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Hana sat third row from the back of the room, looking at Minako-san in shock. After dashing straight across the halls and into an empty class room she secured her window seat. For the life of Hana, she could not understand why she chose a seat second from the back of the room. To make matters worse the desk next to hers already had someone’s notebook on it, so she had to sit in front of her. What if Minako-san wanted to pass notes! She couldn’t do that very well… The students started filing into the room. All of them dressed so differently then her former class mates in the countryside. They had dyed hair, piercings and wore expensive makeup. She watched the scariest looking man sit right down next to Minako-san. Hana looked at nervously.

“Ah, Minako-san. Are you sure this is where you want to sit?”
Minako was putting her supplies away with such a silent determination, she was completely unaware her new neighbor. At least until Kobayashi-san mentioned something. “Hm?” Glancing over, amber hues cast over the young man before immediately turning her attention back to her new friend. 
“Yep, it’ll be fine.”
 She gave her a confident smile whilst placing her bag on the chair. Was the guy next to her kind of intimidating? Yes. Was she going to move? Not even if someone offered her free curry for the rest of the year. There were some things in life you simply had to deal with in order to get what you wanted- like sitting next to a Yankee in order to keep the window seat!  As the room filled with students she could see people starting to size each other up and make a name for themselves. In particular she noticed a girl; followed by two other girls, making rounds introducing herself to everyone.
 “What’s this?”
 Minako murmured quietly, watching as the trio stopped in front of her and Kobayashi-san. 
“Good morning! I’m Asuna Kagurazaka. Nice to meet you. If you need anything know that you can always feel free to come to me since I know it can be difficult at times.” 
The girl gave them an expectant smile.
Hana looked at the girl. Why was she offering her help in such a way. What was difficult? The hardest part was already over. She got to her classroom safe. She found her seat and a potential friend. 
“Uh. Thanks. My name is Hana Kobayashi. I just transferred here from the country.”
 The girl grabbed her hands, smiling.
 “Where in the country? I’ve been to Tennessee a few times.”
Hana looked at Minako uncomfortably. What was this girl on? She turned back and smiled slightly.
 “I meant the Japanese country side.”
 Even though that should of been obvious by her Japanese. Her dialectic slipped in to her words, even when she didn’t want it too. 
“Oh. Your father must be adventurous to work in a small town in a foreign country.” 
Hana suddenly felt like her head was going to explode. What was with all of these assumptions and intrusions?
“My father is Japanese.”
 She whispered somewhat unconsciously. She watched all three girls look at each other in shock. Why did the wife always have to be the foreigner. They needed to grow up.
Misaki had to bite back a laugh at Asuna’s initial instruction only to then find herself biting back frustration in how far this was being taken. It always seemed to go like this. There was always one in the litter.
“You’re father is Japanese? That’s really neat.” 
She intervened casually.
 “That’s something you definitely don’t hear of every day. My mother was Japanese.”
 Minako went on to mention happily so as to put her own background out there to avoid the same complication. 
“I’m Minako Tatsumiya, nice to meet you.”
 Holding out her hand she couldn’t help but notice how firm Asuna’s grip was as she responded.
 “Oh, well if you guys need help with anything on campus my elder sister is currently the class president of the third years so feel free to give me a call.” 
There was an obvious sense of forced confidence in Asuna’s tone that made Minako quite proud. It was annoying when people jumped to conclusions like that. They were at a public high school, not a private one! Asuna left them to meet the other girls, maintaining her expectant smile the entire time.
“She probably wants to be our president…” 
Minako murmured once Asuna was far enough away.
That makes sense. Why else would she campaign so hard?
 “Oh. Is it that big of a deal?”
 She said to Minako. The teacher walking into the room right after. Everyone started to rush to their seats. As the teacher took his place behind the podium. 
“My name is Otonari Sensei. I will be the instructor for Class 1-C. I see you all have chose your own seats. For the first semester that will be fine, but next semester we will be changing seats based on names drawn out of the box. Before we start class we need to do an introduction. Every person can go one at a time, by seat order, and say their name.” 
Hana thought his serious tone contradicted with his short height, boyish face and nerdy demeanor. The boy in the first seat started: Shinozuka Kosami (m), Koguchi Azumamaro (m), Saito Shizu (f), Tawaraya Koto (f), Miyahara Chikafusa (m), Asuna Kagurazaka (f)….. Hana zoned out. She felt someone tap her on the shoulder and she finally came back to. It was the boy sitting next to her. He had a dumb look on his face. Hana turned to look at the teacher. He was staring at her impatiently. That’s when it hit her. It was her turn. She clumsily stood up, face red and legs shaking.
” Kobayashi Hana.” 
When no one said anything she sat straight down in her seat. To her dismay she missed most of her seat and slid down to the ground. The entire classroom bursting out laughing. She quickly got up while the teacher was quieting everyone down. Hana put her head down on the desk and waited for roll call to finish.

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