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No one can say I’m not a published author because these silly beauties are available! Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish.

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The Chronicles Series

Book 1: A Tale Of Shadow & Light

In the lands of Etrium the destinies of the children of lore have started to awaken. Tragedies and pain burn away past mistakes and the dawn of a new age of saviors has finally appeared. Join the adventures of the young heroes who are set to usher the world out of the Dark Ages into the Age of War. It all begins now. History changes the moment a young girl is forced to fight for her life away from her home and discover what it means to live in a world of magic and adventure.

Confessions of a Teenage Poet

Growing up is never an easy task. I’d say it is completely full of ups and downs – all sorts of challenges. In order to make it just a wee bit better I wrote things down. These are but a small collection of random strays and thoughts through out the years of going from childhood to adulthood. Welcome to the young mind of I.L. Knight.

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