H x E 5


Minako’s mouth fell open as Kobayashi-San crumpled to the floor. Talk about a bad stroke of luck… When it was her turn she quietly rose to her feet and faced the class. 
“Tatsumiya Minako.” 
Sitting back in her seat she continued on with her silent game- assigning defining attributes to the other students as they introduced themselves. It was quite effective as she’d learned over the years. Once introductions were concluded Otonari Sensei went into a brief lecture regarding their role as high school students and what their schedule was going to encompass. It seemed pretty standard until he brought up classroom duties and the need to elect a class representative to be part of student council. The election would be held at the end of the week after everyone had time to settle but nominations could be made no later than Wednesday. As if on cue, Asuna was immediately nominated by the girls she had been making rounds with earlier. Asuna’s expression was pleased as she stood up.
“If I’m elected I will do my very best to make our first year easy for us!” 
Otonari Sensei slowly nodded.
 “Are there any other nominations at this time?”
“I nominate Kobayashi Hana.” 
A boy in the middle of the class blurted out after a long silence. He was almost immediately backed by three more boys. Minako bit back a smirk at Asuna’s expression.
“So as of today we have Kagurazaka Asuna and Kobayashi Hana as our two nominations. You will have until Friday to prepare your speeches.” 
Minako whispered to Kobayashi-San, giving her a victory tap on the shoulder. The glare Asuna was shooting over at Kobayashi-San made it all the more beautiful. 
Hana looked at Minako like she had somehow been the one to set her up. Even if it was the boy in the middle of the room who was the one to nominate her. The tension between her and Asuna had been obvious the moment Asuna introduced her self to them. She had never seen another Halfuu in her town, but even halfuu gossip from Kyoto made its way to them. Apparently, sometimes it was a fight for attention. Hana thought Asuna must want the the foreign beauty role. Which meant her getting male attention was going to be something directly opposite of what Asuna wanted. She turned to look at Asuna who was whispering to the two girls by her desk. One of the girls had leaned over to tap Asuna on the shoulder. She turned around to look at Hana. When she waved at her, Hana quickly looked away. She had been caught looking. That was so embarrassing! Otonari Sensei started his class. Hana zoned out. Math was not a subject she enjoyed. When the bell rang for the period to end, Hana turned around to talk to Minako.
“So. Either I drop out or you help me write a speech.”
Minako was in the midst of unwrapping a raspberry kitkat when Kobayashi-San turned around.
 Slender fingers popped the treat in her mouth, chewing as she thought it over.
 “Why would you drop out? You got nominated.”
 She murmured.
 “But sure, I’ll help.” 
The following period went by rather quickly with each teacher doing preliminary introductions and assigning basic assignments. As soon as it was lunch time Minkao laid out two bentos on her desk. 
“What did you bring today?” 
The brunette asked only to be cut off by Asuna and her copies. 
“Hey Kobayashi-San. I just wanted to congratulate you on your nomination. I can only imagine what it feels like to have so much attention on you, especially after your slip this morning, but hopefully it doesn’t deter you. Good luck.” 
Asuna’s tone was unnecessarily light with a biting edge, her smile empty and eyes sharp on their target.
Hana fought the urge to have her face turn tomato red. Conflict was so embarrassing. What would be even more embarrassing would be if she didn’t at least try in front of a confident person like Minako. Then she would forever be the one who needed her to defend her. She turned to smile at Asuna.
“That’s true. After falling I didn’t want any more attention. I guess you can’t fight the Kami’s will when they want you to do something. I should thank Hiro later for nominating me. Thanks for coming over to check on me. It’s so nice of you to care about your classmate.” 
The two girls besides Asuna giggled, but shut up from one of her glares.  she watched Asuna twirl her hair and turn around to face Hiro. 
“Hiro, Hana wants to thank you for nominating her. It’s apparently part of the Kami’s will.”

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