H x E 2


Hana reached out for her hand. It was nice of the girl to offer after pushing her on to the ground.

“Yea. I am alright. Are you?”


There was a small smile on her face as the blonde attested to being alright.


Her smile almost immediately faded,

“- now what were you thinking just running around campus and attacking people with your chest at seven in the morning!? Baka!”

Minako snapped, reflexively hitting the girl over the head with a package of pocky. Taking a moment to assess the situation she noticed they were wearing matching uniforms. Welp at least now she’d met a fellow student.


Holding out the pocky she smiled.

“Consider it good luck for the first day and don’t worry, I have plenty.”

Slender fingers snuck another pack out of her bag.

“I’ll see you around.”

Minako gave her a small wave before entering the courtyard.


Hana looked at her walk away in shock. The girl entered and exited just like a storm. Were all city people like that? She opened the pack of pocky. It was chocolate flavor. She hated chocolate.

“Ugh. I think I am going to trade this.”

Hana put the pocky away in her backpack and walked through the gate. The girl had walked towards the opening ceremony, so maybe she would see her again there. A large crowd of people began to swarm through the gates and rush ahead of her towards the ceremony. Hana stopped in front of the door, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. There were so many people swarming around her. She felt herself being pushed forward by the crowd. All of the seats suddenly filling up. Hana noticed a seat was empty by the girl who gave her pocky earlier. Well, it was better then the crowd. She walked quickly towards the empty seat.

“Can I sit here?”

She asked face red.


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