I.L. actually attempts Marvel – Arc #1 / Chp. 3 – Gambit’s A Wanted Man

Doctor Strange, Tony Stark appear to be walking around one of the city gardens. In Tony’s arms is a bag of beignets.

Do you think that kid delivered the message right?

 I think Trevor can manage to repeat a sentence, Tony.

All I’m saying is this will get a whole lot more complicated if the X-Men get involved.

 Then why did you insist on having us pick up Gambit there.

 Because, it was half way from both our destinations. Figure I’d be polite.

 You two do remember Gambit is here right?

Doctor Strange and Tony stop walking to see that Gambit has stopped a few feet behind them.

 Of course I do. I paid you to be here.

What he means to say is-

No. I said I what I meant to say. I paid the thief to be here. We needed a tour guide.

If it was a tour guide you’re after there are plenty of them folk walkin’ around these parts. Gambit is going to go drink down in the French Quarter.

 Nice try, Gambit. Stay here and help us find this girl.

Gambit walked over to the two of them and put his hand on Tony’s shoulder.

Here’s de thing, Monsieur. You don’t have an idea on what she looks like. How is Gambit supposed to find her?

I told you. Purple and green hair. White skin. Red eyes. Dressed in a lab coat like dress.

Gambit nodded his head for a moment before he pointed to the other people walking the city park.

Purple and green aren’t exotic colors here in dis part. Neither is de ‘accent’.

Tony began to eat another beignet from his bag.

He’s got a point, Strange. Neither of us saw this mutant of yours.

Doctor Strange went to take the beignet from Tony’s mouth in frustration, but Tony moved back first.

Not the beignet.

Gambit shuddering,

Doctor, you really are cold. Going for a man’s beignet.

Can’t you two be more serious about this. This isn’t a problem to take lightly.

I face world ending events on a daily basis. So far nothing has happened, but good weather.

Dis true. Normally, there’d at least be some henchman to fight off at least. Dat’s how you know how bad it’s going to be.

Tony, while eating his beignet, pointed at Gambit.

That’s true. And I don’t see any-

His words cut off by the sight of his bag of beignets burning up. The trio turning to see a group of henchman standing in the middle of the park.


The red hood of one of the henchman fell back to reveal a beautiful woman. She was scowling at him.

You said you weren’t coming back to this city. You should of kept your own advice.

My beignets…

Everyone turned to look at Tony. He was looking down at his empty hands.


Gambit looked at Tony confused.

Yes, Mon Ami?

Tony looked up at the girl.

Next time you bring your past love life into one of our missions I am deducting your pay.

That’s a little harsh, no? Gambit, didn’t know we’d receive a welcome like this.

Miss Belladonna, correct? You are after our hired guide, because?

Remy’s not allowed in this city. He hasn’t been for a long time.

Doctor Strange turned to Gambit.

Funny how he forgot to mention that when we hired him.

My beignets, Gambit.

Gambit took a step forward. Only stopping when he saw Belladonna’s hands begin to glow.

Listen, chère, Gambit only came back because it was important.

Is your father dying?

Gambit shook his head no.


Belladonna fired off a warning shot at one of the trees behind him.

Then I don’t see a reason for you to be here, Remy.

According to these two, chère, there’s a dangerous mutant here in New Orleans.

And since when do you care what happens to New Orleans. You are an X-Men, remember?

Gambit started walked forward until he was just a few inches away from her. His hand finding her cheek.

Gambit will always care about this city. Why not trust ol’ Gambit for good time sakes, no?

For the good times?

Gambit nodded his head smiling. He bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Gambit wouldn’t lie to you. It’s an emergency, Bel.

Unfortunately, Remy, You’ve always had bad timing. Men.

The henchmen behind Belladonna moved towards Doctor Strange and Tony Stark. While Belladonna blasted Gambit into a tree.  When he lifts his head he sees Doctor Strange holding them back with magic and the Iron Man suit on one of Tony’s arm.

Gambit really thought dat would work.


Gambit nodded his head and stood up slowly. Belladonna had her hand raised towards him.

Go home, Remy. You’ve got that girl to think about remember.

Gambit put his hands up slowly.

Chère, dis here ain’t about us. You know Gambit can’t go home without finding the dangerous mutant.

I won’t ask again, Remy. Go home.

Gambit shook his head and held up a card. It was the Ace of Hearts.

If you see a green and purple haired mutant girl, you know where to find Gambit.

He threw the card onto the ground in front of her. A small explosion occurring. Smoke filling the air. Gambit turning around to run off towards one of the exits of the park. Doctor Strange and Tony Stark following after him.


Gambit Teaser 2018 Unofficial

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