It Had Come Down

There was silence,

A mind racing in boredom,

And then it came down.

Out of nowhere

I heard the loud bangs of drums,

The rushed footsteps of war,

The crackle of a witches angry laugh,

And the moaning of the wind.

Out of nowhere

I saw the leaves try to run from their stalks,

The birds fly far away over the sea,

The people run inside,

And the anxiety in my dog and rabbit’s eyes.

Out of nowhere

I could smell the Sea Salt,

The burned out bulbs,

The sour taste in the air,

And the Stagnancy of the house.

Out of nowhere

The rain came down.

It comes down in armies,

While we are alone in our shacks.

I cuddle for warmth with animals as equally afraid.

Then there was silence,

A mind calm and still like the outside air.

It had come down.


Songs About the Rain – Gary Allan

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