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Marianne-Charlotte Aimee LaFleur – Before being turned by Vladimir in 2006, Marrianne-Charlotte was a twenty year old student at Tulane, majoring in law. She is the eldest child of Elisa and Julien Renee. As well as the oldest and closest to her grandmother Marguerite. The two were particularly close due to her grandmother understanding Marianne’s issues with occasionally hearing and seeing the dead. Often spending time with the girl learning about old stories and coming up with ways to handle her emotional state. After becoming a vampire, Marianne’s ability to see, hear and communicate with dead increases. She gains the ability to willingly tune them out at times. She is the first to agree to join the Romanian Coven. Marianne joining, due to an argument presented by one of the deceased members of the coven.


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Jean-Nicholas Julien LaFleur – Jean-Nicholas was born the youngest child of his mother Elisa and his father Julien Renee. Further, he is the second grandchild of Marguerite. Before he was turned by Stefan in 2006, Jean-Nicholas was a charismatic seventeen year old high school student. However, at the discovery of his gift it is soon realized that he was more cold and manipulative of others then people thought. As he has the ability to temporarily control a person’s physical actions. His sister believes the gift is due to their abusive childhood. Jean-Nicholas was always unable to stop his absentee mother from being abused by her various deadbeat boyfriends. This made him very cynical about the world, and chooses to keep everything under his control. Jean is part of the Romanian Coven, because he’s sister is.

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Lorelei June Blackwell – Lorelei is the daughter of May Blackwell and the granddaughter of an unnamed character of Waxhaws descent. Turned in 2006, in South Carolina, by Aro after being found accidentally. Although she was turned at fifteen years of age, her childish face and shorter size makes her appear younger. Lorelei was originally turned out of curiosity, due to Alec’s sudden blood lust and her killing a Child of the Moon. Her current status is member of the guard due to her unique gift. Lorelei is an extremely strong Empath. Depending on how far away she is from people, or how strong the emotion, she can feel a person’s thoughts, and even see the memories or thoughts attached to a particular emotion. Unlike, Jasper, Lorelei cannot change someone’s emotional state. However, she has been to seen have a more dangerous and subtle gift of being able to changes someone’s thoughts attached to the emotion itself. She is currently Alec’s mate.


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