Lost in the Woods

A lost child can’t help and explore

The dark deep crevices of the ground she lives on

Or the rough bark of the trees that line her home.

It’s not surprising to end up alone in the forest,

The forest of snow.

The sky is dark, so she can see the stars-

The second to the right leads to her fantasies,

But that would mean leaving the winter woods.

A girl so comfortable with bitter frost

Will not so easily leave her lullaby of howls.

She is lost, in the snow, in the woods,

In the wrong warmth of a dying tree,

But she wonders if she can be free.

Years alone comforted by endless white

Can even get painful for her.

So when she sees a bird fly over her trees,

She thinks to follow suit…

Goodbye to her blanket of snow,

That held her in his warm arms.

Goodbye to the one view of trees

That kept her eyes safe from change

And goodbye to not her love of cold but her love of you.

She has left the winter woods,

Scared, hesitant and unsure-

eager to start anew

And find her own independence

From that lonely winter wood.


Move Along – The All American Rejects

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