs, ah no. The boy’s pack. The one who hangs around the Cullen’s right?” She wanted to flee without any transition the second she didn’t get a growl from him. Instead, all those new emotions were increasing to an unbearable level. Her desire to feed increasing the more she felt like she needed to vent away from here. Lorelei biting her tongue. “Don’t be surprised. It’s easy to figure out since you haven’t killed me yet.”

The wolf started walking towards her. Lorelei putting her hand up. This ain’t about to happen. “You want to show me how to get off this land, or am I going to have to climb that cliff again.” A large sonic wave of the wrong type of anxiety crashing into her. He didn’t want her to leave so soon and that might thing that makes her bleed from her ears. The first vampire in existence to bleed. Lorelei noticing he was complying by pointing his muzzle at the cliff.

She turned around to see Bella, Edward and Carlisle landing from jumping down. Two seemed annoyed and one seemed grateful. Carlisle really was too compassionate for his own good. Edward nodding his head at the wolf. She could feel the rise of hatred he had for her. The concern for the wolf. “Thank you, Seth.” Lorelei’s eyes turning away from Edward to see the wolf nod. How funny was it to see a wolf nod. Bella’s anger causing her to turn back towards her. More stabbing in an already painful migraine. “Why did you do that!”

Lorelei tilting her head in mock confusion. She smiled at Edward. “I fell. Stuff happens.” Carlisle’s compassion once again rolling out of him like soft waves. Even when mixed with anxiety he had a soothing effect. “I understand your emotions can be hard to manage as a newborn, but for your own safety you should be careful about these things. Harm shouldn’t happen to such a young child.” Lorelei smiled at him. She honestly felt bad for him. It wasn’t hard to imagine how he’d end up dying. Lorelei ignoring Edward’s looks and the dog’s insane increase of emotions to nod at Carlisle. “Thank you for the sentiment.”

Edward looking out towards the trees. The overbearing smell of angry wet dog consuming her. She could see so clearly the angry black wolf. He was just about to jump off the hill on the rim when he suddenly stopped. Lorelei raising her hands towards him. “Sorry, y’all I fell. Not very good at these things yet. I’ll quickly leave now that I know this is one of your lines.” Lorelei not even looking at the dog as she walked quickly back to the cliff and climbing up it.

Sam jumping off the cliff growling. Edward nodding his head. “We will make sure, Sam.” The group of them not noticing Lorelei had paused for a moment at the top of the cliff. A tiny smile on her face as she looked down at the dog and he looked up at her. “Good luck, Lover boy.” A tiny wink, even if he couldn’t hear her before she jumped over the edge. Bella walking forward. “I’m so sorry, Sam. I’ll find a way to keep her away.” Sam nodding his head and pointing his head towards the cliff. Edward walking backwards. “We are leaving.” Carlisle thanking them once again. “Thank you for your kindness.”

Lorelei jumped over the cliff right besides Alec. He was looking at her with genuine curiosity. Felix and Dimitri had arrived. They must of followed the Cullens. She smiled at them. “I didn’t die.” Dimitri frowning at her. “Clearly.” Felix grim faced as usual when he didn’t want to talk about a potential issue. “What was the point of that.” Alec leaning back against his hands. “To be a child.” Lorelei shook her head smiling. “Well, now I know the truth of Alice’s vision.” Alec turned to look back at her. “Which is.” The smile on her face twisting into something cruel. A total contrast to her face. She loved games. Any kind of them. “I will definitely be having a conversation with those wolves after all.” Alec suddenly smiling alongside Dimitri and Felix. “Oh my.”

Jacob came storming into the Cullen’s house. His attention and rage fully on Lorelei. “You went on Quillote land.” She looked up casually from her game of Chess with Emmet. He was very receiptive of engaging with her. Lorelei shrugging the comment away unsympathetically. “Ah. It was an accident. I fell.” Jacob walking towards her. The entire room tensing up.” She turned back to him. “Well, if you must know, I was starting to feel like losing control and ripping heads off, so Alec used his gift on me to help me regain control. Ain’t something I’m used to, so I fell. Happy now?”  His attention turning to Alec. There was already existing resentment there, but that wasn’t here problem. Not today at least. He didn’t even look up from his book. “The majority of vampires fall backwards. How strange of her to fall forwards, and right off a cliff.” Jacob turning back to her.

