I Have Fallen

Wind filters through

The now red hued trees.

It sounds like chiming bells

And children’s laughter in the day.

Couples look up at the sky,

Arms locked tightly

Against the cool kiss of the breeze,

The blue sky

And colored leaves

Adored by the romantics.

At night the chill air,

Blackened and lit

By candles and stars,

Bounds the couple’s hands once again.

The pumpkins’ smile,

The thinning vale,

The bright witch moon’s glow,

And the cat’s black hair

All give me a reason to smile.

I want to dance

Under the rain of leaves,

Paled by the Autumn moon.

This is fall

And I have fallen

For its charming hues.


Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground – The White Stripes

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