H x E 8

The rest of lunch went by rather seamlessly. Of course, Asuna was sulking in the corner, but that was more like entertainment than anything else. It seemed for the day Asuna was out of the race with an imperative need to regroup. Classes commenced in a similar fashion as the first with introductions being made by the teacher and basic work; if any, being assigned for the night. By the end of the day Minako’s eyes were focused solely on the club activities. Older students would be recruiting and she was pretty excited. At the sound of the final bell Minako immediately began gathering together her school supplies. 
“Do you guys know what clubs you’re going to look into?”
 They had all been given a list of the clubs and where to meet for them earlier in the day. Her own paper was already highlighted with all of the possible choices she wanted- there were almost all sports related. Standing up she slid her bag over her shoulder.
Yamato stood up and grabbed his own bag.
 “Cooking Club and Sewing Club” 
Hana looked at him shocked. 
She said. Yamato looked at the floor 
“It’s free food and girls.” 
Hana put her hand over her mouth and started to laugh.
 “Alright, Yamato-san.” 
He bent down to look at her. 
“What about you then!” 
Hana pulled her paper from her bag. Highlighted was flower arrangement, tea ceremony, archery, judo and Go club.
 “I already know what I want.” 
He took the paper from her hands.
 “Ehhhh. Be more realistic Chibi-chan. You can’t do these clubs.” 
Hana kept jumping up until she managed to grab the paper back.
 “Of course I can!” 
Yamato cracked up laughing.
 “But Student Council takes up time.”
 Hana’s expression changed and she looked down at her paper. But, but, but….. She shook her head back and forth. 
“So. I can do anything I put my mind too.” 
She turned to Minako. 
“Come on. Let’s go to club recruitment.”
 She turned and started to walk towards the door when she tripped over Hiro bending to pick up his bag. She landed on all fours. She could hear laughing behind her. Baka. 
“And you want to do Judo and Archery. You will either kill half the school or yourself..” 
Yamato laughed. Hana stood up and walked to the door. When she got there she stopped, turned around and stuck her tongue out at him. 
Minako burst out into a fit of laughter.
 “Cooking and sewing club?” 
Her expression became cynical at his mention of food and girls. While food was a valid reason she couldn’t see girls being a real draw in after how cold he’d been to their female classmates. Watching the interaction between Yamato and Hana brought a genuine smile to her face; he actually was pretty likable when he wasn’t ranting on about curry and strong food smells. Stopping at Yamato’s side she laughed at such a kawaii form of defiance from Hana on her way out the door.
“Hmm, baka-chan really does have a nice ring to it…” 
Her free hand gave him a soft pat on the shoulder as she passed.
 “See you baka-chan. Bring more takoyaki tomorrow!” 
She was going to have to go down to the locker rooms in order to try out which was bound to be interesting. Changing rooms were always a somewhat memorable experience for her when dealing with new people. She heavily doubted that she and Hana had picked any of the same clubs, but she peeked over any way before keeping silent on the matter. She had opted for Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball, and maybe another if she would even have the time. Sometimes a surprise was best. 
“Good luck in your clubs Hana-chan.”
Yamato glared at her back. As she reached the door he shouted out loud.
 “Goodbye, Curry-Chan.” 
He turned back around and grabbed his bag. Today he was on a mission to find Haru. His ultimate rival had not come to school again. He must find a chance to beat this guy. And that could only happen in the classroom. He had already been overpowered everywhere else. Although the thought of heading to a dilapidated part of Tokyo wasn’t his favorite. The entire street was lined with beaten down shops, traditional buildings and a collection of old people that cursed at him. All he could do was sigh. The price of vengeance was so large.  He had to help Hana and Minako take down Asuna, before they realized this. Something about the two made him laugh. Not that he would admit that ever out loud. After all, in this school he was the Red Scorpion. A reputation must be maintained
Hana walked out of the classroom and straight to the Archery club. The leader was third year Akimoto Hideaki. He was well known in the area for his skills. As well as his grades. People had been whispering about his expected Todai attempt. When she got there Hana bowed her head and put the form out in front of her. All the girls and guys in the Archery club turned to watch. The leader coldly took the paper from his hands and said fine. Hana turned around to leave. As she walked out she missed the the leader walking to the spare closet covering his now bright red face. Next she went to the Judo club. The results were very similar with the mostly male club and their leader, Kita Katsuo. After Judo she went to the flower arrangement club. As it was mostly female, her female senpai Yamazaki Mariko smiled and easily accepted the form. Lastly, she went to the tea ceremony club. It was evenly mixed by males and females. Jointly led by the third year twins Tanaka Mao and Tanaka Manami. Both came from a well known family. They seemed ambivalent, but accepted her form. As she was leaving school she bumped into a strange third year she never met. Something about his tall height, perfectly coiffed brown hair and seemingly ironic placed glasses gave her the creeps. She bowed and quickly ran away. Missing him push up his glasses and flash a creepy smile. A second year guy and girl walking up to him clearly worried about the expression on his face…
Minako stood stretching on the edge of the field in a pair of dark blue volley ball shorts and a white t-shirt. Luckily when it came to sports you simply had to show your abilities and wait to see if you made the team. For some reason she always preferred this to turning in a form as if it were a resume. The first tryouts were to be for baseball and track followed by volleyball, tennis, and lastly swimming. Baseball was the longest tryout with everyone having to attempt the different positions. Pitching was easy and batting was a quick shot earning her the fair graces of the captain. Nakamura Kosuke gave her a thumbs up as she cleared the home plate as the clear sign she could move on to the next try out. Minako didn’t skip a beat, taking a swig of water before getting in like for track and field. Once again she went through each of the tasks so that captain Sato Ayaka could decide where to put her. Captain Sato was more stern stern than Nakamura, only giving her a nod that they had all they need. Volleyball and tennis went by in a similar fashion with captain’s Suzuki Kokona and Ariwara Natsuki both openly expressing how impressed they were with her abilities. Minako expressed her gratitude in their interest and promptly made her way to swimming. Unbeknownst to her a slight crowd had been gathering to watch her tryouts. Some were men and some were girls and all of them were invisible to Minako who had other things on her mind as she dove into the water. 
Captain Morishita Ryuto’s voice called out as Minako pulled herself out of the pool. 
“That was a pretty good time.”
“Thank you.”
 She flashed a genuine smile before picking up a towel and beginning to dry off. Glancing up she noticed some students who were gathered behind the fence looking in on tryouts.
“Who knew swimming was so popular.” 
She murmured, taking her hair out of the cap and letting it flow free. Looking up she could even see some students in the windows of the school.
“Such perverts. They must be wanting to watch the other students half naked.”
 She snickered to herself while grabbing her bag.

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