Emmet smiling at the whole thing. He seemed to take genuine enjoyment in Jacob’s encouragement. What an awful brother-in-law. “Check mate.” Lorelei turning back to look at the board. Lorelei scrunching up her face with irritation. “Darn it.” Jacob walking right up to their table. Anxiety almost consuming the entire room. Except Emmet, who was relaxed and smug about his win. It was impressive for an old vampire to beat a fifteen year old country girl apparently. “The packs don’t care about who you are, Blondie. Don’t step on that land again if you want to keep your limbs.”

Lorelei looked at him smiling. The other’s seemed poised to get up on a moment’s notice. Here she had been so good about not playing with him. “That’s good. I ain’t anyone important. But sure, lesson learned. I do have a favor though.” Jacob scowling at her. “Why on Earth would I do you a favor.” Edward walking towards them. Everyone turning to look at them. “Lorelei, don’t.” Her smiled got wider and her face softened to seem even more childish and comforting. “Because your wolf imprinted, and I doubt you’d want to upset him. Y’all are so caring that way.” Alec turned to look at her. A smile on his face. Dimitri’s and Felix’s expression matching his. Jacob’s anger temporarily disappearing to shock and astonishment. “How in the world would you even know that?”

Edward walked forward. Until, he was right besides Jacob. Lorelei thinking about how much he was over concerned. Ignoring the glance in her direction. He put a hand on Jacob’s shoulder. “Her gift is to feel emotions. Similar to Jasper. She probably felt it the moment it happened.” The other Volturi all turning to look at him. All of them thinking how curios it was he was so attuned to other’s gifts, but not his mate’s potential apparently. Edward’s expression shifting for a moment. Feelings of overlooking something slipping into his mind.

Lorelei smiling at Edward. “Well, congratulations on figuring out a not do useful and quite annoying gift. I wonder if they have medals or ribbons for this sort of things. Like a show dog instead of a show horse.” Emmet looking at Edward confused. “Wait a minute. You’re saying Seth imprinted on Lorelei. A vampire. One who enjoys the killing of humans for food.” Lorelei frowning. “And yet you beat me at chess…” Jasper begrudgingly cracking a smile. She seemed to do well with him. Perhaps, it was because they shared a similar burden at times. The pain of another peoples’ pain. Alice seemed unusually quiet for not a zone out moment. Edward was his usual over serious brooding self. Edward brooding about my comment.

Jacob growling. It was funny to see that he could still growl, even when he wasn’t a wolf. “You will stay away from him.” Lorelei shrugged and turned back to the chess pieces. She started to clean them up. “Okay.” Jacob’s confusion an annoying poke to her side forcing her to turn back around. Yep, there was a dumb look on his face. “Your pack your rules. He’s your burden to shoulder.” Lorelei ignoring everyone’s looks around the room. All the feelings were starting to get on her nerves. There was too many of them to be anything good. Jacob walking towards her. It seemed like he wanted to grab her collar. Lorelei walked towards him and patted his shoulder. “Relax. I am just going to hunt. Y’all can choose to spy on that too if it helps you relax.”

She walked over to Alec. He was looking at her amused. The annoying smirk on Dimitri’s face and the serious all business frown on Felix’s. Felix’s attention turning to the room.  “The first set of wolves will arrive her tomorrow.” Carlisle nodding his head. “There’s nothing to worry about. The Denali’s are arriving tonight to help.” Felix as monotone as ever. Even though he probably had the most to worry about from them. “What a convenient location.” Lorelei looking down at Alec. He stood up silently nodding. The pair leaving the room. Alec smiling at Jacob on the way out.

As soon as they left, Jacob turned and walked back towards the Kitchen. He couldn’t help, but hit the counter top. Edward appearing by his side. “This is real, Jacob. You need to decide what you are going to do.” Jacob turning around to glare at him. “You don’t think I don’t know that.” Edward walking around the counter, so he was on the opposite side as him. “What are you going to do about it then?” Jacob shook his head. “I have no idea.” A sweet voice ringing in the room. “Jacob.” He turned around to see Renesmee. Relaxation washing over him. “Yea?”

