H x E 3


Amber hues flickered over as dark brows rose in surprise at the sight of the blonde. This girl just kept seeming to find her!

“Sure, go ahead.”

A smile crept upon her features at how red faced this girl was. She knew everyone was nervous on their first day, but this girl simply seemed frazzled all around.

“I’m Minako Tatsumiya, by the way. Nice to meet you.”

Since at this rate it seemed they might be running into one another quite a lot; she found it best to introduce herself.

“What school did you transfer from?”

Minako knew most of the halfuus; not that there were a whole lot, around their age in this district of Tokyo and she had never seen a blonde girl milling about before. Maybe that meant she was new to this area?


Hana sat down quickly. She had the feeling that she wasn’t supposed to sit down next to the girl she ran into before on the street. Why was she already failing at this?

“Hana Kobayashi. I just moved here from the countryside, so I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable by sitting here.”

There, she fixed it. Apologizing always helped the situation. Better to duck your head first, then have it shoved down later according to her mom. Especially, when you don’t even know how the school works.

“What class are you in?”

She whispered just as the principle started to speak. Hana turned to watch the principle drone on about the school’s moral founding. This sounded like the type of establishment her grandmother would love. The principle introduced the Student Council President, Arakawa Shouji. Something about him just seemed so greasy to her….like an old tanuki.


No one had ever apologized for sitting next to her before. Minako didn’t know wether to laugh or stare.

“Ah…it’s okay, nothing to worry about.”

The brunette attempted to reassure her.

“We’re in the same year anyway.”

Watching the principle cross the stage she cupped her hand around her mouth to whisper,

“Class 1-C.”

For the remainder of the principle’s speech Minako remained silent in respect even though her thoughts had already driften to the bento she’d brought; curry- the best of bentos. The remainder of the opening ceremony went by in blur untill everyone was rising from their seats to go to homeroom. This was it. The official start of high school! Now all she needed to do was secure her seat by the window!

“Are you ready, Kobayashi-san?”


Haruhi Dance – Hare Hare Yukai

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