H x E 6


The amusement Minako was gaining from encounter before her had finally run its course as Asuna’s actions were becoming too desperate. Hiro had obviously called on Hana because he thought she was pretty and Asuna was obviously irked that a portion of the limited male attention in their class was already focused on someone else. 
The brunette called out, smiling when he made eye contact with her.
“Thanks for acting out the Kami’s will. Let’s see if your nomination wins.” 
With a small wink, she turned her gaze back to Asuna before popping another piece of pocky in her mouth. The smell of fresh curry was too strong; however, causing her break eye contact and unveil her two bento.

“What did you say you brought today…”
Hana sighed in relief at the change of topic. She brought out her own tiny bento box. Unwrapping it from the bumblebee patterned cloth it was in. Inside was an assortment of food shaped like a panda and mini octupuses. 
“Onigiri and mini veggie sausages….Do you want anything?” 
Asuna leaned towards the two of them frowning. 
“It’s rude to end a conversation on someone, you know?” 
Hana looked at her dismayed. She had thought Mina had provided her with a method that caused her to disappear from sight. Like a personal magic trick. The yankee looking guy next to her seemed to have woken up from his nap. Hana watched him kick the empty desk next to him.
 “Are you guys fucking done yet… You are so loud.” 
The black haired girl next to Asuna bumped into a desk as she backed away a few steps.
“Yamato…Yamato Akiyama….Red Scorpion Akiyama. You’re in our class?!?!” 
Yamato sat up in his desk and sighed. This is why he hated women his age.
Asuna’s mindless prattle fell on deaf ears as the brunette feasted her eyes on the double helpings of curry she’d slaved over in preparation. Glancing up at Hana’s bento a small smile graced her lips at how kawaii it was. Such a happy thought was immediately shattered; however, by a loud banging noise. Whipping her head around, confusion etched her features at what was happening. Who the hell was Red Scorpion Akiyama and why was Asuna’s mini me backing away like he was killer!?
Unable to think of what to say, Minako simply peeked over at Hana.
 “No, I’m good.” 
She took a small bite of her curry. Whatever was happening was above her pay grade as far was she was concerned.
Yamato turned to glare at Hana, Mina and Asuna. The two girls that were behind Asuna had quickly said goodbye and rushed back to their seats. An action that left Asuna looking around confused. She apparently had not heard of this boy either.
 “I asked if you guys are done yet. Some of us want to sleep and not over kill a conversation about student council.” 
Hana’s face turned bright red. He had a point, whoever he was. Asuna turned her head to glare at him. 
“The classroom wasn’t made to sleep in, Akiyama-san.” 
The yankee looking classmate made a tch sound and glared at her. Hana began to wave her arms frantically. In the back of her mind worried she’d never actually get to her bento. 
“We…I… I’m sorry Akiyama-san.”
 She bowed her head slightly. It was rude of her to wake him up. The boy rolled his eyes and turned to Mina. 
“And you. Can’t you eat such a strong smelling food elsewhere. The smell of curry won’t leave my desk the rest of the day.”
 Hana picked up her chopsticks, looked down at her bento and quickly started to eat her onigiri and octups sausages.
Minako’s brows shot up at having been addressed in such an aggressive manner. Standing up she opened the window silently. It was only after she was seated again that she looked over at Akiyama, 
“There. Now you and your desk can air out.”
 She gave him a curt nod before taking a bite of her bento. 
“Don’t worry though; I’ll make sure to eat fast so I don’t upset your air too much.” 
Asuna had long disappeared; using Akiyama’s complaints as cover to act as if someone had called her from the other side of the room. It was so interesting how she was so prepped for confrontation with Hana, but the second a Yankee got involved she became shaky and then simply ghosted away. 
“Anyway, what are you thinking about writing for your speech?”
 Minako refused to let Akiyama deter her from existing. If he wanted to sleep he could go somewhere else or maybe invest in headphones.
Hana watched minako get up and open a window. Was she just going to ignore her desk mate? No. She quickly realized that was an incorrect thought. Unlike Asuna who had taken the chance to back away Mina had turned around to remark and then face her about the previous topic again. The transition to be admired. Hana nervously looked over at Yamato, before stuttering… 
“Maybe about keeping a standard set of rules for the classroom…”
The Yankee looked at her first in shock and then frowned. She quickly took a bite of her bento.
“I mean…. maybe opening windows would be a good idea for everyone.. it certainly got Asuna to go back to her seat…”
 she stuttered. Yamato leaned forward in his desk and glared at her.
“That’s all you got.” 
Kawai…She nervously looked over at Minako to fill in the blanks of this conversation
Minako’s expression didn’t do much to hide her shock and lack of confidence in Hana’s…could that even be called a major point for a speech? Taking another bite of her curry she took the moment to mull it over.
 “We might have to rely on how kawaii you are as opposed to classroom rules.” 
She commented flatly. 
“But- it wouldn’t hurt to ask all of our classmates one thing they’d like to implement and then apply the ones that aren’t against school policy.” 
Slender shoulders rose softly as she took another bite.
 “The good news is, you already seem to have most the male vote so you just have to make sure Asuna doesn’t intimidate most the girls.”
 It took her about five minutes to finish her first bento and then she went right on to the second.
 “What about you Akiyama-san? What’s one rule you’d like? And leave my food out of it.”
 Her chopsticks were pointed at him aggressively before she returned to eating. If there was one thing that would not be implemented; it would be any rules concerning her bento.
Hana’s face turned red again.
 “Most of the male vote… I don’t-” 
Yamato hit his desk with his own bento box that he had pulled out from his desk. It was covered in a black cloth with red scorpions all over it. The sight of it made Hana relax for a moment. It was funny. 
“Chibi-chan certainly doesn’t have all of the male vote nor should she rely on it. The classroom ideas are an ok place to start, but what we need to do is figure out a way to  destroy, Asuna.”
 He unwrapped his bento and revealed a bunch of takoyaki balls. He looked over at Minako’s lunch desk and frowned at her curry before happily taking a bite of his own food. Hana leaned forward in her desk and looked at Yamato warily. 
 He looked up from his Takoyaki, his chopsticks going back and forth from her and Mina. 
“There are two things I hate most in this world: curry and girls like Asuna. I have decided to use my greatness to help you get rid of both.” 
As he laughed Hana looked over at Minako nervously… He said he hated curry.

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