A mix grouped of people and wolves stood circling a younger kid in the middle. Paul stepping out from the crowd. “How could you let something like this happen!” Jared walking forward to stand by him. “Because he’s an idiot. Seth has always been an idiot.” Paul getting angrier. “Jacob and his pack are a problem. They are too close to vampires.” A white-grey wolf moving in front Seth. It was a very protective and on edge Leah.  Sam pulling Paul back. “Enough.” He turned to Seth. “We can’t change what happened. But there is no way she will step foot on this land. Imprint or not.”

Seth stepped forward towards everyone. “You’ll get mad at me for imprinting when almost all of you have already.” Paul stepping in front of Sam. “None of us were stupid enough to imprint on a filthy bloodsucker.” Jared nodding his head. “You might as well be a traitor. Falling in love with an enemy of the tribe.” Seth turned to Sam. “Jake has Renesmee. Sam growling. “She isn’t the same. How can you even compare her to someone who is still alive.” He started walking towards Seth. “Nothing can be done about it now. The only thing we can do is make sure she doesn’t step on our land.” He turned towards Seth. “And, Jake keeps you away from her.”

Seth glared at him. “You aren’t my alpha anymore, Sam.” He started to walk toward him when Leah moved in between the too. Sam growling. “You are going to stay away from her Seth.” He walked past Leah. “Then are you going to stay away from Emily.” His eyes widening in shock. Sam couldn’t believe this was the same boy. Was it the influence of the Cullens? “Emily isn’t a monster.” Seth’s fists clenching up. “How do you know she’s a monster. None of you have ever talked to her.” Paul taking another step forward. “Because you know so well. You haven’t even talked to her!”

He turned to Seth. “You can’t assume what a person is like on tittle alone. What would of happened to Bella or Renesmee.” Jacob’s voice appearing within the crowd. He was making his way through. “She isn’t Renesmee.” Sam turning to Jacob. “Everyone’s agreed. You will order Seth to stay away from her.” Seth turning to Jacob. “Jake…” He sighed. “She isn’t even interested in you, Seth. She’s off killing people with Alec.” Paul glaring at Seth. “Did you hear that. People dying out there, because of your choice.” Seth growling at Paul. Everyone knew it wasn’t a choice. Paul heading to him. His path being stopped by Sam. Jacob stepping in front of him and Leah. “Enough. There’s nothing else we can do about it now. The blood sucker will leave once the werewolves are taken care of.” Sam nodding his head in agreement. “Good.”

Leah turning to look at Seth. What was happening to her brother.

Lorelei looked briefly around the dilapidated cabin. She would of once found this a luxury. After being able to see better and seeing her room in Italy this was now nothing more than a shack in the west coast version of backwoods. Being held lazily by her neck was a struggling woman on the floor. Alec turning towards her with a slight smile. Something she doubt most people in the world would be able to notice. Scattered around him was the rest of the family. They had been laid down by the one table in the room. “Was your training them having the child imprint on you.” Lorelei shook her head smiling. “I doubt I couldn’t do something like that.” Alec dropping the body he had been lazily holding on to still onto the floor. Lorelei reaching down for the woman’s arms. She quickly finished her off and tossed her aside onto the floor.

Alec leaning against the table. A bored expression on his face. “Then it is true.” Lorelei walked towards him. She tried her best to seem appealing, but it was a new experience and she had a childish body to work with. “Alice’s vision turned out to be solved in a funny way.” Alec crossing his arms. “Yes. There is certainly gaps in her ability.” She walked even closer to him. Annoyance about the disappearance of the cool mint she craved to wash over her. “You are irritated.” He leaned his hands back against the table. His serious look appearing on his face. “Your ‘soulmate’ is tied to the Cullens.” Lorelei shrugging. “But it doesn’t matter. My life is tied to Aro’s.”

