H x E 12


Hana ran ahead of them to catch up with Minako. Frankly, she was done with bickering with Yamato for the day. It was just too tiring…and the more time she was around Yuri and Haru the more she felt like Yuri wasn’t really smiling. It was better to run ahead and catch her sunbathing friend. The rest lingering to catch up to them…Yamato frowning at Minako’s question. 

“Y-a-m-a-t-o, remember Minako-San.” 

Yuri giggling. 

“Onii, were you cheating on Misa-chan?” 

Hana dropped her chopsticks. Misa-chan? She turned her head and smiled at Yuri. 

“Neh, Yuri-San, who is Misa-chan?”

 Yuri copied her NEKO smile. 

“Misa-chan grew up with us. She goes to the all girls school down the block. Onii, has been-” 

Yamato quickly covered her mouth. His face red as he mumbled for her to stop. Hana cracked up laughing. She knew he wasn’t trying to get girls. Still, the girl went to the fancy all girls near by. Were Yamato and the rest rich? Hana turned her head to Yamato. 

“Yamato-San, try not to cheat on Misa-chan, ok?” 

He turned his head away from the group. 

“Misa isn’t my problem. She’s Haru’s.” 

Hana fought the strong internal urge she had to comment. Fought it sooooo hard. She settled for glancing over at Haru’s and Yuri’s reaction. He seemed pretty indifferent about it. Yuri seemed… well she seemed like she was pissed and trying to hide it. Hana hitting Haru on the back. 

“Haru-San, I know our little Yamato-San is stupid, but don’t make him work so hard. He doesn’t have your looks.” 

Yamato freaking out again. Hana laughing. She noted Yuri nodding at her and Haru flashing a small reluctant smile. 

“No one is as handsome as our Haru-nii.”

Yuri said. Yamato making a tch sound and turning away. Maybe he really did have a sister complex? Haru sighed. 

“It’s a curse to be born exceedingly handsome in Japan.”

Hana peeking over at Minako. The girl seemed to be soaking up the sun. While Hana had been content to hide in the sun and protect her pale skin. She burned. Haru leaned forward towards Minako. 

“Minako-San, how’d you end up with these two idiots?” 

Hana glared at him and turned her head. Yabai. She had accidentally pulled a Yamato. She quickly started eating her ramen again to try and recover….
Although it might have appeared as I Minako was in her own world soaking up the sun and devouring her ramen… She pretty much was. But she was still taking notes on everything they were saying. After all, she couldn’t pass up information to use on Baka-chan the next time he harassed her about food choices. The only trouble with this was she had no idea what any of the subtext was. 
//So Baka-chan has a crush on Misa-san? Noted…Haru-san has an ego. Noted… AND Yuri-san feeds into that ego. Noted. //

“Yamato-san is attractive.”

 Minako interjected. 

“He is tall, pulls off the yankee look moderately well, and is very protective. That right there checks off the three main things girls look for nowadays, so he shouldn’t have very much trouble.”

 Her words were thoughtful as she tapped her fingers against her cheek, offering Baka-chan a smile. 

“Ah, but he is a nagging hot head.” 

She added with a soft shrug. 


Minako was mid bite when Haru-san addressed her. 

“Well, Hana-chan attacked me earlier this morning and then we ran into each other at the opening ceremony and found out we were in the same class.” 

She recalled thoughtfully. 

“Baka-chan just happened to be sitting next to the desk I wanted and then yelled at me for eating curry before forcing himself on us.” 

She promptly finished her ramen and put the thermos away. She glanced down at her grocery bags. So close yet so far!

“What about Yuri-san and Baka-chan. How did you all meet?” 

Seeing childhood friends still messing about always gave her a warm feeling inside. None of her childhood friends had ended up attending her high school, so running into them was far less common. 

“Oi! Hana-chan you didn’t answer my question. The ramen isn’t that good.”

She tapped Hana-chan on the head with a spare pepper flakes packet.
Hana laughed when Minako said Yamato was attractive. In all honesty, she hadn’t even ever given Yamato a glance. Minako had just informed her that Yamato-san was male. She inwardly scolded herself. She was supposed to be paying more attention to things like this. Hana ended up nodding her head along with Minako. 

“Definitely a hot head.”

 Haru jumping into the conversation. Hey! She was not an idiot. What was with all the disinterest towards her. hmph. so rude. It was not like she was trying to pick the guy up. In fact, she had been doing the opposite! Nothing about Haru made her swoon. So far all she thought about was how annoying his comments were. At least, Yamato was endearing…What did Yuri see in this guy? 

“I am not like Baka-chan!” 

She replied, promptly getting cut off by Minako’s response. Eh. She didn’t attack her!….ok, in a way it was an attack, but it was not on purpose. AT ALL. Haru seemed to disengage from the conversation after Minako asked them how they met. Yuri jumping in. 

“We all used to live in the same neighborhood. Haru-nii’s house was on the corner. Misa-chan’s house was on the front street and our house was on the back street. All three of our yards’ faced each other! One day Misa-chan-” 

Yamato leaned forward and flicked his sister on the forehead. Hana wincing alongside Yuri. There was a red mark on her forehead. 


Haru rolled his eyes, but did not comment. Hana was beginning to wonder if everyone she met today was like a manga character, or if manga characters were based off of city people. She really couldn’t quite tell anymore. Yamato turned to Haru. 

