H X E 1


The alarm went off and Hana found herself waking up in a strange room. No memory of how she got there. She blinked a few times, waiting for her eyes to focus. That’s right. Hana was in the school’s dorm. She got up slowly, making her way to the bathroom. The lights burned her half awake eyes. The mirror showed her a case of wild bed hair and black puffiness under her eyes. It was just plain awful. She quickly braided it into pigtails, brushed her teeth and used the only make up she ever did- a smidge of foundation under the eye to cover up sleepless nights. By the time she was done her roommate’s alarm started to go off. Hana had zero desire to socialize with her roommate yet, so she quickly left the bathroom to change and rush out the door. Ignoring the crowd of girls heading for the breakfast table, she ran out the door and towards the school. The dorm was only a ten minute walk, but she could do it in five if she ran. All the nerves about starting high school in Tokyo was bundled up in her stomach. Hana decided to run to school to try and tire them out. When she was turning the corner by the school entrance gate she ran smack into a girl. Hana fell on top of her giving her a healthy dose of boobs to the face. Her face turned completely red.


This morning had started like any other, except about an hour earlier. Minako had awoken to the sound of familiar tunes and taken a shower followed by a somewhat intense beauty regiment as a way of settling her nerves. Slipping into her uniform she pulled her hair into a high ponytail and made her way out of the door; stuffing some extra snacks into her pre-packed bag as she went about her business. The trek to school went without a hitch, but all that ended just as she was about to cross the threshold onto campus by way of an uncalled for body slam. She fell back with a dull thud, her now blackened vision stunning her.


With a groan, she quickly pushed the body off of her only to realize she was in fact pushing a girl’s boobs away from her face.


Minako took the moment to gather her bearings and stand up.

“Are you alright?”

She asked, holding out a hand.


School Rumble Theme Song

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