He leaned off the table. The distance between the two closing up. “Is it?” Lorelei smiled at him “You can go ahead and kill me If you want to be certain.” She felt him suppress any emotions attempting to pop up. His hands wrapping around her neck as he squeezed. Lorelei didn’t even react. She stood there silent. Her eyes locked on his. Alec finally taking a step back. “You always seem to be cleverer than expected.”  Lorelei moved, so she was standing beside him. Now resting against the table. “My entire life I understood more than I should of of people’s emotions. Parts of it so clear about the things around me it became painful. And whenever I said something to try and help a situation. To be liked or useful all I could ever do was make a situation worse. What else was I, but a girl who understood things people didn’t want to recognize. Humans choosing to be distant was kind. Living alone becoming the same as not living at one point.”

He turned to look at her. “You think your drama affects us in the slightest.” Lorelei leaned her head against his shoulder. A nice strong breeze of cool mint running through her. The sparks of singular emotions in the distance fading out. “I’m not that naive… My apparent soulmate doesn’t matter. I will never not choose my loyalty to you. To Aro. He owns this life.” Alec leaning slightly, so she was closer to him. “You do talk too much.” She placed her hand on his leg. “Feel free to end me when it becomes unbearable.” The tiny smile returning to Alec’s face. “I suppose I should have Jane do it. Satisfaction from the hurt.” Lorelei chuckling. “That would definitely be uncomfortable.”

The two of them were almost back at the Cullens house when they spotted Sam and Leah standing on top of a ledge looking down at them. They turned away with a smile on both their faces. Outside the house was Jacob. Carlisle, Esme and Jasper besides him. Lorelei smiling at them. “What’s up y’all? Expecting a guest?” Carlisle nodded his head. “The Denali will be here soon.” She raised her eyebrows in expectation. Her eyes looking past them for a moment. They were searching for Dimitri and Felix. She had heard they had killed their sister and coven mate. Lorelei wondering if they could restrain themselves. “Oh. The other vegetarians.”

Esme smiled and nodded her head. “If you’d like you can stay and meet them.” She shook her head no. “If this was just a few months ago, I’d probably be besides you helping prepare the sweet tea and biscuits. Now it seems like not the best idea.” She smiled warmly at her. She was even kinder than Carlisle. Poor woman. “That would have been a nice gesture.” Alec and her walking past them into the house. Lorelei catching eyes with Jasper. As always he appeared in a painful brooding. Even if what he was feeling was plain anxious nerve.

Lorelei turning to look at Jacob. “Oh, lighten up, Jake. I’ve received your request.” Carlisle looking up at Seth, who had been waiting by the edge not approaching them. “It may not be the best choice to make light of such a painful situation.” She smiled at him. “Ain’t that the best time.” Lorelei reaching forward to pat his arm. “Y’all are too serious. You’ve definitely lived too long.” Jacob growling at her. “And how long do you think you’ll get to live.” Lorelei shrugging. “Who knows. Maybe Edward will beat you and sneak into my room and kill me tonight. Now, that would be a funny joke.” She could feel Alec’s amusement. A smile forming inside her. Esme smiled at her. “Edward would never have such bad manners.” She really did believe in her son. Naïve to the core. Lorelei nodding her head. “Ain’t able to do anything, but hope.”

She took Alec’s hand. Their feelings were becoming an annoying buzz in ear. Jacob’s hive mind a constant pain in her life. “You said you’d play chess with me.” He looked at her with an expressionless face. “You are awful at it.” Lorelei turned to look at the others. “It’s not like we’d be allowed to do anything else.” A smirk appearing on her face as she pulled him inside.

All of them turning to look at Seth. He immediately turned and ran off. The image of Leah appearing for a moment in the trees. Carlisle turning to Jacob. “Jacob, you may have to consider allowing Seth to meet her.” He squeezed his fists so hard surely you would see bruising later. “How could he have such bad tastes.” Esme smiled at him warmly. “You never truly know.” Jacob turned away from them and walked into the house. Carlisle turning to Jasper. He shook his head no. “Alice can’t see it.” Carlisle sighing. “Why would Children of the Moon show up now. Here of all places.” Jasper looking out at the woods. “Maybe it is fate.”

alec and lorelei

Jacob Imprints – Carter Burwell


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