“We are childhood rivals.” 

Haru reached forward and flicked Yamato’s head. He winced much louder, and more dramatically then his sister. 

“Baka-chan, mind your words. I’m not anyone’s rival.” 

Hana couldn’t help snickering. She noticed Minako had changed the conversation to about her. UGGGGH. This was getting interesting. Hana put her ramen down and rubbed her head a little. 

“Uh.. Yea, I do. I live in the Umi dorm.” 

Yamato turned his head in shock. 

“Eh…The super fancy one!” 

Hana looked away, laughing awkwardly. Dammit. She didn’t need to name which one. So many mistakes today. 

“My parents don’t live near here, so they were a little obsessive on were I sleep.” 

Yuri leaned forward. Way too close for Hana’s comfort. 

“Where are your parents from?”

 Hana looked down at her hands before looking up to smile at Yuri. 

My Okaa-san lives in Britain. My Otou-san lives right outside Kyoto with my grandmother.”

Yuri scooted even closer.

“No wonder you have blonde hair. I thought it was dyed.” 

Hana caught Yamato’s awkward expression and Haru’s expression of curiosity.

“Oh, maybe she’s slightly more tolerable now”.

All she could do is laugh awkwardly.

“Uh. My hair is uneven though so my mom does have me get it dyed to even it out.” 

Yuri pointed down at her chest. No. No. Please don’t go there. It was a fact of life that drew her so much unwanted attention in Japan.

“These must be from your mom.”

Hana wrapped her arms over chest as her face turned bright red.

“Nothing. There is nothing from my mom there.” 

Haru leaning forward to speculate.

“Eh. There is definitely something there.” 

Yamato leaned forward to guess too. Hana’s built up frustration coming out as she hit Baka-chan in the head. Glaring at Haru and Yuri, she stood up and walked over to the play ground set. Hana climbed to the top of the jungle gym and looked down on them.

“Call me when you are done!” 

Afterwards, she turned her head on them. Baka. All of them were unmannered idiots.

Minako beamed when Haru called Yamato, Baka-chan. Her nickname for him was sticking even with people didn’t know! That’s what happens when you try to ban curry in the classroom! Her attention was quickly won over by Hana at her mention of staying in a dorm. 

“There’s a fancy dorm?” 

She never would have guessed there was any difference. While everyone was inspecting Hana, Minako had taken the opportunity to inch herself over to her grocery bags as quietly as possible. By the time Hana ran off she had all her bags securely in her lap and was looking on at the scene rather puzzled.

 “Eh, maybe it’s not best to be so forward about foreign traits…” 

As a halfuu herself, she understood the reality of being called out for things that obviously came from her non-Japanese parent. Although to be honest she wasn’t sure if Hana was merely embarrassed so many people were staring at her chest. Regardless Yuri-san had definitely showed her age in lack of social tact. As if on cue, Yuri-san turned to face her. //Why?//

“Where are your parents from then?”

“My mother is from Japan and my father is from the United States.” 

Minako answered easily with a mannerly smile. Yuri seemed a bit thrown off by the vague answer as Minako stood up and gathered her things.

 “Anyway, I should get home. It was nice meeting you.” 

She offered everyone a smile before walking over to the jungle book. 

“I’m going to head home. I’ll see you tomorrow Hana-chan!”
It’s not that Hana was expecting anyone to run over. It’s just she secretly wished they would.They had been the ones awkwardly staring at her chest. It should be up to them to apologize for it. Sadly, she sat there watching them continue on with her conversation. In boredom she ended up swinging her legs back and forth. One swing to far and she found herself hanging upside down by her legs. It’s ok though, because it looked pretty natural. And she had her skirt up so no one could see anything. When Hana so Minako approaching she quickly gathered herself back into a sitting position. Minako was going home. Hana smiled at her. 

“Alright. See you at school tomorrow.”

Hana jumped down from the jungle gym set, shocking Yamato by landing normally. She smiled at Minako. 

“Neh, Minako-san, if you happen to have some time later…” 

She bowed her immediately and put her hands up. 

“Help me come up with some ideas for this speech.”

Yamato, Yuri and Haru who had been on their way over started laughing. Well, all of them, but Haru. That boy needed an attitude check. Maybe it was better for him to around Minako. She seemed like the type of person who could check his ego. Hana leaned down and picked up her own school bag. From where everyone was looking it seemed no one went in her direction. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow too, Yamato-san.” 

She turned to Yuri. 

“Good luck with Baka-chan.”

When the girl winked at her she frowned at Haru. 


She quickly turned away from everyone and started heading out of the park to go home. Of course, she bumped into the gate on the way out with her hip and stumbled forward. At least, she didn’t fall. Hana looked back to see if they had caught that. It was apparent some had. Tch. Her goal of blending seemed like an impossible far out dream. She started to run back to school. Hana entering the dorms without a second though. Ignoring the dinner table and fellow dorm mates to return to her room. She took a quick shower, put on casual clothes and started her homework. Ignoring the snicker her roommate gave her from the way she tied her hair up like an apple. Whatever. The girl was probably an idiot anyways. Hana worked until the wee hours of the night. Falling asleep not so quickly.

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